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Declarations From The Holy Spirit


One night during prayer I experienced the pulling feeling while I was within faith. The next day I could only hear an ongoing testimony. I could hear words spoken in a different rhythm. I was inclined to write as I could no longer keep going with my daily chores as I had to give into its devotion and I knew it was of important.

After the streaming words from my heart ended did I read it. While I was writing I did not know or understand its content but I dare not question my faith in what is foretold. I am a humbled person who only faith is to live within the subsides of gods will to my own wits. Please I warn you that I am of no importance to the author but please try and listen and be converted to its biding.

This is what I heard...

Gods law, that is our law because we are made of a human image of God. Thus, proclaiming that the law is who we are.

All that is written within the Holy Bible is true as I heard it and I am learning every day to abide to it without the limits of the mind. The bible confirms and shows me what I hear within my heart is true and within Gods realm.

I testify to you here present that the Holy Ghost is among us and wishes to abide by Gods wills of testimony of timeless truth and entity with the Holy Ghost which in its realm is forever meant to be.

Seek and you shall find the name in your heart that dwells within the subsides of your dear beating humbled heart. Be in trustworthy of whom keeps his will unto God and not of mans wills. Be at ease with Gods plan as he will always determine the truth within each of us as he enters into the next realm of consciousness within men. Be aware and happy in the law of God for he is among you, rejoice in the knowing that he loves you Utley without scrip and no words that the human mind can ever endeavour to devour.

As certain he will not unproclaime the mysteries of faith among you who are a true servant of the law. The law abider and the seeker shall inherit Gods eternal love and compassion of endless forgiving conscious of un disconcert of faith and common thoughts among men of Abraham. Be at ease as your father can devour all here present that stands in front of you that endeavours to devour what is not so rightously Gods own being, his son of faith abiding in the faith of his son Jesus Christ son of God.

Listen to the word of God and it is among you. Listen to your hearts, abide within the Holy Spirit as its upon you to abide in God. Hence be holy at all times of the moment that you call now, as this is all that is, as God is what he is. Allow yourselves to be touched by Gods word as this will deepen your understanding as the seed of life sinks deeply into the souls of sands of soil that abides within all of us. Seek and you shall endeavour to find the truth, as he utters among you, Be at guard and be confident that the lord is within you thus nothing exterior can harm you, if your realm of consciousness is always at guard, hence all you can be is within Christ as He is all, He is, and you are all His is.

Love your neighbour and father and mother as this is the love that abides in the heavens, thus being like him endears our salvations into heaven because we live like him, thus we are him, and he of us, and him of us. Abide to the law that the law of Moses proclaimed to us all.

The salvation of men can be found within a flicker of a flame, the flicker can excite to a flame if the igniters is at wits to the air surrounding it. Hence be aware of all that is around you always. Be at ease as your father is with you, as a child seeks his father for communion thus you have learnt this by the first commandments to love your mother and father.

Be distinguished as a feather in a grain of sand. Be at ease, for greater things shall come hence be at guard for a proclaiming fortune will arise and you shall endeavour to full fill this, the up mighty will, but a self proclaimed profit shall be deemed un full filled and shall seek no remittance with the heavenly father of all laws which abide in him only.

Self confessed sinners shall be redeemed as light hits the eternal ages of the earths ways of deceit. Be at ease. Abide in the Holy Spirit, listen to the law of the Holy Trinity of heavenly being that is Lord our Gods is amount you. Seeing all and knowing all that abides and subsides in men of by human hands. The sinner shall dwell in his own unity of hell, if all fitting, will not know anything else if he is truly lost then lost if lost.

For the judgment is at hand for all to redeem his sins and be the Holy Ghost within all. Redeem your heart with uplifting love. Which the mind cannot bere to handle thus stopping the eternal flowing into the heart as the mind tries to capture his will and make it what the mind can handle and not of Gods law.

Listen to your heart and your mind will become a servant to Gods law, gaming it to only the inequities of the earths meaningful game. Hence, those not fortunate enough to understand such games can be lost in a fantasy of unconsciousness that only plays upon the realms of all that is not holy.

I recall from the Holy Scripture of past here now and present to all who are listening to him with own hearts, be at ease only if you can hear me, for I am the narrator which of whom is not within the game. Be the narrator of within wits to Gods purpose for each have equal love and devontation unto himself and he of you and you of him.

The gospel of Jesus flows into each humbled heart that repents unto his self confessed sins. A dawn of new beginnings is at hand. An endless realm of flowing love which declares the wisdom onto his student servants of his own wills image.

A testimony of faith which has been foretold throughout the ages of timeless being of, through the father son and the Holy Spirit. Speak of me, and I of you as though I am you and you are me.

Forgive the fortifiers of long lots grievances to the sympathy of Gods will.

Be foretold of the being of the father and the son and the Holy Ghost. For thou art amounts you all to endeavour and prosper in men's wills of timeless faith. God knows all and with the timeless being of entity of being that subsides within all whom declare the Holy Ghost is within us the world of games and grievances.

Be of the heart and not of the mind. For the mind has aged and can no longer grows like the heart of God, this is the true tree of life that bears fruit of timeless and ageless life of light that grows higher/lighter and brighter as the heart grows with the tree of life.

Nurture all that you see of nature as this is the truest form of being with God.

Turn away from bad tidings, be at guard as it is all around you, trespassing on Gods own image that is his property. The light of life's tree of timeless and ageless fruit within the very soul of each humbled heart of Gods very own being, which can be sawn into the heart and hear his words throughout the ages of times throughout the prophets who confessed to his worthy as humbled servants.

