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Touched By Jesus


I became a Christian at the age of thirteen and was baptized by my local Church at that age. I have had many amazing experiences that I can talk about but none greater than this. At the age of twenty eight, being married with twin sons, I developed a heart condition called Atrial fibrillation which at the time was not aware what was going on with me, just was in and out of the hospital for what I thought could be asthma issues. I began to pray on a regular basis for healing of this issue and wasn't seeing any results, so one night while I had the house to myself, I determined that I would seek God with all that I had and leave it in his hands. I lay on my bed and began to Praise Him and Worship him and Pray for healing, this went on for maybe 45 minutes or so. I felt as if nothing was happening but was not giving up, I determined to myself that God is who he says he is and whether he healed me or not I was giving him all my Praise. Suddenly to my shock, I had a feeling that came upon me like a fire, almost felt like oil being poured out over me, at first this scared me but had a feeling of peace quickly during this, as the hot oil feeling came from my head down over my body I felt a incredible feeling of euphoria and happiness that cannot be put into words, it was building like electricity in my body and felt as if I didn't want it to ever stop but felt as if my body may not be able to take much more. I somehow knew that I could stop at any moment but did not want to. Reluctantly I made that feeling stop and at that point knew that I had been touched by our Lord. Even though I did not see the healing results I longed for I received something much greater, I have never experienced that feeling again but long for it to happen. I pray that each and every person would get to experience the feeling of the presence of God like that! I am now 46 and still remember it as the greatest feeling of joy that I have ever had, I only know that Jesus is very real and his Love surpasses all that we can even imagine. God Bless

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