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He Does Exist


Start off saying, that I'm 44 now. And 1993 I was 22 my friend Danny passed away and as a child we talked about coming and visit each other when one dies, I'll come and visit him, or vice a versa well and 1993, passed away and a few days after his passing me and my girlfriend at the time were sitting there on the couch. And I just thought maybe the phone was going to ring. So I went to look at the phone and all the sudden I seen something like a child going down the hallway I went to take a second look and all the sudden everything went white brightest translucent light you could ever see it felt like God seeing my sinful ways, I started uncontrollably crying it seemed like hours and I kept trying and kept crying in this light, but I felt safe in the light. I was confused at first then I stopped crying, and wanted to take a look around, in this light that I was consumed in, and as soon as I thought of where I was at in this light. There was a being in front of me like sitting in the middle of the air it didn't say nothing to me just looked at me with this look on his face, like a sad look. But It stared at me for a moment as he gazed at me in this light. He had like a translucent sheet around his head and body. I wasn't afraid of him, he felt loving and caring of me but felt like he wanted me to stop doing whatever, I was doing and tell the world, of God's existence, and this was only in like a split second of time. When I woke up out of the light. Only a few seconds maybe a minute went by maybe 2-3.even and when I looked over at my girlfriend, she also had tears in her eyes as I had tears in my eyes. I stood up on my feet, and wanted to tell the world, what I seen then I realize, there I was in Ludowici Georgia. But I still ran around screaming I'm preaching the word of God.I'm preaching the word of God. He left me with knowledge and I thank him for that. I see the beauty in all things and all the bad people all the good people I see the love that he has for people we are his people thank you Jesus for the opportunity for me to see that even though me and the girlfriend ain't together anymore we still keep in touch and remind ourselves that that really did happen she seen the same thing as I did thank you Lord

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