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Black-hooded Entity In OBE


I just had an out of body experience and I saw a black hooded person (entity) standing above my body. The fellow didn't seem aggressive or anything he was just sitting there but he wouldn't let me go farther away from my body. I'll give you more details later.

First of all, I'll give you some background information about me, so you may know in which context this has happened. I'm a 19 years old man, I'm an atheist or perhaps agnostic sometimes, but either way I wouldn't put too much stock in god, certainly not in the Judeo-Christian god. I've had OBE's (out of body experiences) for a few years but I've never seen this.

Now, to go back to our black-hooded fellow, he did look like Grim Ripper and what's interesting is that I got the feeling as though he's guarding my lifeline. When I saw him I didn't panic though I was afraid and I remember looking at him saying (not actual talk) don't you cut me loose. That's when I tried to come back and wake up as I've done many times before, and it worked, not at first but it worked.

So now my question to is who or what in the world was my black-hooded friend? I don't think he was a demon, I mean I didn't seem any sign of malice from him, as I said he even seemed protective as my first reaction was to think this guy is guarding me and then when I tried to go past him and explore my surroundings a bit more stopped me with his arm and I couldn't go around it. So no demon, no angel either since hell black-hooded angels? It seems way to bizarre to even consider it.

So what was this thing? Any theories are welcomed.

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Jp11 (guest)
3 years ago (2021-11-24)
I've had this what looks like a black hooded entity, with black eyes and mouth and black wings pop up on my baby monitor, and my living camera. It seems to always stand/Hover around my son, who is almost 3. I'm a believer, I'm no saint and nowhere near where I want to be or who I want to be in my life but I try to be strong and pray on it and God to come in to my home and his angels and to rid anything negative of this world or another. I do not fear it, the only thing that makes me feel uneasy is it always is around my baby. If anyone has any information on what it might be, or what I might can do id greatly appreciate it. (I also have screenshots of the figure I've captured on on my cameras)
truth (guest)
6 years ago (2018-10-18)
my story is not quite mine but my twins' brothers. When they were kids they used to see both different hooded figures in our house. They were about 4-5 (!) dark hooded figures about 2-3m tall with no facial features, only darkness. The strange thing is that their clothes-hoods were different colours. One was black, the other dark brown, the other dark blue and maybe one grey, I m not sure. My brothers used to see them in different hours of the day (but mainly at night) not only when going to sleep. For example they were studying for schood and suddenly they were seeing them (not all together) walking in the living room. They were scared but they gradually get used to that situation. The figures were walking in the house or just standing and stare. Usually they were standing next to doors. One night my brothers saw them all together in the living room and that's when another one came, a white one which was taller and seemed to be in charge or something. My brothers didn't see them again since then. They told us the story some years later. I didint believe them back then because they were kids when all those happened but my mother did believed them because she remembered the times when she was helping them with homework and they just stopped and stared both at the same point of the room and they looked scared but they had never told her what they were seeing. She also remembered all the nights when she closed their bedroom door and my brothers were opening it again because they were afraid and my mother used to say all the time ''why u keep opening the door?!'' but my brothers didn't say anything. Now I read so many stories about these things and I feel sorry that I didn't believe them back then. I really wonder what they really are. Why they were in groups? Why different colours?
Gailswind (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
About 20 years ago I went into a very deep meditation. I had just hurt my hip pretty bad at work, so I was trying to do a healing meditation. Soon after deeply relaxing I realized I was moving upward in some kind of tunnel. I could feel an entity next to me, it made me feel safe. I never turned to look at it, I just watched the walls of this tunnel. They looked the way a stream looks as it travels downhill, frozen nearly solid, in the wintertime. White waves of frozen water, yet it was fluid. Don't understand what I saw, but that is what it looked like. Quickly we were at the top where a white white illumination was. Suddenly it seemed like we were standing on a cloud in the sky. In the distance was a rectangular building. Instantly we were at it's double doors. Then we were standing inside the building, really in a blink of an eye these things happened. Once inside I could see hundreds of short black hooded beings/entities, standing in line bordering the walls, holding hands, two by two. Instantly, we were at the opposite caddy corner side of the building where two more double doors opened. Again I saw these beings, two by two, in a line, meandering across the sky for as long as I could see. Through telepathy the being next to me said they were all here watching over ME! Then he continued to take me on the journey he had planned for me. When I returned to my body I couldn't understand how they could ALL be there watching over me. After some time I realized they couldn't be there just watching over me, they had to be there watching over all humans...
About four years ago I saw another one of these hooded beings. Up until this time I would have told you I have never seen a ghost, now I'm not so sure. I came home at night, it was a very dark night. As I approached my fence to open it I noticed someone in a black hoodie approaching from the inside of the fence. I thought it was my son wearing his black hoodie so I yelled his name. Next that black hooded being went right through the fence and down the side of my car and disappeared. Three days later my husband suddenly passed away. I was in denial for quite some time after his death. Just couldn't believe he was gone, so young, and so suddenly. The one thing that comforted me was seeing that black hooded being. I am sure it came to set things in motion for him to die. I don't know why he came and got him, but he did. So it must have been his time and his way. So Alex sounds like you met one of these watchers. Quite a gift I believe. I also believe they have been watching over me (us) my whole life. I too do not affiliate with any one particular religion, yet I have always been spiritual. Never understood this meditation session fully, yet I am so happy to finally find others who have had similar experiences.
winx (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-12)
what was the surrounding area like? A void?, forest?
Did the hooded finger touch you?
JayIsThere (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-11)
The hooded sightings really vary depending on the being. The hooded figures are better than demons and loose fallen angels but they all come from some fallen ascension though in my own visions of seeing these things some of them live by the laws of "God".

