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Lifted Into Air


One day I was reading the Bible and came across the passage about the virgins and half of them didn't have enough oil for when the bridegroom came. Well I laid on my couch and with my eyes closed I talked to Jesus about what that means and that I wanted to make sure I had enough oil for when he returns. A little time later when laying there with eyes closed and thinking I "heard" not audibly but in my head, "you are humble to recieve" and then what felt like a hand on my head pressing. There was a lot of intense pressure, not really pain but pressure and I felt nervous cause I didn't know what to make of it. I have bad demonic dreams sometimes where I have to call out to Jesus and so I tried to say his name but I was paralyzed and couldn't talk or move. I was then lifted into the air by the back of my neck like how a mother cat carries its baby. It didn't hurt and I was actually thinking "I'm in the air! I'm floating, nobody will believe this." I also was hearing the song "we go from glory to glory to glory we will never be the same-were forever changed. And I was laid on the ground on my back in my living room and when I looked around it was dark and there were candles lit all around the room. This was not a dream, it was happening with my normal mind and way of thinking and everything. I heard my daughter cry in other room and opened my eyes and I was back on the couch. I don't know what to make of this situation and it's been very confusing. Anyone know what this could be?

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Nancy (guest)
4 years ago (2019-11-02)
I've been lifted up like raised straight from my bed during a prayer. I believed it was the Holy Spirit filling me with Himself. I sure slept heavy that night. Right before being lifted the window behind me shook and the mini blinds rattled... Immediately laying back on the bed the window shook and blinds rattled again. I believe it was the Spirit of God entering and then leaving.

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