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Start Of My Spiritual Death & Resurrection Through Christ


To begin, all my life I have had very strange experiences but the one I will be discussing takes the cake. Due to my not wanting to be long winded I will only summarize some of the details. It all began around my 22nd birthday last year (2015). I was born on my father's birthday which is oct. 11 and all my life he has said I was his precious gift. Anyway it was early fall and I realized nature had never looked so vibrant to me. I found it weird because never had I seen trees turn red, green and yellow all at once it was usually one tree one color in my eyes but I realized God was encouraging me to really pay attention to my surroundings. I ended up meeting a guy, and from the moment I saw him I knew he would become a part of my life but I did not yet know why. After sometime I engaged with the guy and he told me things about him such as he was Native American and was an ordained priest and the more we interacted the more we realized divine occurrences happening the more time we spent together. He always had it in his mind that he had to protect me. One day we were sleeping beside each other and my eyes shot open and my head turned to the right and I saw a vision on the screen of a tv I do not use and that wasn't plugged in of the Holy Trinity at the top was God the Father and to his right was the Holy Ghost or Christ and there was an unclear image in the last corner of the indigo triangle but what come forth was the most beautiful entity I had ever seen which I now understand to be the Holy Spirit or a Hindu lord referred to as Krishna and the indigo triangle began glowing more intensely before disappearing. I almost cried when I came to and when the guy I was lying next to woke he shared that he had felt something while he was sleeping as well. After this we became closer and noticed that literally everywhere we went it was as though people were watching us and not only that but trying to separate us. At the time I was taking a feminism as I am somewhat of an Eco-feminist and was introduced to this non-fiction book called When God Was a Woman and it introduced me to the many cultures that worshiped God as a woman but around the renaissance era and for many decades even centuries before crusaders of the mostly the Christian and Catholic faith had all the synagogues and sanctuaries where female deities were worshiped destroyed. I gave a life changing presentation on the book and after that things got bad. I ran into these two people who had popped up in my life before but this time around they had a lot to offer. One of them considered themselves a witch who was part of a cult and the other felt she shared a soul tie with the guy but he was also homosexual. They introduced me to African Gods and even offered me idols and somehow got me to question the authority of my God as supreme ruler. I should have known not to get too involved with them but with my loving heart I always accepted everybody because I felt everyone has information to offer. After some time it felt like I was becoming a specific cat Goddess referred to as Bastet as she would allow me to travel into the past and see and experience some of the things they did in ancient Egypt. I was eve offered an idol of her that had an ankh on it that was broken and that was the first thing I noticed when it was given to me. Please understand that things like this are attached to negative omens. I placed it in my place and I continued to share their world. Normally I would always consult God the Father before engaging in certain activities but I was so overwhelmed by the experience I was having that I did a serious no no and bowed down before a false idol. Everything changed, I began seeing things around me feeling things covering me as I slept I would move in ways that were not natural to me and I realized I was slowly being taken from the ordained priest and began following these 2 others. Big mistake. On Dec. 23rd I was completely engulfed in the Holy Spirit and nothing around me made sense to me. I kept calling my family and telling them things like repent and many other things while at the same time my phone would keep shutting off and I could not figure out how to put my clothes on or get my body to settle because I just kept shaking. I remember arguing with my aunt saying this place is hell and I will not have my child here and that they need to confess to each other the sins they have committed against one another because I had truly known just about all of them. My family kept telling me that I needed to stop talking in parables and I felt as though I was talking as normal as I could. Long story short I got the 2 people and the ordained priest to come over and I was moving as if I didn't have enough time to do something. The 2 people new exactly what was going on but the other guy said to me that he really doesn't feel right and that God does not want him there. So he left. Then I brought them into my bedroom and I ended up getting into a disagreement with the two people and we entered a spiral argument where I eventually had to humble myself. Right when I did, I heard a knock on the door and it was my father. He came into my apartment like a roaring lion not even saying hi but asking really aggressively what was wrong with me. I simply said hi dad how are you and he marched straight to my bedroom wondering who I had in the house. Next thing you know it was like my dad didn't even see me and he began yelling at the people I thought were my friends and whom I had considered family saying specifically, "are you guys telling my daughter" and telling me, these people are not my family as they yelled back, "yes we are" and he continued saying, "no you guys are not." Something literally came out of me in that moment and I lashed out on my father saying how dare you tell me that anyone I welcome into my home is not my family and I told him to leave and he absolutely refused and I began screaming and jumping at him to leave and he would not and we got into an altercation where I blacked out and went to grab a knife and had every intention to put it through my dad but when I turned around the girl was right there and grabbed me and my dad was out the door faster than I knew he could move. I was crying from a place I didn't even know I could cry from. Then I turned on the guy and said you see why men like you are so flawed you can never submit to a woman for the sake of understanding you simply think you know and control everything. Then he turned on me and literally attacked me for comparing him to my father and something in me said put your hands up and do not fight. And he destroyed my entire living room flipping my coffee table and scattering everything and I could not believe my eyes as a voice in my head said but that was supposed to be your family right. Right after ransacking my place he told the girl let's go and she just looked astounded and said umm ok and never once acknowledged that the guy was wrong for doing what he did. Shortly after they leave, I sit in the destruction trying to understand what just happened and cops come into my place claiming my family said I was suicidal and all these things I could not believe and I was forced to go to the hospital. I was so baffled I wanted nothing to do with anything around me they asked if I was just going to leave my door open as I left and I said to them it's not like I can stop people from getting in you guys just barged in and are telling me I have to leave so I told them all I want is my bible. I don't care about anything else not my cellphone, nothing but my special bible. There were 5 cops one who was very stern and assertive and ignored everything I said while another looked at me with an almost hurt expression as if he could feel my pain and knew what I was about to endure and the others remain more of a blur to me now but I know there was 5. They took me to the hospital where I was admitted to a psych ward and they labeled me manic, psychotic, bipolar, and hyper-religious. At the same time most of my closest family members had turned on me and didn't believe me about the things I had experienced saying things like you aren't God and stop talking and acting the way that you are. But to me I had to realize that this was only the beginning of my spiritual death and rebirth. There is so much more to this story but I will end there. Of course I restored balance to my life and cleared my karma through Christ and the Holy Spirit but it took some time and understanding but being a born again Saint and experiencing what I did you realize everything happens for a reason and now my scriptures act like a cell phone between and God the Father where literally words and symbols pop up in my bible as I pray giving me tests and understandings I can never deny. To God the Father be and is all the glory and to all that serves him I pray they receive many blessings.

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Ash_Tree (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-05)
Hi, I read the whole entire story, and you said that you had got admitted to a psych ward? Did they ever do tests on you to actually see if there was something not right about the balance of your brain? I mean, I believe the story, but there will be some people who would say you were "mentally ill." or would ask "How did god even help you", and such. We can do anything through Christ. Amen

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