The world of OBE entities can vary, some mean well more than others. If you ever see a glowing blue ghost like figure with the classic hole train light eyes and a little circle mouth, be afraid those are the most aggressive of entities next to spider demon, parasitic things...
Estrelladelmar (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-21)
When I was a very young child, I had these dreams that I feel they might mean something. My family was very poor, so we didn't have books, movies or anything that could have cause me to fear. In one of my dreams I was in this dark place, I turned to the left and the outline of a staircase lit up. A white glowing hooded being floats down the stairs. Then I stared towards the front like if I was in a dazed or hypnotized. Through my peripheral view I saw it approaching and once it reached a few feet away from me, my body hair stood up like when some runs a balloon close to your skin creating electrostatic. I wasn't afraid. The hooded being stood right in front of me and grabbed my hand. That's when I saw his skeleton hands and he put 3 golden coins on my hand. The second dream I was in this sort of crystal house watching tv, then someone knocked at the door. I felt like if I knew who it was so I told him to come in. The hooded being sat next to me and the tv went like when there's no signal making that electrostatic noise. I kept on looking at the tv as in a trance but looking at this being again through my peripheral view. He kept on talking to me but I can't remember what he said neither I could see his face. Suddenly he got up and covered me with his robe while saying I came to take you. Everything went dark and all of sudden a light came from above as if it was a lamp and felt warm and calm. I also had dreams with spirals. I think now that these dreams r possibly my experiences before birth. I don't know what these things are, but now I wonder if these things r the archons.
Pat (guest)
6 years ago (2017-12-29)
After the death of my husband from a rare cancer and after making arrangements for his body, we left the ICU/Hospital and my daughter took me home. She insisted that she would stay with me that night and we slept together in the guest bedroom. I was on the right side of the bed, we were holding hands and I was telling her good night, feeling very tired and very peaceful. I saw these 7 hooded figures - two on the left side which is where my daughter was laying; two on the right side by me; 3 at the foot of the bed with the middle figure holding a staff and at least 7/8 ft tall... The others were not more than 5 feet tall. I remember that I felt safe and felt a warmness in my chest and a white light in the center of my body - I remember smiling and saying "oh if you are here for me it is not my time" which I thought was an odd thought and probably a gut reaction because I did not feel any malice from them - only protected. I remember seeing my daughter out of the corner of my eye and she was 'shooing' them away and saying ' leave her alone, it is not her time to go'. I remember smiling and I thought I said to her - 'don't worry, it is not my time, God has me and they are not bad' but I apparently only went to sleep after telling her I loved her and still holding her hand. So, next morning, I awaken pretty refreshed and I see my daughter just looking at me. I smiled and asked her how she slept and she said she didn't, she looked concerned and asked me if I was ok. She told me she was awake all night and I asked her if she saw the hooded guys - she was very surprised and said yes... I was shooing them away from you all night. We talked some more about it and I told her that I saw them as I was dozing and thought I had told her not to worry that I was ok, God had me and they were not bad. She insisted they kept leaning in closer to me - watching me and she felt they were trying to take me so she shooed them away - staying awake all night. I have only caught a brief glimpse in the 8 years since that visit and I always smile and say 'hi' - I do not feel threatened or afraid. My daughter and granddaughter ended up living with me for 8 years after the death of my husband and my daughter said she saw them over the course of the next 2 years only in the hallway, which would be between all 3 bedrooms, and that she never had another encounter with them. I insisted they were protectors - my daughter is unsure. My granddaughter thinks they were protective spirits sent to watch over me during my weakened and sad state and that it was not intended for my daughter to see them - she only saw them because she was with me and we were holding hands.
Following Jesus (guest)
7 years ago (2017-10-26)
Hi Alex,
When I was a child a dark hooded figure appeared in the night at the foot of my bed it didn't say anything to me it just looked at me but I couldn't see his face so it was simply facing me. I called out my sisters name and there was no answer. I was somewhat fearful because I didn't know who it was I put my head under the covers and waited for it to leave. In the morning I realized it couldn't of been my sister or anyone else in my household because it was way too tall.
The second time this figure appeared to me I was a teenager I had been out partying and I stumbled in the back door of the house and fell to the ground on the steps leading up to the kitchen stood the figure whom I saw when when I looked up. The figures head was tilted downward at me but I could not see his face again too dark but clearly he was there like you I didn't feel fear just awe, and not understanding why he was there or who he was. Decided it had to be my dad and began saying I was sorry no response came. When I got to my feet the figure was gone and I proceeded to my bedroom. When I woke up in the morning the house was empty I called my sister who was staying with a friend overnight she explained that my parents had gone on a trip for the weekend. Instructions were left for me on the counter which I had not seen them yet. Figure is very tall seems to be wearing a hooded cloak that is black or dark in color it doesn't speak it seems to watch only I'm in my 50s now and I have yet to figure out who that was. But it did not hurt me and it didn't seem to move towards me either time. I am a Christian I do not believe it was a demon there just wasn't that sense about him. I hope it helps to know others have had the experience.
Cyn (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-22)
First I experience these beings were last year and just recently. I was sleeping I felt paralysis I couldn't move at all they were so close To me three of them black cloaks with yellow or gold eyes I was very scared started praying, and lights appeared across me, snapping me out of my paralysis state I was able to wake up, always feeling hard wind or air when I wake up from my sleep. Second they were a bit further, these time same thing paralysis couldn't move one bit one was extending its hand to me. I heard my mom's (my mom is decease) voice telling me don't leave don't leave, my mom was looking after me, I woke up quick but felt so drain very tired. Third time was recently I just felt asleep I know I just have closed my eyes well to me, and they appeared again but this time a bit further they were not extending their hand I felt hard wind and I was paralysis again I was awake in my dream and I called out my boyfriend, he didn't wake up I started to pray asking God and Archangel Michael to come to me for protection and guard me, I seen my boyfriend leaving from his body floating away I was calling him, in my dream and kept praying a white solid figure was behind him she was a peacefully being she push him back towards me and I felt the hard wind again and I woke up trying to wake him up, after he said what happen, I just thank God and angels for helping. I was just been unease after this experience. Glad I found this blog where I can relate and understand what they are but how to block them from coming back?
Onawingandaprayer (30 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
Hello Alex

