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I saw Jesus. I was asleep one night in my bedroom on a mattress on the floor because I had just ordered a new bed. I was dreaming I had something really serious to tell my boyfriend. In the dream I literally got in my car (with my blanky) and drove to my boyfriend's best friends but on the way there my car was moving slow almost like I couldn't get there fast enough, so I got out of the car and started running to his house. When I got there my boyfriend opened the door and escorted me into his best friends basement. I had noticed his best friend wearing red shoes. And like dreams do next scene, I was in my room again. My spirit was out of my body because I was watching myself sleep. All of a sudden I saw my body raising into the air and I looked, Jesus was standing in my bedroom doorway holding both arms outreached almost as if he was raising my body himself. He had a robe with the long sleeves a beard and of course long hair. I remember thinking he was very handsome. I then woke up in all seriousness with my body raising the same way my hair flowing behind me and then I just landed onto my mattress very easily. I immediately cried and crawled to my mothers room I was scared. What could he be trying to tell me? I know my boyfriends friend is a good person he is in the army and religious. Why did he have on red shoes? Does Jesus want me away from him?

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Sweet (2 posts)
8 years ago (2010-12-02)
I think it means Jesus wants you to belong to Him like you believe your boyfriend's best friend belongs to Him.

I would recommend you pray to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you for all your sins because He died on the cross for that. Then you can belong to Him all your life by praying and doing what He says to do in the Bible and going to a good church.

He loves you and wants to be your friend.

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