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My Spiritual Awakening - Life~ What This Means Now



Several Weeks ago I had the most profound experience of my life!

Let me introduce myself first, I'm Kerry Mears, based in Kent UK. At the time a full time hair & beauty therapist and coach to individuals, groups and businesses, sharing the 3 Principles - Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

I'm a very spiritual person and have been for a very long time, I gave readings for several years, gave Reiki Healings as well as Shamanic Healings throughout the world, I also loved books, more so anything that could give me knowledge on mind, thoughts, feelings, different understandings to healing, I lapped it up like a sponge.

I've questioned since the age of 6; who am I, why are we here, what are we really, why the planets, extra, extra. I've always known that I am something other, something different then this human body.

Since this experience, everything with my life leading up to this event makes total sense of what I was experiencing from such a young age. I'm sure you can all relate in some way that you've all had or know this knowing deep inside.

November 2016 I asked myself, the universe for a kick up the arse! I was stagnant, plodding along in life and it was more aimed around my work and money, I could see a pattern regarding this, I wanted movement, propel and remove any and all attachments I had around this.


I started a journey, I was guided to read Law of Attraction again, each book gave me different learnings & aspects, I dug deep within my soul to release unwanted attachments I've built up throughout the years. I asked questions to the universe & it kindly gave me all the answers within minutes or the next day, SMACK BANG in front of me! That alone was awesome in itself.


4 days or so before my experience, the last book I was reading had a whole section about the word "I", it said, once you truly understanding what this word truly means your whole life would change, although I thought I knew what it meant, I had no clue! Again, I asked the universe to give me understanding what this word really means.


Leading up to the night of my experience I had the most powerful feeling from the pit of my stomach, my explaining is pure energy that wanted to burst out of me! I couldn't explain it any other way.

The day of my experience, I was with a hair client waiting for the colour to take, as this was happening this energy was so profound and as I started talking it was as if something else was talking through me with pure wisdom, understanding, knowledge, 30 odd minutes later I wanted to cry, but cry for nothing but for everything.


In bed, lights off, TV on and mobile in hand, messaging my sister in-law, I remember saying I'm going to burst in a minute with this energy surging through me.

My phone beeped with another message, I read and BANG!

Instantly I felt this energy rise from my belly, as this was happening I heard a voice say "Let Go" and "This is what I meant to be doing" talking, sharing, teaching, coaching what was about to happen to me. This energy traveled all the way from my belly up my spine and came out from the top of my head, this all happened very quickly and their I was looking down at my body, as well as seeing everything else in that room, but also a part of the room, the walls, windows, bed, TV, duvet, I knew I was a part of this body but I was not my body.

I was no longer this body I thought to be true, I was & am this pure loving energy immersed with oneness the source, the universe, energy, God, so many names and so many labels, it all points to the same thing. Although I can express in human language now, at the time there is no language how we, humans know it, the language is feelings, senses, and yes they spoke but with the unspoken word, such a paradox I know!

The feelings are truly incredible nothing that the human mind or our senses could understand in an intellectual way, be blessed that you have these 5 main senses as well as our thinking our thoughts!

I was trying to voice record to my sister in-law what was happening, not much came out, as she was typing back, BANG... I instantly saw right in front of me who we truly are, I saw the divided split, on one side the self the other who we truly are, this pure loving, blissful powerful energy, the essence of what we are.

When I say self I mean everything we think to be true, our character, characteristic's, our past, experiences, future, beliefs, likes, dislikes, desires, EVERYTHING! The self as I knew it to be Kerry had shattered into a million pieces, what was left is our true essence.


Kerry's, my life had changed in a matter of hours, my senses were and are heightened, my thinking is crystal clear with pure clarity.

For the next 2 weeks I was on a huge learning and understanding wave, not really knowing what happened to explain in human language I was guided to watch a nondual teacher, which instantly felt like home listening to her, everything she said I knew and felt. I really don't want to get hung up on names and labels for what this is as all religions, teachings all point to this.

