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My Awakening Into Oneness - A Life Jouney


I was reading this site, and was inspired to share my own story. I just turned 40 years old. Since I was 5 or 6 years old, I had always wondered about existence, and what happens to our "consciousness" after death. I remember asking my parents about it, and they gave me their best opinion at the time, that "some people believe that your spirit lives on". That was about it.

This left me on a search for my own truth in my late teens and twenties, which led me to books on healing and meditation, ascension, courses, and ultimately a teacher who helped shift my awareness to who I truly am, and in this shift I realized my oneness with the universe, and everyone. I realized that I am a Spiritual being, having a human experience... And that I am an individual expression of God.

The first experience was that I was guided into a subconscious state by my meditation teacher, in which I became aware of just being in a void, and expansive space of light and stillness, knowing that I was one with the energy of the universe, and that was all that existed. His voice was as if it was my own self talking to me. This was more of an inner meditative experience, which set the stage for onward growth and realizations.

My next amazing experience was again with my Spiritual teacher. We were just sitting together in a room talking, and he started explaining that at core reality, all there is is love and light... Molecules of energy... And that we were really just sitting there in space. I had heard this before, but it never became a real experience for me. This time, as we were sitting there I realized this fully and all that existed was that moment... I was beyond time and space. He explained that this was an eternal "now" that is always here... And that time is an illusion. All there is is the energy that makes up the universe... That may be called God, love, etc.

These experiences are my reference point... That I can reflect back on when I need reminding.

I have days where I feel more "awake" than others... And I do my best to keep tuned up so that I can maintain it as much as possible. A healthy diet, exercise, positive thoughts, reading sites like this, and many things all help in their own ways.

I meditate regularly, which keeps me in a state of clarity and awareness. This is especially helpful during the times in life when things get "hectic".

I find that walks in nature also clear the mind, and help get me back to a place where I can be aware of my true "nature".

What I shared was mainly on my awakening of oneness. There's much more I could write about... But I will in time.

I wish to share my knowledge and experiences with the world, and hope to publish a book some day. I also wish to teach workshops on healing and meditation that stem from what I have learned.

We are all one... Individualizations of the whole... Like rays of the sun... The same energy.

I hope my story inspires you, and helps you in your own awakening.

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NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-18)
Greetings from another kindred soul but of lower degree. I never got as far as you, in fact I am an ungifted scholar who knows only how to work, who's not even fond of prayer, I always get bored by "doing japa"; but I was lucky enough to have learned to see myself as something like a cell, or a blood corpuscle, in a mighty body which is Universe, and the soul of which is God, the Creator, the Great Mystery. Hope that this view will be adopted by the majority of ordinary people (e.g. Such as me) so that it will change our attitude to our planet, and to our fellow-creatures. Jai Vishwa!
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-18)
By Awareness

A kindred Soul!

I have been reluctant to discuss my feelings of "Oneness" with all because of the attitudes of the people I work with and some on this site.

A wonderful experience to behold indeed, I am new to this experience of "Oneness With ALL" but I see you are an "old hand" at this.

I have tried to have a discussion about our relationship to everything around us and especially God, with my colleagues at work, some Muslim, some Christian and a few Hindus. The look I get is the "Deer in the Headlights" look I believe you call it in North America.

They just do not believe in the concept at all and trying to explain why I feel this way does not compute with any of them.

As I know people are growing tired of hearing from James, I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

May the beautiful White Light of The One continue to shine brightly upon you and yours.


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