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The Event Of My Life Thus Far


At the age of 10, I was pouting because my dad left me to go somewere without him. Sitting outside at night waiting for him to come back home, I looked up from my fit and seen a bright lite human shaped being with no distinguishing features. Just a human shape. It scared me so bad, I run to get back inside the house. My mom shook me trying to get me to say somthing, but I could not say anything from shock. She thought someone was outside and grabbed kitchen knifes and we sat huddeled together until my dad got home. To this day they all remember this. After that experience I had a lot of negative things that effected my life as a child. I feel it was the Holy Spirit of God letting me know that he was there during all the bad things to come.

I never forgot this experience. I only hope this helps somebody else that has had this experience also, to know God is real and he loves you very much. As with me too, I only tell people that are closest to me for fear of being thought of as a crazy person. I also do not count myself special, only humbled by my heavenly fathers love for me. This is the only thing I have ever experienced many years later, here I am telling the world about it.BTW,after you reach my age, you don't care what people think. Unlike other people's post on this site that experienced similar. I didn't feel warm or nice. I felt scared to death, and my fight or flight response was fly bird fly. I wish I could do it over again and stand there like others just to see what would've happened. Thanks

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Ali (guest)
4 years ago (2019-09-19)
Basically from my belief as a muslim, it can be of two creation of god but definitely isn't god. It is either an angel (most likely angel of death) or a jin which is a creation that's made out of fire (example satan).

If it was angel of death, he is an angel whose assigned by god to take the lives of humans by snatching their soul. The reason why you could of saw him is to give you awareness or give you warning that your time of death is coming but god knows when.

If it was a jin, he was posibily thinking of trying to possess you. But who knows. Glad you woke up and realised that you need to search for the truth.
Author (guest)
5 years ago (2018-08-24)
I really believe this experience! I cannot say what or why this happened to you. Maybe someone with more insight would know what this was you had seen. Thank you DM

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