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I am a Christian and have been for 12 years when I first welcomed Jesus into my heart.

As a child I did not know about Jesus and the only way I first knew there was a God was as a child listening to my scripture teacher talk about God at school.

As a Child I saw Lots of what I would call demons. It was like I was just open to see them and I saw them very often.

The lifestyle of some of my family members wasn't great and I speculate that it could have been what was attracting them into the house. But never the less I also believe that demons surround ever single person in the world whether we see them or not as it makes sense that Satan and his demons would do what ever they can to devour any person believer or not with doubts, bad thoughts, and negative energy to bring people to destruction habits to effect their walk with god and to effect others. The ultimate goal of Satan and demons is to simply lead every single person they can away from God and knowing the truth about God.

While Jesus and his Angels are trying to bring us to him. So it's a constant unseen spiritual battle.

But as a child I did see more demons than I did angels. I don't think it's because Jesus wasn't there for me I think perhaps it could have happened for a reason so that I would be aware that they are real and that they do exist.

Prob one of the first experiences I had with seeing a demon was one evening when I was in my room it was dark and I looked out my bedroom window down towards the backyard garden. It's stretched right down the back to where there were some trees and it was always pitch black down there at night. When I looked out my window all I saw was literally Two massive Eyes that were shaped like Cat Eyes. They were yellow and with a black line through both of them. They were perfectly align with one another and appeared to be sitting amongst the trees. I couldn't see a body at all. The eyes were very large I would say each eye was the size of a 2 seated couch almost. Yes they were massive.

I remember being shocked seeing them and I stood there just staring and blinking my eyes and they were still there. So I asked my sister she could see them and she got scared and said she could to. And then we both ran away.

A few years later I saw these eyes again. This time I was sleeping on the top bunk bed and I woke up to the room being pitch black (which I hate, I always need some light) my mum must have closer the door after I'd fallen asleep.

When I opened my eyes I was facing the wall and saw this white thing on the wall. I moved back and realised it was another massive eye just sitting on the wall. But as I was lying down on my side it wasn't horizontal but was ventricle eye. And just one eye. Given the size I understand that one eye was on the wall next to me (top bunk) so the other eye must have been on the wall on the bottom bunk. I was frozen with fear and couldn't move. I tried to scream out for help but the words wouldn't come out of my mouth

Instead I decided to close my eyes and slowly inch by inch turn my body facing the other way round. I was still afraid and just lay there for hours until the sunlight came up in which I gained enough courage to jump off the bed and run out of the room.

I never forgot those experiences as not only did it happen once but twice which confirmed the reality of whatever it was.

I later in life found a book that my mum bought about angels and demons as I was looking through the book I opened to a page where I saw an illustration of the exact same cat eyes I saw twice as a child. The illustration was of two large cat eyes with a black Misty body which didn't have a form. It spoke of it as a demon that is also known as "the boogey man" I know creepy right? As we have all had that story told of the boogey man and then there it was on the page describing this demon as a boogey Man when we would like to believe the boogey man isn't real.

Because I had these experiences plus a few others I started to shut out this ability to see them by ignoring and focusing my mind on other things. I think I also asked God to stop letting me see these things and it did stop. I haven't seen anything for Years as scary but I have still seen black shadows.

I've become aware of black shadows as being demons. I don't see them all of the time but it's when I least expect it. Like I walk Into a room and then see a black shadow walk past. I've also had a time where my partner and I were arguing quite a bit and then I walked into our room and saw this black skinny figure that was misshapen crawling across the bedroom floor and then disappear. Then I understood that the arguing was caused by this demonic presence. When I pray and ask Jesus to clear our home of evil spirits and demons I find it works straight away and we all start feeling a lot happier and a lot better.

It wasn't until a few years ago o felt God reveal to me that I had the gift of discernment. He kind of told me that my purpose was all of that which I saw. But as I was so afraid I just said No I can't do it.

I'm not really sure what it is he wants me to do with this gift but it's not until now really I've started to open up a bit more about it again. I only have because I've read and learnt that as a child of God Jesus doesn't want me to be afraid.

I think I've shut it out as an attempt to protect myself and my family. I worried that if I opened up it would attract these experiences again. But then I also realize whether we see it or not those experiences are happening all of the time around us and if we can't see then we become oblivious to what the demon is creating in our lives.

That's the next thing I have learnt.

I'm yet to pray about it and ask God if he wants me to do this (whatever it is and what to do).

I'm not sure but I've now started to accept and open up so I will just have to wait and see what happens.

If anyone else has had similar experience or can add to this please comment below.

