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Lucid Dreaming? Alien Abduction? Or Something More Evil?


This is quite a long story, but I hope someone will hear me out as I am very confused. It all started about a year ago when I began experimenting with lucid dreaming. I remember what seemed like my first OBE, as I woke startled thinking it had really happened. I confirmed some parts of my dreams to have actually taken place in a similar manner miles away with my mom (time difference is -3 hours). Could I have actually been there with her as I dreamt? Towards the end of this dream, I saw myself dreaming... Although I was asleep in my bed at my parents house. I remember thinking in my head that I was undergoing an OBE as I watched my sleeping body. Suddenly, my body awoke to find blood stains all over the sheets. I saw myself lift up my shirt and saw several claw marks across my stomach, and two perpendicular marks across my chest that resembled the sign of the cross. I screamed for my mom and awoke in real life to myself actually screaming. I was so afraid I had to check my stomach and chest to make sure I was dreaming.

I stopped attempting to have OBE's for some while after this. However, time and time again... I would involuntary achieve this level of dreaming. Another very remarkable dream I had once left me confused for weeks, and I had even considered that I was drugged, or abducted by aliens. I was spending the night at a friends and fell asleep on the couch. As soon as I began to drift off, I began hearing 2 of my friend's voices in my head as if they were in the room with me. I awoke several times and the voices would stop... And they were no where near me. I began to wonder if I was projecting myself into their room as I slept... They were carrying on a conversation about me. The conversation then took a turn for the worst and they began to speak about me in vulgar terms. Ex: I was called an evil witch. At this point, I felt like I was out of my body, I couldn't move or wake up even though I really wanted to it was like I couldn't get back into my body. Except for every now and then I would wake up and realize I was dreaming. As soon as I fell back asleep, the voices would begin. Their voices continued and now it was as if they were observing my sleeping positions (which were very awkward for me but it was like I couldn't help it).

At one point, they said something funny and I could hear myself laughing, and feel myself smile. They replied to this reaction, "look, she's smiling... As if she can hear our conversation." (or something along those lines) I tried pulling my blanket over my head to stop the voices, and it would seem as if I did (or maybe my astral body was trying to). But as I have said, I kept going into a waking state every now and then, and I would notice that my blanket would never stay over my head. It was as if some invisible force was pulling it off each time I tried. Then I felt a presence in the room and the voices stopped. I imagined some kind of being walking toward me... It was relatively short because I felt like it was at the same level as my head, and I was sleeping on the couch. I could hear this sort of computerized growling right next to me, coming from this being. And at this point I felt fear, but I couldn't wake myself up or move my legs or arms. That was the last thing I remembered about being in that room.

When I awoke I had vivid memories of what happened there after. I could see 3 people in lab coats studying my body behind a large glass window. They were holding clipboards and discussing certain info. About me. For example: I can remember being told about my past lives. I was a descendant from the city of atlantis, a dog, and a girl named Donna. I was shown a glimpse of the future, because this vision soon came true weeks later. (it regarded a friend of mine and my current boyfriend at the time) And lastly I can remember out of the darkness, a purple alien face spring out at me. And I was seriously startled.

I asked my friends if they had any weird dreams the next morning. (maybe I did have an OBE that I could hear their conversations in another room or even their thoughts as they slept) But they slept fine. I began thinking maybe I was drugged, as I couldn't move my body at one point. And as I began to dig deeper, I even considered an alien abduction.

Anyways, soon after this dream... Strange things began occurring in my life. I felt as if I was more in tune with my psychic abilities. I could sense peoples feelings more often and I could sense when they were lying. During altered states, such as drinking or smoking cannabis, with a group of people... I could zone out on what conversations they were really having, and hear their thoughts or what I believed to be their thoughts. I felt telepathic many times, especially with dogs, cats, and babies. I would often get this voice in my head directing me... And would always end up being the right direction. When I needed the answer to a question, I would think up all the possibilities in my head, and just KNOW the right answer. I felt as if I was always being watched and synchronicity were frequent. What could be a possible explanation to these occurrences? Am I simply going crazy?

Must I add... I have always been interested in the real destiny of our souls, and heaven and earth. I understand the significance of the energy that exists in each and every one of us. In other words, I consider myself a very spiritual person. Can someone please help?

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-24)
Are you living in sin and rebellion? That is an open door for demons to come into your life. In the old test. It sais: rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft... Aliens are DEMONS IN DISGUISE! Because they FLEE when you do the sign of the cross, and say: Jesus christ help me! Do you see? Don't go giving thousands of your dollars to psychic mediums, who talk with demonic 'spirit guides'! Try the orthodox christian church! It's free! And God and His Holy Angels will protect you forever. Amen! Timfaraos [at]
Adaryn7 (23 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-29)
When I was sick in hospital with a high fever, I thought that I could hear my friends talking out in the hall. A part of me thought 'that's not possible, they're a long way away from here, it must be the nurses'. I tried to strain my ears to listen, but no, they were not speaking Spanish (I was in a foreign country at the time) they were definately speaking English. Perhaps I was just delirious, but then why was I rationalising the situation during my delirium? I wonder if this is similar to what you experienced?

Whatever happened to you that night, it's clear that it has awakened something within you, and you are becoming more in tune with yourself and the world (hence an increase in psychic ability). I don't know what I think about aliens, as I've never met any, but my experience of life thus far has taught me that anything is possible.

Blessings to you on your journey

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