Thank you for relating your experience, I hope you and all who have experiences like this can find answers.

You are an atheist, that is cool, that is your experience and no one can say otherwise. You and I would not agree on God but hey, how boring would life be if we had nothing to discuss because we all thought the very same thought!

I am just pulling this out of the air but one thought as to your experience might be as follows.

We are all guided in one form or another, christian, muslim, atheists, you get the picture. As such perhaps your "Guide" has manifested itself to you in a form your mind would recognize from your experience here on earth.

As such he may have been there to say "dude, not this way, go back and try another route"

Not much more than that really, nothing to fear as you related. Let us know if you run across this manifestation again...

Demons are a common issue on this site as man is obsessed with demons, the devil, ways to avoid both. If people put more energy into living their lives with their eyes wide open, I don't believe these visions would ever be an issue.

I have never seen a demon, the devil or something I should be afraid of, I simply do not believe in them and as I love only Yeshua and God with every fibre in my body I have no fear of them ever coming into my life.

Now some will jump on that last statement and extoll about how I should fear God and the wrath if I don't... Sorry I choose to see them in the light and love that they are, not what I AM SUPPOSSED TO BELEIVE BASED ON WHAT IS READ TO ME.

Alex I am going to post a passage I learned a long time ago and it is for those who are afraid of whatever manifests in their dreams to bring them chills in the night.

Once again thank you and all the others who have posted, this is what this site is all about, Christians, atheists, doesn't matter we all end up in the same place in the end...

