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Holy Spirit Visitation


I am 64 years of age. 30 years ago I said yes to the Lord. Not the yes that one may commonly think of in terms of yes Lord what ever you want. This went to the depth of my soul. I recognized this yes was for real. Immediately the Holy Spirit seemed to step right into my presence or I should say I was in His presence. I noticed a few things immediately that I was in fact in His presence and completely loved and understood. Total humility since nothing was hidden. However, I believe I was experiencing my born again spirit since there was apparently no earthly aggravations associated with life on planet earth. It was certainly me but different. What was most striking is that I knew that in the state I was in I could live forever like this. In other words I remember clearly saying to myself, so this is what its like, yes I can exist in this state forever. I immediately knew how the angels can sing Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty before His throne night and day for ever and ever. As active as I am I am certain I could sit before His throne and never leave for ever and be totally content. It was quite amazing. Listen, it is life as you know it without the aggravation or death. Death no longer exists but you will. I also noticed that there was nothing in His presence that wasn't at total peace. So now I know eternity exists in His presence and can only be attained by being born of His spirit. One other thing, He asked me what I wanted and once I told Him He said well what's the problem proceed on. Them I knew He wasn't concerned about my destiny. Already set in the Lambs

Book of Life. It was just tooooo cool!

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