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The Holy Ghost Within Us


This is a great foundation of spreading Gods word in every way that he touches our lives. It's only up to us, as to when we open our hearts to receive his glory and wisdom. You see, faith has always been apart of my life. However, not until near the end of last year did I finally ask the correct question from my heart of hearts to receive the glory and forgiveness and peace of our dear father.

You see, I had so much noise in my mind that I couldn't even pray without a thought jumping in and leading me away to another roundabout. I could not recognize the truth as doubt quickly over took every thought, I felt blind and was afraid that if he spoke to me I could not hear him. I wanted the doubt to be no more, I wanted no longer to decipher my mind, thoughts. I needed clarity.

So while I was asking this with the plea from my heart did my pray be answered. While my dear husband slept beside me, did my body experience pulling and strength like no other. And all I heard within side my soft heart was, God is with you, God is with you over and over and again, each time his name was said it grew with strength. Only my faith and love knowing and hearing that God is with me, was I not scared of what was happening to me.

You see, he wants us to remember... And meditate without thought that he is with us and we can truly feel his presence in our hearts. We have forgotten how to listen. We have forgotten that he is always beside us. You see even though I had strong faith, I still was not listening and truly recognizing that he is with us. God is with us... Even now it holds such power and strength in his name when you feel without knowing with your mind.

It was like I was in the middle between two winds, my body felt so much pulling from my heart and all the while I could not move my right hand. (Even to this very day, when I meditate pray without words, in total peace, my hand moves and I can not move it myself, stiff and very very cold).

My mind was spinning with words and thoughts and feelings, and all the while all I heard and said to my self God is with, I was not afraid. Reminding us that we are not alone and we if ask can have peace from troubled anxiety.

The next time I looked at the time was 5am and I went to bed at 10.30pm, but I still waited for my husband to wake to make him breakfast. My sleep was no longer as important as my family.

Since then, my life has changed dramatically, I have awakened and can finally see my true family seen and unseen. The wisdom that I can now hear without judgment of the mind is without limits to ends of my means and awareness, if it is to his contend. He has taught me how to truly listen, thus we have forgotten to truly listen to each other.

One of the most beautiful blesses of Gods family and even in our own if we can recognize it, is that no matter what we say or do, he already knows who we are from our hearts. He wants us to "See with our hearts". My heart beats and feels an amerce sense of strength and growth inside, I can feel it overwhelming my chest wall. In church my heart beats so loud and strong with peace that I can see my shirt moving from the outside. You see, we have for so long been in a jar with the lid open, look and wish to look other then what you see in front of you and you will find peace... The way out of the jar.

You see, we have a choice as to who we walk with, ahh but the question is, do you want to walk with truth and unity (Gods Belonging) or do you wish to continue to belong to the group of people who talk against each other in private and there off, trespass against one another. You see this one of the many teachings I have received, is to have the need and wanting and almost be a little scared, of knowing as to not belong to gods group is to be without belonging.

You see, this is where I used to make mistakes when I got together with friends. You will notice that we always gravitate to negative talk about another or so and so. When driving we get frustrated, no patience. You see, it is known that if your in a bad mood it makes other upset too.

Well, he wants us to be the stopper of this bad will and stop this plague that is so out of control. He wants to rid us of this plague and save us from this contagious non approachable plague. We can all do this by recognizing it when lt comes our way in, any form, and we do this by not being apart of it, being awake, seeing /feeling with our hearts, having the witness, see with the witness. Recognizing what it is, and not reacting to it, I guess we have to be the space, peace, as to which this anger etc can finally rest and go away from the world.

You will then hear within side yourself, but another word or feeling by billion will come again and again, what's the use. Ahh this is the start of the triumphs against illusion. As amount and time does not exist in Gods apostles only the present that is in front of us, being awake to the current moment is all he wants us to handle. Eg... You will notice when you say the rosary Hail Mary 30 or 50 times over, each time feels new, each time you feel a little closer to our dear queen Mary.

Thus to be in the moment, peace, is to battle a thousand years of illusion.

You see, wow, this is amazing just how simple it is, you see, he will do the rest, we do not have to worry and concern about the wants the understandings of the contend, but, only know and remember though peace that God is with us, and he loves us so so dearly that we can all be Gods messengers and keepers of the good will, just by walking in peace, so we can be the stoppers of sleighed spoken words and feelings.

You see words and feeling are the same, and unfortunately this has been adopted by bad things that lead us astray. Make us confused so much that we can not even recognize the truth even when its in font of us. You see, I know in my heart that we can only see our dear Jesus, when we are unlike him... Thus seeing him for what he is, we can only see him with our heart... This is with Gods eyes.

Paul, John and all the apostles speak is this same wisdom that ruminates within all of us to this very day. BE AWAKE, See with your heart, love one another, this will enemate good, this will stop the plaque of the slayed tongue. Be unlike the symbol of the cross, stop the roundabout of bad will amongst men by Being awake, listen to the content of words spoken, do not carry the feeling or sleighed words amongst yourselves but stop the inhabitants of bad will amongst men by stopping the messenger of doubt, fear, gossip, loathing, envy etc.

You see, we have always known about what the 'bad' things are that lead us stray but we have always gone along with it like blind men walking into fire, not knowing. But now that we are finally awakening we can be unlike the symbol of the cross and be the stopper, unlike Jeses be the peace.

The Holy Ghost within us, he will take away all bad doings seen and unseen in front of us. He will do this for us, all we have to do is be awake and listen with all eyes and ears of the mind body and soul. Walk and be at edge keen to not be lead into temptation. Keen not to take part of the worldly plague of spoken slayed tongues. Stop the sword with our open hearts willing to take and feel the the grips of the feelings of bed wills. Unlike our dear Jesus, he stopped sin in its tracks, now, and unlike always he is teaching us this and how to be part of Jesus and Gods will.

This is only a second in the wisdom that I receive every moment, only because, finally, my heart is open. Be awake, awake everyone awake, see what is in front of you, you are no longer blind. Our dear Jesus has lead the way to our redemption, and we must MUST follow his path.

This day he wants us to learn the rosary and pray this with our new inner man. This will strengthen us and bountify this.

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scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-01)
Dear Heavenonearth,

I don't know how I missed your stories before... But I am very grateful I found them this morning... And I am truly humbled and full of joy to read your words of wisdom given to you by our Heavenly Father.

Thank you for sharing, and I hope you will post more follow up stories.

Your words, especially in your latest posted story, have given me a surge of passion as I continue my journey on my newfound path to oneness with our the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. ❤ Thank you for making a difference in my life!

Many Blessings my friend,

Scarlett ❤ ❤
cara (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
Amen, I had a hard time hearing and praying as well. I was saved at 16 but didn't start fellowship with jesus unti I was36 this past year I didn't know about haveing him as a friend. I in the past believed in him but didn't relize we could talk to him and him talk back everyday. God is amazzzzzzing in every way. He has given me eyes to see and ears to hear him. I really love your story. God loves you and all. God Bless!
beginagain (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Just what I needed to hear at this time. Wonderful.
Peace stay with you

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