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How To Walk With Jesus


While I was visiting my mother in law, we were talking about the regret and sadness that we feel because my sister in law has breast cancer which is rare and the treatment it very aggressive. Also she was telling me how people who haven't spoken to her in a very long time, all of a sudden call to ask how her daughter was.

She explained her confusion and troubled mind with trying to make time for them as they didn't for her while her hand was open. Then the conversation changed to her telling me about her plea to Jesus in church and how she did not care if people were looking at her while she was starring at the cross, praying to Jesus to heal her daughter.

Then did we feel an immense surge of love. I felt the strength in my heart tighten and a haze over my eyes for a second, then we both started to cry at the exact same time. I said to my mother in law, "He heard us, he heard us". Nothing else was said but it lingered in my heart, while I was silently always asking please grace me with the correct words to strengthen and humble my mother in laws heart.

When I got home that night, all of a sudden I heard / felt a insight of wisdom. Jesus did hear our plea from our humble heart but first he wants us to, forgive with kindness and friendship to those who did not offer friendship and kindness to us.

It was so clear, this situation with people calling her who did wrong to her in the past, now call. The realization was so great I stood in one spot for a while just smiling with my eyes and face. Then I had a great urge to write. I had to tell her to please welcome all who call her, we must open our hearts away from sin so our inner wall in down so we can receive his glory.

We can't ask for such a great blessing then in the next breath turn others away. I had to tell her, so I typed what I heard inside my heart. This is what I wrote;

Guidance to you all and grace to you from the Holy Spirit.

Hence an opportunity to be like our dear father. An opportunity and calling to reconcile and be able to see all his glory by being like him.

You see, we have been walking our minutes, days, yearly, millennium lives, without likeness or backwards step to our dear father.

Then as soon as bad fortune arises or an event or person comes our way, or life threatening disease, only then do we call to God, whom has always been there for us all the time, always completing his grace to us all, without us recognizing this or even thanking him in any way. Never the less he still loves us and still does these things because he already has forgiven us, which was made possible through Jesus

So... We come across people from now or past whom all of the sudden, want to talk, may be due to a sickness and we say, Now they call, why should I forget all that they have done to me, they have forgotten all that I have done for them, and didn't even thank me for the things that I done, I loved them so much and they didn't reflect this back by keeping in contact or giving back in any way, or maybe they didn't even say hello.

We must be like him in every way; he shows us how to be in our lives.

When we can awaken and see all the graces that he does in our lives and say, (This is when the prayer came to me)

Dear Father... You have walked with me and helped me and forgiven me when I was not aware, when I was astray from your family, and times when I did not even thank you when you helped me, or times when you sent your angel whom was in front of me and I did not even say hello or thank you with open hands and heart for all your hardships.

Father, I am sorry for these times, and I want to acknowledge these times of blindness from my sake, by, Forgiving and being Kind and Graceful and Helpful and Happy, to those who;

Did not say hello to me, when I stood in front of them. To those who were not loyal to me as, when I was in front of them, or thinking or praying for them.

To those who didn't acknowledge me for my kindness and helpfulness when my hand was extended.

Father, by your mercy I forgive and let go off all these things as I ask, dear father for you to please forgive me.

I wish to be like you and dare not be anything else if I want to be worthy to ask for your mercy in this moment of my life.

Dear father, I want to be worthy to receive your grace. I want to make you happy and rejoice that we can be like you and love those without our written recorded script in our minds, but with the same love and mercy that you have always shown us, that is, without script.

Please grace me that when, I may plea for your mercy with my daily hardships of our blessed lives, that we can be more alike, as you made us in your likeness, and thus be able to be like Jesus and heal our hardships through your mercy.

I pray this every night, in hope and knowing that you may bless us with you mercy and heal us where needed in our bodies and lives. AMEN

That next day, I drove all the way to my mother in laws house with this printed prayer.

This is my first mission for God's word and nothing was going to stop me, as I knew that the uncomfortable feeling of embarrassment or any other bad feeling is not whom I belong to anymore. I belong to Gods family and can see and hear good and bad inside myself and choose not to react to the bad feelings or thoughts anymore because I know this is not where I belong.

When I got to their house she was not home, so I left in on the back porch with a covering letter. My duty is still not over, as I hasn't spoken in person with her about this prayer and how it came to me.

I must do this very soon, because this is the one way that Jesus will heal her body if she recognizes these traits within side her mind that maybe weighing a small wall in front of her heart that is pushing God's blessing away that he so longs for all of us to see and submit to.