Love all and I am within all. My life within you can bring forth light amongst those who are self incriminated sinners as it controls and abides all that is not holy.

Be the obedient sheep amongst the flock.

Know me as you know your own mother and father at heart. Do not let the mind take away the meaning of my consol among you but open your heart to me as I have unto you. Speech of truth that is among you. Be at ease for I am among you.

Your sanctuary lies in your being in the Holy Spirit of truth. Know the truth amongst words inside and spoken, within the earthly game and know the difference. You would not listen to a word spoken to deterrent you to the fate of your wits in a board game laid out in front of you. So why would you listen to words that are not of the Gods will that is laid out in front of you... And that is the truth fruit of loyens of fruit that never sins against wits end.

A plague is amounts you that will devour all that is not of Gods law. Faith of Gods heart, endless being of nurture to those who catch the plague shall sin against all that declares himself a prophet. Be between the loins' of fruit that lives endless revelations of truth to humans kind as birds and nature all ready foretold of fate that is the realms of nature that God created, cycle of life which never fails to be foretold ending in life unto another, unto another.

Realms of the earth of soil that God hath created for all his creations to grow above and under the soil to the smallest of worms insects that dost be the entity that for told being his will of for seeing the life that is not touchable by human hands.

Be foretold a great plague threatens your species as mind man made beings. This bears no fruit of life within the mans mind ways. Declare unto me, that thou art thou God Highest being of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Declare my existence in my word, of earth that I created for you for you are abided in me, created by the holiest being.

The blessing of freedom of wits have been a curse on the world as unforeseen restraint and disobedience has taken you astray from my word that protects your very being of existence. Please see that his endless realm of love is all that needs to be of your wit.

Love one another as I have loved you. As your father, ask me, how, if you have forgotten the law of true life that can only bear fruit and make man live forever. Just as food as been a temptation of fast forgotten taste coming and going in an instance. Just as I know the realms of humans. I see hope as you are of hope and have seen my heard and the son my lord whom I am pleased. My mother Mary by whom sustained the greatest glory that a human has foretold, prays with passion of Christ that you will not resist the tidings amongst men, being in all existence the oneness to restation of true existence by Christ by which died for all existence of hope amongst men of Jacob and Julia of Anthdrathese.

Angels word will not stop with mercy praying with existence to the Holy Father of all oneness with humans walking on the earth. A great testimony will be at hand, foretold by a commoner of times to sustains times. Seek and endeavour to justify wits to an means of means,,,,,,,a purpose dealt from scripture to by means of lent and disciplines between men of Abraham. Concurs the realms of the mind with love and seeking all true within the entity of church.

For scripture has foretold a great burning bush that flames that did not burn with heat on look sight of men's eyes, but a flame to symbolize the flame that is within each soul within men. I have written in scriptures a light shall recall my existence with men, a flame that shall not burn man made things but only of unforsaken entities that come within the realms of gods light...flame. A seeker at best wits shall burden himself as a torrent of wits ends means.

Unforeseen church carries men amongst you that can devour young flames on a path.

Messenger of faith be turned not to the burn of these means but rest in peace to know that your wrath has been sowed within me and I in you, all shall be amongst men as I am with you. Endeavour to trust in your words of the tongue as your heart speaks of truth which your mind does not know.

Be forsaken to those who judgment against the Holy word of truth, be but a mother to those who endeavour to devour you knowing that I am in your presence.

Speak of truth for this is all you are, and, all I am and, all humans are if they have the wits and obedience to listen for my wrath is harsh but my seeker if humbled for my sake.

Trust in the word of the Lord and listen for whom shall this but a self proclaimed prophet of wits to endowment amount men.

A seeker shall not be wits to an means to an end. But the unforsaken judgment at the hand of men shall embark on a journey that shall change the capture that is life and remould it to an endless realms of wits of oneness with God almighty maker of heaven and earth.

All who stay in the realms of the mind all who seek the truth in the mind and the possessions amongst you shall stop growing as these condiments do not seek life but demolish it.

Humbling yourself, presence the highest means of understanding. Not getting lost in the words of God by means of the mind but lost in the realms of Gods light flame with each man. To surrender yourself all being and honour are yours as my son of the true and almighty God forsake and felt the pain his only son endowed for his people. Give yourselves up to God and all that is good in the law of God as Jesus explained the scriptures to men as he surrendered himself on the cross for us. I weep in mercy for us all.

The truth has been laid out in front of men since the dawn of age, we still fail to see with our hearts and deeply breath in the truth of life, into our very inner man of soul that is, flame of God. Hoping to ignite a rekindled flame of hope of recognizing the truth when spoken and the commitment and love and compassion to hold onto it with all might, knowing that the truth shall set us free from all things that cling to us.

Remittance is the key to life. If life hath a key it would be of a redeemer of faith that sent in past scriptures bore my name and died holding fast the sins of men with him, in the flesh. Much arose on that day that was not seen. A conscious of men streaming forth amongst that concluded the ending for fulfillment of the scriptures foretold.

Then it stopped.

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KatyAD (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-29)
I must not be that smart. For some reason, I had a hard time understanding a lot of it. 😢 😭 But I'm saving it to my favs.

-God Bless,
Heavenonearth (3 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-03)
I think the sentence regarding the plague means that it is already here... Sins of words spoken and unspoken and actions that are out of control.
Kat (guest)
13 years ago (2010-04-24)
Wow, that is intresting. Especially the part about an upcoming plague. Hopefully, God will cover and protect those that look toward Him.

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