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ISawtheLight (1 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-20)
Hi, Discern13. My name is Kathryn and I'm writing to let you know that you are not alone. I believe you are right, that you have the gift of discernment. This gift is listed in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 NIV, along with all of the other spiritual gifts from God, and each of these gifts is a good thing, meant to help others. It says, "Now to each one the manifestation of the spirit is given for the common good." In the NIV, it's listed as "distinguishing between spirits." It's very easy to understand what the other gifts are, as they are fairly self-explanatory (prophesy, healing, miracles, tongues, etc.), yet this gift, I think many people simplify to being like using a type of reason about good and evil, or having a sensitivity to the spirit realm, or intuition. From my experiences, and what I've been reading, this gift seems to encompass much more, for instance, being able to see demons. It also says, "[H]e distributes them to each one, just as he determines," so this is no accident by God. Just as you said, you have a purpose with this gift, so be encouraged!

I first heard about children being able to see demons from a woman at my church a few months ago. She told me she could see them ever since she was a child. Even with my experience with God, I was horrified. I could not understand why God would allow it, even though I knew it would be for a good reason because God is good and He is love. Later, this woman saw Jesus when she was a child, standing over her as she was seeing these demons and experiencing a horrible incident. The experience she described seeing Jesus was beautiful. Years later, she also saw a man possessed by demons and cast them out. She also told me that one time she saw Satan standing at the foot of her bed. All of this she told me without prompting, when I suspected I had seen demons as a child, and when I had seen Satan standing at the foot of my bed.

My experience is a bit different from yours, however. I was saved two years ago, July 1, 2016, on my birthday, when I had a vision from God. I gave my life to Jesus several weeks later, which was a glorious experience. Then, the night after, I met Satan and his two top demons in a dream. A cross appeared in my hand and the light of God beamed out of the cross and I said something like, "Leave, in the name of Jesus! I don't belong to you anymore!" and they literally just turned around and walked away. Because of the overwhelming presence and love of God, I was not afraid whatsoever. Perfect love truly casts out fear.

After that, I kept having dreams of meeting demons. These dreams are not like normal dreams. They are from God. In them, I feel I am fully awake and myself, but in a different realm, a different reality, not merely dreaming. In each dream, I meet a demon (always in human form), or several demons, or humans possessed by demons, and I go up to them and say, "Resist the devil in My name, and he will flee from you." In that moment, they disappear and/or the dream ends. As time has gone on, I have become more afraid in the dreams, even though I am still able to cast them out. In some of them, Jesus is standing right there in the dream, though I do not see Him physically. It's like He's invisible. I know that sounds strange. Some of the dreams have been so horrific that I've cried or screamed at the top of my lungs. I even began to fear that God was mad at me, since this is an old fear from childhood I have that got triggered with the bad dreams.

I wanted to know why this was happening. I reached out to one mental health professional, at my church, who had an M.Div, and he had no answers. I also reached out to another therapist, who was a former priest, and he had no answers. I reached out to a man in position of authority at my church who had no answers, and even my pastor, who had no answers. Even some women at my church, had no answers, but they prayed over me. I felt incredibly alone in my experiences. It's really unfortunate, but most people simply do not hear about or have experiences with this sort of thing. I think many with the gift don't reach out or tell others for fear of what people might think of them, and many people in Christianity even don't believe in this sort of thing, that there is a more spiritual side to Christianity than what they are experiencing.

Eventually, I reached out to my mom and told her, even though I was worried she might think I was losing it. She did not, and it just so happened, that, at the time, she was reading a book written by a man who casts out demons. I have not read it entirely, but the book is called I Give You Authority ( by Charles H. Kraft. She also told me of a handful of women she knows in the church who have seen demons and who cast out demons and evil spirits.

Then, I came across your story. I decided to look up on Google the gift of discernment, and many others, like you and me, have experiences as a child seeing demons, or when they are first saved, have many experiences with demons. I was intrigued when I read God told you that you had the gift of discernment. I asked God what gift I had, and He said discernment.

A couple of weeks after that, I joined a prayer team, and somehow I had a feeling, that one or all of the women in that prayer team have had experiences with demons, and they would understand what I was going through. One young woman, in particular, I felt had seen them physically. The next time I met with this prayer team, I asked if they knew what anything about the gift of discernment and if any of them had seen demons. And all of them told me they see demons physically. The one young woman, who I had suspected had seen demons, was the first to pipe up and tell me she had seen them physically, without any prompting. It was such a divine appointment experience and a miracle.

