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My Connections With Trees And Animals


I had some pretty interesting encounters with a tree, two deer and a bumble bee that I wanted to share with all of you.

Earlier this week I went to my favorite woods to meditate. So I sat down on a fallen tree, closed my eyes and concentrated on the energies around me. Next thing I knew I was hearing a "pfff pfff" noise and slowly opened my eyes.

Suddenly from behind me two deer jumped into the woods and ran past me. I sat there in awe and in shock and wondered where they had come from.

A few days later, I went to explore a park that had deep woods of trees and plants. While I was there I saw breathtaking views of the lake nearby and also discovered spots where you could sit on the grass, look out over the lake and meditate in peace.

So as I continued on walking around the trails I came upon a tall bumpy looking tree and thought to myself "There's a tree you don't usually see around". I came closer to it and slowly put my left hand on it to see what energies I would pick up from it. Suddenly I felt a strong surge of energy flow into me and pulled me right to the tree just like a magnet. I then placed my right hand on it and rested my stomach on it and felt the energies flow all through me. I even saw it surround its aura around both of us and sighed happily.

After about 10-15 minutes of absorbing the tree's energy and combining my aura with its aura I sat down, took out a book to read and rested by back against the tree's bark and yes, you guessed it, our energies still melted together. So while I sat there reading my book I suddenly heard something buzz, looked up and saw a bumble bee fly past me and land on a leaf on a plant nearby. Of course me being a big chicken to bees I gasped in fear. I sat there staring at it wide eyed and thought "Oh man I hope it doesn't sting me" but then something wild happened.

While I turned my gaze to the left of the bee and back it did the same thing. So I did it again and it followed. I was like "What the heck?" So then I started to talk to it and said "Please don't sting me, please don't hurt me" over and over and I swear to you all it looked as if it understood. My head even felt a bit tingly while I was saying those words repeatedly. Then I said "Can you understand me?" and I saw it move its head again and started in disbelief.

Finally the bee flew off into the woods and I sat there in shock and kept saying to myself "Oh wow" I mean come on that has never happened to me before so I sat there in total confusion. Has that ever happened to anyone here? If it has I really would love to see and read about your encounters.

Well that is my story of my connections with trees and animals. Hope you enjoyed it. Take care.

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CrescentEye (1 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-12)
That sorta thing happened to me with a bee before, it just flew near my face stayed there for 2 or 3-minutes and didn't do anything, then left.
Thanks for sharing this story:)
Miss_OMEGA88 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-01)
Yes! You were communicating with the bumble bee! 😁 I have communicated with animals and the way you explain it, Is mostly how I communicated with some animals especially tiny ones. I can totally understand what you are saying. The same with the tree. Plants and animals don't have to speak to communicate lol. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading this experience.
dylancasey (4 stories) (22 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-16)
Gday Mate, I had read a story on this sight about a person sharing an apple with a bumble bee. And how they believe you can talk to all earths creatures with your voice and mind. I tried it with a cockaroach of all things. I tried to see if it would sit on my hand, but it didn't. It did though show no fear of me and started following me around the house for a bit until I put it outside. I like to try with flies aswell, and not even two weeks ago one landed on my shoulder and stayed there for over 5 minutes while I was talking to it. I had a friend with me, she couldn't believe it. I've had stink beetles crawl around on my hands without fear. I had a phobia of snakes and other friends of mine owned a few snakes. They made me hold one, as I did I asked it if it was once a human and it tilted its head the way a dog does when you talk to it.
Thanks for your story I appreciated it.
alakeshwar (guest)
15 years ago (2008-12-13)
On my morning walks down a country road I come across a dog sitting in front of a small hut and the strange thing about him is that the moment he sees me he gives out a whine and I always get the impression that he is telling me he is feeling miserable. I am a total stranger to the dog but he wants me to know he is not happy.
Blackrose (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-27)
Hi,i know why you feel so close to these things. First off all you make time to adore nature and the three will hug you back if you hug a tree, really I had this experience I have beenreading about that and yes the tree gave me a light caressed sign, it was like it was holding me very gentle with his branches;Since then I often get these experiences, last time there was a dangerous dog coming over to me, I just spoke to the dog and told him to stay cool and don't go hurting others without reason and I kept on talking in a normal way and he cooled down and he left me standing there after looking a bit confused;i knew he wanted to attack, why I don't know but I refused to run away or be scared so I started to alk with the dog in a normal but firm tone and he forget all about his anger and went away, I did not trust to make friends with that dog, it was allready a miracle that he left me alone, it was a guardian dog and he was on the loose so anything could happen, I also more afraid of a bee actually but its because I am very allergic to beestings and could end up bad, so I am going to try that also, who knows it can help;i am sure they can recognise in the way we talk and behave what we are going to do, hurt them or leave them so... Its all so fascinating, blessed be Blackrose

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