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Ever since my daughter (who is now 14) was born, I have always seen this very tall black Shadow figure. This figure will always appear when my daughter is about to be ill or is going through crisis. Now my daughter can see it and it is scaring her. The way she describes it is just how I have seen it but it doesn't do anything it just stands in front of her and doesn't move. I can sense when something is around and I feel it is positive and doesn't mean harm. But it is a warning of something is coming. I have helped many spirits in the past and I have felt a connection to them all, one way or another. While I was at work I had a lady who would sit at the end if my bed (I work 24 hours with children in care) and watch me while I sleep. I found this comforting. When my nan passed away, and I went back to work. On my first shift back. At night I could feel her lying behind me cuddling me and this was an incredible experience. I have described to my neighbours about a little boy, only 4-5 years old in a sailor outfit who use to follow me around my house and it turned out he died in a house fire. Also a white ball of light that I could only sense on my stairs of my current address and when I asked my neighbours about this. The previous owner had a miscarriage on the stairs. I know how I handle things but I'm struggling to help my daughter. Can anyone give me advice on how I can help my daughter or make the shadow figure only show itself to me. My husband thinks it's his grandad trying to protect my daughter from what she is going through. What do I do. Thank you in advance.

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bluegreengrass (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-12)
It does not seem shadow people are positive beings at all. I would maybe suggest you contacting or your daughter contacting a true lightworker to help. I did a search for The Reiki Help Page (here in the U.S.) and got help for free from there. I also went to and there's also to help her protect herself. I am very sorry and wish there was more I could do for you. I had also read a book where a woman was able to push a shadow person away from her bedroom psychically by envisioning a power animal filled with light pushing it away.
Geraldine Brown (guest)
6 years ago (2018-06-02)
I saw a black angel/man coming out of the clouds. He was dressed in all black. No face hands. Was this a good siteing?

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