Namaste my wonderful friend

I belong to God you can't touch me...

When I sleep at night I see but the demons alone,
They mock
They haunt
They Taunt
They grow bolder, as I grow in fear of them

I stare them directly in the eyes and from deep within comes:

"I belong  to God you cannot hurt me"
Poof... In a cloud of smoke they are gone!

As I ponder life I see a man in a hood,
Dark, menacing
The air is bitterly cold as he approaches
As the courage wells-up inside me
All fear dissipates, 

I now just smile and say:

"I belong to God you cannot touch me"
In a flash of light he is gone!

I spend my days seeking within,
I only see dark shadows of figures
Gliding by in a cold wind of fear
I shake and tremble as they approach
Are they real?
Are they a dream?
Fear grips and paralyses me...

I beam a broad smile and simply state:

"I belong to God, you cannot frighten me"

A light of golden hews now embraces me
I see a man, his face as clear as the sunshine
He is a vision of all that is pure

"My precious one,
You ARE a child of God
Those you manifest within and see in your dreams
Will never harm you, 
Nor cause you pain again,

Live your life in the love that is you 
Live your life in the love that is the FATHER
Live in love
Fear not the demons of your imagination"

At that Jesus faded away into the golden light he came from

JohnDiabet (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
You ever here of the black angel that protects children. He's called St. Martin! The one I saw though sent shivers to my core. He wasn't an angel or demon I believe, but he ment business. His business was collection. Just as Idealist said to you about his friend who thought of the bible, I said Jesus, I don't want to die. He was Gone, but that's my belief and I said it with confidence and power. It was my last hope. There is a lot more to it than what I said, but that's another story. Yours sounds like St. Martin, watchful and protective. So maybe he wasn't the only one there.
Jerbear (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-22)
Hi, I hope that I can help you and not confuse you. Any spirit you see that is not an Angel of God (believe me you'll know its an Angel of God) it is a demon. There is NO OTHER GOD but GOD. No other name under which you are saved but Jesus' name. No other power and authority over the darkness of Satan and his fallen angels (demons) but the power and authority of Jesus' shed blood on the cross. Many religions can make many claims but I can tell you that they do NOT have the power of true salvation for eternal life in heaven with a promise of peace and love that is beyond our understanding of our human mind or body to comprehend. They only other option you and others have is to believe in false religions that will confuse you and lead you straight into Satan's snare that will take you to hell with an eternity of torture that is also beyond our mind and body to comprehend. I beg of you to seek out Jesus and His authority over the evil dark demon that is following you. Do not communicate with it. Believe in Jesus. Repent for your sins. Call on Him to save you and to have mercy on you. Have faith that Jesus' name has all power and authority over the demonic beings. Tell them that you want them to leave and to never return. To go to the pit of hell in Jesus' name! Be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and protect you. Commission your Angels to be with you and to minister to you and to protect you. Satan and his demons know that Jesus has all power and authority over them and they must obey Jesus. You can look most of this stuff up online and in the bible and books that will explain demons and angels from a Christ standpoint. Be safe and God Bless ❤
indigohealer (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-15)
I had a similar dream over 25 years ago with a black hooded figure. This was an unusual dream since it was very real, colorful, vivid, and took place in the astral realm. It had many symbols that I would reflect on throughout my life. When he first appeared in the dream I was frightened and then he removed the hood to reveal that he was an older man with white hair and a full white/grey beard. He told me telepathically that he was 'my teacher' which calmed me down and I felt love, peace and kindness from him. He then went on to show me a serious of images that have held many meanings to me and were for me to decipher throughout my life. This can be a very powerful psychic connection that can be used to 'tune in' to the wisdom from your personal teacher. We have spirit guides, angels and Master Teachers who assist us throughout our life. You did the right thing by wanting to know what this means, by doing that you opened a doorway. Sometimes that is all it takes for them to be energetically connected to us so they can communicate with you. I do not normally answer someone's post but I felt a need to tell you this information so you can make sense of the message you were fortunate enough to recieve.
Idealist (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-02)
Hi Alex,

