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To begin allow me to introduce myself, I am Xerath. Allow me to preface the experience with this information, I talked about this on Psychic Experiences in the middle of a very long life-story but I did not go into detail, as I feel it should be posted here. Before this experience I was in a very low period of my life at the age of 15 years old, I was suffering very internally due to the weight of guilt because of a semi-secluded Christian Community that I became involved in years before. I was convinced that even the slightest mistake would damn me to eternal fire, this made my TS a lot worse due to stress. At this period of time I was "praying" nearly every thirty minutes in hope for help, this went on or about two years.

Eventually in the early months of 2016 I finally got a response from a "Mentor", he introduced himself as "Saphron", or rather this is what I know him by today, I met this "Mentor" during a extremely vivid and conscious dream/vision. I will not go into the beginning of It because It relates to other people, I'll try include this part. I was sitting down with him in which we talked about many subjects, most of which I do not fully remember anymore. Eventually he showed me that in order to achieve the goals I have in mind, along with achieve true "Salvation" I would have to accept myself, my true self for who I am. This would open the path to knowledge, information, and guidance towards my path.

This appeared in the form of a portal that would "open up" at my will, which provided myself with "books" of knowledge that can only be read via spiritual or energetic means, along with being your true self. I should note that he said these books would contain the knowledge of darkness, this can be taken in many ways, but I ultimately decided that I would accept this knowledge, this is when my path before me was ultimately revealed. I see my path as helping those with the "unexplainable", and what many are too scared to get involved in.

After this Mentor left, (in which I still see him sometimes), I was shown some primarily unrelated information, the next day my problems were gone. I no longer felt guilt, stress, or fear of being who I am. Strangely enough before hand I use to get easily scared over many things that came as a shock but I haven't gotten scared or feared anything sense this. I would have to say I essentially quit "Religion", and followed what I believed in my heart, and mind too be true. This experience I would said most certainly saved me from years of internal torture, and possibly worse.

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