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Love, Even Beyond Death, Saved My Life


Where do I begin? My great grandma passed in 1993 at the age of 92. I was 9 years old at the time. In life she was a very spiritual woman who had a very close relationship with GOD. She would get on her knees and pray every morning and every night, until she became bedridden due to diabetes and other ailments at the age of 91. In her Bible she always kept this small leather cross. I became very close to her as My mom, younger brother, and I all lived in the same house in Michigan, until my great grandma flew to NYC to her daughter's home (my maternal grandma's) to spend her last year. When she was close to the end we all took a train to NYC to see her. I remember walking into the room and seeing her on the bed. My first thought was how different she looked. Even at 90 years old I was used to seeing her up and moving around the house, still handwashing dishes at the sink. To see her laying in the bed so close to death, at 9 years old, I was scared. As I made my way towards her bed, she reached out for me... I was hesitant. I leaned over and gave her a hug, but I did not kiss her on her cheek because of my fear, due to a few reasons; but I told her I loved her.

When my mom and brother and I were back in Michigan, we received news of her passing in that same bed back in NYC. I did not cry nor grieve right away... Until a month later at 9 years old, I woke up crying for her in the middle of the night. I regretted not saying bye 'the right way'.

(2004) At 20 years old living in the same house in Michigan, one day I came across my great grandma's leather cross. That same leather cross that she kept and carried everyday, for decades I'm sure. I found it in a drawer. I took it everywhere with me, either in my pocket or my wallet. My mother knew I carried it, my brother also. I felt in close communication to her when I had it, and also very close to GOD.

(2005) Well one day, about a year after originally finding it, I just lost the small leather cross. I didn't know where or exactly when, or even how. I was baffled because I always took such care of it. I was hoping it was somewhere in the house. I searched for it everyday for months, but never found it. Then it happened...

In mid 2006, now 22 years old I was rushing around my house. I had just gotten off a very stressful phone conversation with my girlfriend at the time. I was late for my college final exam, and I couldn't find my keys. I set my wallet on the living room table face up, my driver's license showing in the plastic, then proceeded to run through the house looking for my keys. I found them in my bedroom. I ran to the front of the house in rush mode, with the plan of grabbing my wallet, getting in the car and zooming to the campus which was literally a 6 minute drive away. When I got to my wallet... I looked down and there sitting on my driver's license was my great grandma's small leather cross... I froze. I was speechless. I hadn't seen this cross in over a year. I had looked everywhere for it. It meant so much to me. Here it was sitting on my driver's license, in a wallet that I had placed there only minutes before. I took the cross in my hands in awe. I asked my mom had she placed it there, she simply said no, but there was something in her voice that confirmed that she knew it was something spiritual. I took up my wallet and the cross and ran to the car. As I was driving, my thoughts were focused on GOD and the cross and my great grandmother. Emotions were flooding through me.

As I was driving down the street I still wanted to speed to class to get to my exam. The light before me was green and to continue through the green light was by far the fastest way to class. However, I heard a voice clear as day, "Slow down and get into the left turning lane, do not go through this intersection." All of that was said to me in an instant, but without 'words'. I could not even distinguish if the voice was male or female. I looked in my rear view and a car was right on my bumper, I saw the driver. It would've been easy to proceed right through the green light before me. I listened to the voice. I got over into the left turning lane and slowed down. I did not even go into the intersection to be ready to turn left, even though no oncoming traffic was coming. The car that was behind me sped up and around me as I got over to the left. This all happened in a moment. Their intention was to go through the green light. They went through the intersection at the PRECISE time I would've as a result of them speeding up. The light was still green. However another car ran the red light, and smashed into the passenger side of the car that was just behind me... Glass exploded everywhere. I was a matter of feet from the terrible accident that occurred. As my car was at a standstill, foot still on the brake, in the left turn lane I witnessed both cars flipping over in front of me, before they finally landed upside down. I will never forget that sight.

I do not know if GOD, or Jesus, or even through the love of my Great grandmother she was allowed to place that cross on my wallet... But I do know with 100% conviction that it was no coincidence it was on my driver's license. I know that had it not been there, my mind wouldve been on my Exam and rushing to get there the fastest way possible. But because of the cross, my mind was focused in the spiritual world. I was able to hear GOD's voice clearly, even in the midst of wanting to rush. I also know with 100% conviction that I would not have lived through that crash, had I not listened. I think it was also her way of telling me do not regret how I felt at 9 when I said bye to her. I believe she was also letting me know that she knew how I felt, and that she loves me too.

GOD is always speaking to our hearts and our minds. His voice is a whisper. The whisper is constantly there, but sometimes we are too distracted, too rushed to Focused on the things of this world and what we may THINK is important, that we can actually not hear the whisper. Ever since that day, I have tried to follow that small, but loud voice... And I will never forget that day, or my great grandmother.

Thank You for reading and God Bless!

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darkassassin92 (38 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
I'm an athiest but if people are right. Can you keep your memories from earth in the afterlife? And can you stay a kid forever in the afterlife?

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