This hooded Entity is very common. Look up shadow people. There are different forms of these beings! I have only seen ones that look like the "devils" from the movie Ghost. My former manager is very spiritual and she told me that the creature she saw had hands and had worn a pointy hat. She thought about the Bible and it left her room. Everyone I spoke to had felt these beings were negative, but you. I do not follow one religion but I believe in a higher power. Maybe you connected with this thing because you do not believe in a higher energy?
AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-30)
ok perhaps I've been posting on the wrong site but I really need some advice. I've been looking at the sister site to this one for mediums and pyschics but can't find what I'm looking for. Lots of good knowledge about the world and everything but I really need someone in connection with God to advise me what to do about the ghosts that have been visiting me. I think they are of my ancestors who died during the killing fields of Cambodia and want their stories told. Should I talk to them out of respect and tell their stories or should I continue to try and ignore them? I've had a lot of experiences with angels, demons and other spirits but these I'm not sure what to do with. I pray but all I get is to decide for myself. The old testament says something about inherieted sin and troubles and my side of the family is Buddhist so we have a lot about Karmic debt and I just want to fix it so my kids don't have to deal with it in the future. Anyway if anyone reads this and thinks they can help please email me at clupt012 [at]

I'm going to read some books instead of search these site for answers, perhaps God will speak to me in the meantime. Peace to all.
truth (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-26)
Hi Alex
Its such an interesting experience yet true
But for you to find the reality of that being and its origin you need to know the truth!
Whats is the truth? You may ask--well, the truth is GOD. Apart from all other philosophies its all a waste of time really, you need to take it up alone and face it, ask GOD if HE really exist! Don't ask HIM with the hunger of knowing Christianity its a true but knowing if HE really exist be honest yet true to yourself. Remember ask
HIM never ask a human HIM (GOD). You may ask how?---Be alone, and ask or go for a walk in the park or in an open area that you can able to shout freely if you think talking like someone stand beside you may sound insane. Do leave behind all you heard and be ready for the truth.I'm sure you if you do so the answer will surely come.
Alex (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-09)
Hi GodisSpirit. Well, it didn't convince me to believe in God just yet, if anything it only made it more complicated for me. While I tend to be more open to the possibility of God or Supreme Being, I only find it harder to find a path. I mean it's difficult for me to choose a particular tradition, unless something more concrete than this happens to me or unless I get a clear sign I wouldn't believe in something just for believing's sake.

NaturalScience, I shall keep you posted if any follow up to this experience happens.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-30)
Alex, I do not know much more about Hindu deities than what is written in the prayer texts of Haidakhan Babaji people and I once procured me from their shop a MC (to-day it will surely be CD) on which the stotrams are read by an old Pandit so that one can learn to speak them out too and thus use their white magic for oneself and the world. This is enough to know. One does not even have to believe that those entities exist, it is enough to believe that those words are magical. And they really seem to be; at least, even to people who have no spiritual beliefs but are music-hearers, for when spoken out they are a beautiful Raga of melodic and rhythmical sound; and "Sound is Divine" says Hindu tradition.
But back to your Mr Blackhood. I feel really good about him - as if I would like to see a guardian angel rather in hood and monk's tunic than as some white-light thing with wings, the former feels comfortable, like a home, but the latter would feel only humiliating to me. If you see Mr Blackhood again, greet him from NaturalScience from the WWW, and if he says anything to that, or tells you his name or whatever, tell us!
GodisSpirit (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-26)
Hi alex,
One quick question, for curiosity's sake. You have a spiritual experience, why it did not convince you into believing in the existence of God, or Someone Supreme? I am just wondering, it should have convinced you to believe in God.
😁 😁
Alex (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-24)
Thank you, NaturalScience, this seems interesting. I did some research on it and found out a bit about this. However Hinduism seems to be awfully complex.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-23)
Yes there ARE dark-looking good spirits. In Western tradition Death is called also the Dark Angel, for he brings the souls to the Lord. In Asiatic traditions however dark good spirits are much better known. I am absoultely sure you had such one on your side. He behaved as a guardian, or shepherd, preventing you from doing what perhaps was too dangerous. Thus it reminded me of Mahakal or Kal-Bhairava, the Great Black Guardian, who is revered in Hinduism under the latter name, in Buddhist Tibet under the former. He is a warrior aspect of Lord Shiva, and though He looks awfully dangerous he is "like a cosmic womb, peaceful" to those he protects. Either it was this spirit Himself or one of his "soldiers" that watched over you. If you want to know more about Kal-Bhairava look up and order from there the "Haidakhandi Sapta Sati" prayer book. It contains a very long prayer to Divine Mother and another shorter to Kal-Bhairava; both tell those who read them the properties of the respective Deity. The quotation above is from the "Kal-Bhairava Stotram" (Hindi name of that prayer). The text is Sanskrit transliterated, with English translation.

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