The first few days was a massive shift for me, all my attachments, likes, dislikes, longings, desires, dreams, fears all vanished gone! It was only until someone said, pointed out that I didn't like something or it used to piss me off that I would remember I didn't, or I read something or watched a film I would remember I didn't like that or I had a fear around something.

To this day I still have rememberings of things I like and dislike pop up, fears, things that scared me, it's truly amazing when this happens as I'm stilling their trying to get these raw feelings how I used to think and feel about them.

I fear nothing, I'm scared of nothing.


I remember saying, "Now what" all my attachments to life has vanished, my "self" the identification to life has gone I am no longer the seeker in this life I am now the experiencer, the observer of life which is was this essence is what we truly are, experiencing life for life, its only until the self, starts to seek, desire, think, that suffering starts.

I still think, I still having feelings and emotions although there is no power holding me to these feelings anymore, which is the self-thinking these feelings are so real so true so absolute, it's just a feeling or emotion, they come and they go I don't hold on to them like I used to.

It's now been several weeks since my experience, every day I learn more insights about life, I have massive downloads of more knowledge and wisdom about my life and of others and of the world, the most profound thing, I now have this permanent knowing feeling, for you the easiest way to explain is that gut feeling, for me its permanently on all the time, I can feel people's energy, I can see peoples lessons in life, their directions, each day this awesome understanding grows and grows. Life comes and it goes everything is always moving.


I just happened to know who we truly are and what that means for us & how this can change people's lives for the better. A place of no suffering and being who you truly want to be, living the life you want without limitations, beliefs or attachments. This story is very condensed, however it gives you a small understanding to life and my experience, I will be sharing my understandings, teachings throughout my journey, when I heard that voice "This is what your meant to be doing" I've never felt something to be so true so absolute what Kerry is here for, is to share this with as many people as possible, to teach, coach this understanding & how life can be truly amazing for you.

I will be setting up retreats for people in the coming months to explore themselves and release the true version of them.

For now, thank you for reading, if you have any questions or would like to speak to me you can find my details on my profile.


Kerry M

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-30)
No offense I just saw a new age advertorial and tuned out

Tony Robbins type characters do not enlightenment make

They are business people

Let me ask you

How many starving people are asking everyday for food

And how many of them don't get it because instead of changing the way we distribute wealth and resources

We have a bunch of competing ideologies mostly victim blaming and selling tickets to conferences that go nowhere

Like if it's some academic crap or whatever also on "how to address poverty" a kindly kid knows the answer

"Give the hungry people food"

Yet we're all wrapped up in selling tickets and books about how we might do that aye

Seems like people haven't quite got over themselves they're just finding new ways to be selfish and outgrift the machine
Ash (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-30)
Please consider to ask Jesus if this is true and that if he is true to please reveal himself to you, so you don't get deceived! You have nothing to loose to ask, if you don't believe then nothing will happen so why not just test and see what happens? Because it's really dangerous to be naive and just go with what you are feeling and shown when you cannot test it! But in the Bible they said that you can test it, that's the interesting thing with it, and it said Test the spirits if they are from God, ask them if they confess Jesus has come in the flesh and died for our sins and rose to life after 3 days. They cannot lie when you ask this! If it is true then they will flee and you will notice it! And that will make you think twice and then it will help you to decide what is real, what the truth is! You cannot just take this experience and just think its all good and perfect, you can't be naive or blinded by it! Please just give it a try, and if you feel anything negative also Rebuke them in the name of Jesus! But start with finding out if Jesus can reveal himself to you so that you believe it and then repent for your sins and then Rebuke those demons/fallen angels in the name of Jesus
Theresa (guest)
6 years ago (2018-10-16)
The Law of Attraction was written by Abraham-Hicks, an intelligence chanelled by Esther Hicks
Seeker (guest)
6 years ago (2018-07-21)
Please provide the author of The Law of Attraction? And how books you have read?

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