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A Call For Greatest Help


Year 2011, I had a car wreck. I was driving my PT Cruiser car going to attend my second day in school. Although I had been to this school, I was not well familiar about the route, so I have to use my GPS to reach the school site. I was working night shift and I just got off work at 8:00 AM that day, then I headed my way to school.

Passing by the airport road, the traffic was not bad. In fact, it was only me on the road driving. At the stop sign, I stopped my car to see both ways and it was clear. I continued to drive towards the middle of the road heading to the correct lane, when suddenly, I saw a car coming very fast heading to the wrong direction which was towards the front of my car.

I know the fast approaching car was going to hit me on the driver's seat, so I immediately stopped my car, at the same time, I called for Supernatural Help. I said, as far as I can remember: "God Help me, Protect me, and St. Michael protect me". I did not have the feeling of being scared at that very moment, but all I knew, I called GOD to protect me, sending me my Angel to protect me. Then, I saw the car hit the left front part of my car, then it bounced away about a meter away, then it moved forward again and finally, it stopped about 2 feet away from my car. I do believed that my Angel St. Michael was sent by the Heavenly Father to answer my Call For a Supernatural Help, a Call For Greatest Help, In the Name of JESUS.

Until this time, I can not forget the incident, but I always remember that it was an experience that an Spiritual Being had intervened.

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Mb (guest)
5 years ago (2019-03-18)
I too was in an accident. My spiritual expirence is quite different. My soul left my body and I could see all the doctors cutting the clothing off as I laid lifeless on a genere bleeding internally with 12 broken bones unable to move my arms or legs. GOD not only allowed me to live but I can walk. Apx 3 months into rehab god spoke to me and told me to pick up the bible. I started reading while in the hospital. I truely believe its only because of jesus I am still here. God bless you! Thabk you for sharing
Melissa Haney (guest)
5 years ago (2018-11-21)
I was walking on my way home from a fiends house when I knew it was about to start pouring down raining when it seemed liked this guy came out of no where and asked me if I needed A ride. I said yes, yes I was on drugs at the time but felt I was coherent enough at the time to know how to guide him toward my destination. He said his name was Michael Lane. It seemed like I got home in 5 minutes. My point I'm trying to make is I felt he was an GUARDAN ANGEL. He seemed to have taken me home from my destination so fast that it seemed liked it should've taken longer than that. Bottom line I felt more or less like I was teleported without even knowing it.

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