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He Protected Me From Evil


I was lying in bed one night unable to sleep. I saw a tall dark shape of a man standing in my hallway by my bedroom door. I felt it was evil. Suddenly my finger were in the shape of a cross by no thought or control of my own. I felt a presence behind me and I knew it was good; prehaps an angel. An invisible force pryed my fingers apart and immediately they went back into a cross. This happened several times and then I heard a voice from behind me say, "God lives in this house". Everything went away suddenly.

I was petrified and turned on all the lights and did not sleep that night. I did not tell anyone of my experience for a long time. I was afraid I may be deemed "crazy".

Eventually while having a discussion with my son regarding the Bible, I felt safe and told him of my experience not knowing how he would react. He did not think I was crazy but said he thought that evil was after me and my Guardian Angel was protecting me. I do not know if it was an Angel or the Holy Spirit but I do know, it was real and I know the Lord is protecting me and he loves me. I am grateful for this experience. I wonder how many battle go on daily without our knowledge.

As written in the Bible, "I will fear no evil for thou are with me".

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SaintSinner (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-24)
"I will fear no evil for thou are with me".
That quote, can move mountains,I've not always been a faithful believer or a good daughter to our Lord, even now I have my doubts and my fears which sometimes overcome my faith, I just pray and ask of god to watch over me even if I don't deserve it. Your story was horrifiying and wondrous at the same time. Horrifying because we donnot know what goes in the shadows and wondrous because God proved his love for you by sending his angel to protect you. That hes the greatest force in the universe and nothing can hurt you if only you believe in him, trust him. Amen.:) God bless you.

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