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Lilly's Spirit In The Trees


My golden retriever passed away Nov. 15 2008 10:45 am. My love for her was more than just love it was a spiritual love. Her name is Lilly, named after my deceased Grandmother. I have wanted to tell this story for a long time, but couldn't for the over whelming emotions and grief and still have difficult time keeping the tears from my eyes to write this. Lilly knew things that I had not a clue about and was eager to try and tell me or show me. She knew before hand that my wife at the time was going to lose her mind and she had a way of showing me by lowering her head and looking at my wife then looking at me so strange that I knew something was wrong. If only she could speak.

A short time passed and I soon figured it out. That outcome was the worst nightmare of my life. Lilly did something I had never in her 12 years seen her do before. I'm sure at some time watching tv that you have seen a wolf howl. At my front door she began to howl in a way I have never heard a wolf do. I felt an evil presence prior to her howling and the presence was a fear for my wife. She did that 2 times about 3 min apart, as my wife was sitting cursing using words I have never heard come out of her mouth ever before, speaking to a presence in the room and having a conversation with that presence. It was telling her to do things and she was responding with answers and cursing, laughing. My wife would say they are hiding in the trees. Needless to say I done some serious praying. Lilly seemed to always comfort her in her cursing rages and ugly conversations with an evil spirit that had come to destroy her.

Well 16 months later it all came to an end. Lilly and myself were all to our selves and very happy together. Peace! What a wonderful thing! All was well for 2 yrs. And lilly got cancer, she fought very hard to live for the 3 mo. She was diagnosed with cancer. On Nov. 15 I knew she couldn't go on any more and she told me that by howl in pain. As I watched the vet put the needle in her leg. Then her last breath I was holding her head talking to her and when her spirit left her body I felt my spirit leave my body, I don't know how long I was there or how I got home, but in those same trees was her face, the limbs of the trees had formed her face in detail that was absolutely unbelievable. She was looking at me from about 15 yards and remained there for 3 days.

On the third day just a slight movement of my eyes was another dogs face in the same detail and I noticed the ears of the other dog had curls on its ears so that made me think that's not a golden. It was a golden, I now have another golden that is 9 mo. Old but was 8 weeks old when I got her on EASTER SUNDAY 200 miles from home, and has the curls on her ears that she didn't have as a puppy. I believe God can show us things even in the trees Lilly's spirit in the trees was a comfort and she was telling me to get another very special GOLDEN. And special she is. My Easter gift from God and lilly.

I hope this can be an inspiration to someone who is grieving. Just look around and know all living things are at Gods fingers to even make the trees do what he desires for his children. Mike...

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GoldenGate (22 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-20)
Love to nature and animal is one of the most beautiful story as we are connected to each other and that creators and the created are actually one. Not separated like we used to believe. Your story must have been a gift to others too.
sandra (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-21)
Your experience is full of love and respect... That's exactly what I believe the Lord has fulfilled our hearts with. From the moment we're born. In my country, there are thousands of people who are spiritists, and this doctrine/religion really make us to become better people and believe there's much more than we can see...

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