One of the women there told me that Jesus showed her that when the demons see me, they part like the red sea. She said I carry the same authority Jesus has over these demons and that are afraid of me like they are afraid of Jesus. We all, as children of God, carry this same authority. They are afraid of YOU. That is why they try to scare you is because THEY are afraid of you knowing the kind of power and authority you have as a Child of God. Even though they are scary, and they are trying to scare you, they have no authority, no power, and no strength. They cannot touch you because you are His. Their "strength" lies in how much you give them, by how much you are afraid of them. They have no souls, but you, being God's child, have a soul. You are the light of God and you carry that power of love inside of you wherever you go.

The next time you see a demon, you can just say, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you," and they will disappear. You don't need to know a ton of scripture, but do know some scripture that works for you. If they ever speak to you, you can say something like, "You are a liar and the father of lies!" If you don't know any scripture at the time, just say, "Jesus," because Jesus' name has power in and of itself to cast them out. Charles Kraft (the author above) sang a song to one of the demons he met, and the demon fled! It was something silly, too. Now, I practice singing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" or Michael Jackson's "Beat It" because it helps remind me they really have no power. Whatever helps you believe in your authority over them and helps you to be unafraid and trust in Jesus is what is going to help you and defeat these demons.

If you feel they are in your house, you can anoint your house with oil. It can be canola oil from the grocery store; it doesn't matter. Take some oil, pray for Jesus to bless it with protection, dip your thumb in it and put a dot, or a cross, or a heart, or a smilie face (whatever you like) on each of the walls. Open the windows and the doors and tell them to flee and get out of the house and off of the property and to stay far away from there. I like visualizing it in my mind. I did this a few days ago, and my house, especially my living room feels different to the point that I am not afraid to go into it anymore.

If you are afraid when you see these demons, please don't feel bad or like you are somehow less than spiritually. You are not, and you still have power and authority over them, even when you are afraid. More often than not, I am terribly afraid after an encounter, but even at those times, try to do whatever helps you and puts you in touch with God's love. I remember once, I woke up from one of my dreams absolutely horrified, and I opened my Bible, I put on worship music, and began saying my favorite words of God out loud, over and over. I began to feel this light expanding from my soul going further and further outside of my body. I felt so loved and I was able to fall back asleep.

I hope this helps you to find relief and I will pray for you to be connected to others who have this gift and can guide you, and that Jesus will give you special guidance through this journey if you open yourself up to this gift again, so that you will not be afraid and be solidified in your true identity as a child of God. Ask Him to put you in connection with people so you are not alone. I asked Him and He did this for me. I hope you can find a prayer team or people in your church who know about this sort of thing. Charismatic churches, those who believe in gifts of the spirit, are much more open to this sort of thing. I recently read about Vineyard Churches ( which exist around the world. I don't know much about them other than that they believe in spiritual gifts, and are Charismatic and Evangelical. They may be worth a shot. Not everyone believes this sort of thing, but you are definitely not alone. Your story has been a blessing for me, so thank you.
Tyler (guest)
6 years ago (2018-10-22)
Came here because of something that's been happening to me / happened to me this weekend. Thank you for this testimony. I find when I am sense fear starting to enter, praying for protection always works.
ConnieD_StFrancis (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-20)
you are not alone... I have seen these black shadows since I was 7 years old. Including those "eyes"... But the ones I saw were red.
daffers234 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-17)
I am a Christian too. I have had experiences but they are not as strong. I am sensitive to the spiritual/demonic world, but I do not see them. I can only sense them there. I do have a friend who can see them, though. He says they look like shadows to him.

I believe I have been attacked and oppressed frequently ever since I was young, and definitely since I was a teen. It is good to have others with whom to talk, and who have had similar experiences. I can often sense their hatred, their anger, and their absolute disgust of me.

I'd like to share two parts of the Bible that may help - take them or leave them. The first is Revelation 12:17. After the weird vision with the woman and the beast, we see the passage: "And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." That's you and me, and all Christians. We are in a war with our spiritual enemy (the "dragon" in Rev. 12). The second is Ephesians 6:12-20, which you may know as the Armor of God. We are in this war, but God has not left us defenseless - we have a full set of spiritual armor and a sword as well. If you have never studied the armor of God, I encourage you to do so. It may help you.

In all things, it is important to pray for spiritual protection, to understand your demonic enemies and how they work, and to rely fully on God ultimately. I hope this helps you!
Person (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-24)
This usually happens to people with the gift of prophecy. Praying about it is the right move. God will teach you all you need to know.
PerfectPrettyPinkPrincess (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-14)
I as a child seen things as well. Mostly demons as a child as well and still today. Not a lot but a few. I have been attacked as well too sadly. I understand where you are coming from but in no way shape or form are you bad and everything happens forba reason. I can not say why this is happening. I can not even say why I have had spiritual issues. Pray to God and ask him what you should do. Thank you for sharing your story.

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