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Getting Extremely Close To OBE


I have come close to having OBEs about five or six times, getting more intense each time. I was laying in bed on my laptop reading about crystal children when I got this undescribable feeling in the back of my head. It was not on the surface but rather IN my head or brain. It felt like a stretching/cooling sensation. I had always thought I was a crystal child (I'm 18 by the way) but I found out earlier that day that I was for sure a crystal child by a woman who specializes in such things.

After going to bed, I realized I was beginning to have an OBE. They all start out the same. In my dream I have this feeling of feeling "extemely high." I feel completely dizzy in my dream, like my head/body is all over the place. I decided to just let go and surrender. It was like my body was completely gone and my spirit was literally just floating around (still dreaming at this point.) Then I am in my room, looks very similar to my actual room with a few minor changes. I feel my body vibrating but then my head seems to be holding all the vibrations. I tell myself to relax and I am actually doing quite well at this point. In previous times vibrations have only lasted as much as 20 or 30 seconds because I get freaked out or my heart beats too fast, whereas this time it lasted at least a full minute, if not more. It actually felt quite easy as I was just laying there relaxing, hearing and feeling the "vibrations" in my head.

I could feel half of my body lifting up. But the feelings in my head got SO INTENSE so much that I had to STOP. My head could not take anymore as it was starting to hurt. So I said "Okay I want to stop now. Spirit guides please stop this I don't want this to be going on anymore." It took at least ten or fifteen seconds for the vibrations in my head to cease and then suddenly I am back to the whirling or floating feeling as I guess my body was trying to get back to its normal state.

After it completely stopped my skull felt extremely tingly, not in a bad way at all. I am so utterly confused as to whether it is normal for the vibrations to be so intense that it would make my head actually hurt. What exactly is going on with the feeling in my head? Is it normal? How can I actually achieve an OBE? This is the closest I have come yet. Any advice or comment is greatly appreciated :)

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AresWulf (guest)
5 years ago (2018-08-02)
Hey, I read your post like a month ago and I'd love if you could email me at AresWulf911 [at] I know its been like 7 years, but I hope your still there

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