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I have been through many ups and downs in my life like everyone else and it seems when things are the bleakest, that's when god directly reaches out to you-whether it be in a dream or feeling his words in your mind and heart. I have seen his work in my life, I have had prayers answered and not always what I asked for or in the time frame I requested, but always what was best for me.

One dream I remember was when I was twenty two years old and going through a lot of turmoil from a bad relationship and also making a mess out of myself with my constant heavy drinking, I was depressed and always considering suicide and then I had this profound dream - so vivid and real I remember it like yesterday although it's been eight years now.

In the dream, I was in my bed when I felt a hand gently touch my foot and as I looked up I saw a white gown, but this gown was so clean and perfectly pressed and I remember thinking how can it be so white? It's hard to describe the perfection and radiance of this gown, the most purest cleanest white. I then noticed the shoulder length wavy light brown hair but when I reached the person's face it was blinded with light and I just KNEW I was in the presence of Jesus, as soon as I had this realization he spoke to me, but not in words, it was from his mind to my mind and I absorbed his words at lightning speed and he said, Everything will be all right. All of a sudden I saw dark shadows behind him and I heard a horrible wailing and enraged shrieking from these demons, I woke up very afraid.

I realized that it was symbolic because these demons were angry that Jesus was there for me, they are out to take as many people down with them as they can and they know they are powerless against our lord.

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wayne (5 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-21)
Hi Marie, I just read your story concerning the beautiful vision of Jesus. How fortunate you are to have such grace. There is much more to your story than you may think? Have you looked further into it through meditation. If so, tells us as it would help others who may be in similar situation.

Love - wayne
rob (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
Dear toria yes you must continue the fight, (of faith) the rest is our Fathers. We all ready have the Victory in our Lord JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH but we must endure to the end. HE did quit on us and if HE is our strength he won't let us. The is near hold on to Him. AND BEWARE OF FALSE CHRIST WHO are really antchrist. Remember we suffer with CHRIST.
nancy (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-18)
Keep praying believing in GOD JESUS, they really want all to know the deep love they have for us! They will never leave us no matter what GODs love is unconditional! Stay in faith fight the goo fight! GOD BLESS
tonia (guest)
14 years ago (2009-12-16)
thanks for sharing iknow god can do great things but it has been very hard for me to let go of this feeling of depression I have cried out to
God many times but when I least expect it I feel like a heavy dark cloud is getting closer to me I fight it with prayer and worship and sometimes it stops I call out to jesus saying his name over and over until I completly feel his peace but why do I get depressed again WILL I ALWAYS HAVE TO FIGHT THIS
lanks (guest)
14 years ago (2009-11-26)
wow, thank you, I love your vivid dream, thanks for sharing it, you also have been changed drasticaly it seems by your spiritual awakening from God, He knew you needed help.

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