Please to you all, I also plea if you pray to God and ask him to heal or help you. First look unto yourselves and see how you can change your lives just through forgiveness that is being kind to those who submit you to bad feelings or thoughts.

Forgive those in past, as Jesus has already forgiven all your past sins.

You see, to react to the bad feelings for whatever situation is to pass evil unto one another.

Please ask for peace, by bringing peace to those who are bad to you. As this is what he is doing unto us.

You must be able to see the likeness. Allow yourself to feel love from a humble heart, that is totally submitting yourself unto Jesus, as he submitted himself unto us.

Open your hands to symbolize your open heart and just feel with your heart and not with the mind of a man, but from the heart of god's soul which is within all of us.

We seek for him all the time, not truly recognizing with our humbled open hearts that he is already within is, inside our very inner man that is called peace which is a reflection of his love and promised kingdom, if we just submit our hearts to his blow of love and wipe away the doubt and fear that holds us back from turning around to truly see and be with God each day.

We do this by, doing unto others the same which we ask of Jesus.

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Heavenonearth (3 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-08)
My sister in law has been CURED from her cancer!

THANK YOU so much father. I pray with my humbled heart that my fellow brothers and sisters apply your faith in their lives by changing themselves. As you said... You help those who help themselves. You also said that when two people come together in my name (JEses) l am with them. MY DEAR FATHER... L PROCLAIM TO ALL THAT JESUS WORDS are PROVEN THROUGH MY TRUE LIFE STORY. Thank you l love you so much. 😁
Heavenonearth (3 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-05)
I really do understaing what you are feeling. At this current time this is also what l am opening myself to understand and trully sink deeply into my heart.

I was praying but l was saddend by my mind and l did not wish to be held account to the responses even though they were not "bad" l just new that they were not within his widsom. I humbeld myself to the point where l did not wish to exisit if it wasn't pleasing to him. I was sadned with tears from my eyes and heart at the responses that we give to him when He gives us the opportunity to be like him. But then l heard the most warming feeling, my father conferted me saying, 'He new me before l was born'. This still brings tears to my eyes and it left my mind still with peace, my heart full of faith beating loudly with life and my soul finally touching its father who is always with us. It filled me with love, compassion and an endless realm of forgiveness for my brothers and sisters of the world. He showed me just how much he loves us.

The wonderful thig about hearing his widsom is that is floods in with magnitude and changes each moment,NOW, with the true meaning of each blessing. The other day my daughter put her finger into my eye, by mistake, and it really hurt, but l did not react to it at all. I then said softly, this is how our father is. As my reaction was filled with understading, compassion and love. Even tough the act was done and it hurt my eye, she was a child and did not know what she was doing. This is how he sees us, as we are his children and it is with his love that we can love his chilren also. He wants us to share this love with all in the world, not just our birth children. I allowed myself to bask in this for as long as l could becouse every little thing that happens he is showing himself. If we offer and lead each thought and moment, NOW' to him always being aware or awake and at guard to tempation, then we open ourselves up to him becouse he wants us to know him as he knows us.

The other understanding, that helps me slow down and be at peace is... Each time l feel myself starting to worry, l stop, listen and say to myself, what am l doing right NOW, Am l directing my thoughts and actions towards him. You will be amazed just how often we think about things that are NOT in front of us.

I am soo scared of straying away from him that this keeps me within the NOW. I am also learning to have more restraint over my wants and likes. This is such as true blessing to live your life that is what is right in front of us. This is all we have to handle. I sigh with great relief.
mvayne80 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-04)
very cool... I like what you had to say in this writing.:) for me confession, forgiveness, and being of service to people has changed my life. These things do not feel natural, in fact they are uncomfortable and very humbling. Jesus said that He is not of this world. When I am living the way Jesus wants me to live I feel like I am not of this world. Like my world is with him and this world is a stepping stone. I have had some wild experiences where I cannot believe my own existance. Like I cannot believe I am here walking, talking, breathing, etc. During these spiritual experiences I ask God in my mind, how did He know to create me? The thinking that is going on in my mind is hard to explain. I am here, I feel like I was just meant to be here but it is a miracle because how did He know to create me? The answer is God is all knowing! That just blows my mind. That and His infinity. No beginning? No end? That is crazy! That is out of my league! My mind cannot process that. It is amazing how much power that God has. Wow!
Lisa Gorgin (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-26)
Thank you. Simply thank you very much. I will be printing this out and reading it very often to remind me to let things go.

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