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God Has Always Be There


When I was a small girl, my father who was a migrant worker decided to place me in a covent because he couldn't take of me. So I stayed there for a little while before he came to get me. In growing up I wanted to be a nun. As I grew up things happened and I knew it was not my calling.

Over the years bad things seemed to happen. I grew away from God blaming him for everything. I drank a lot and finally was made to go to a substance abuse class. I also went to jail for 30 days. When I was going to my classes the therapist gave us direction to meditate and in this time I felt the presence of God that he was in front of me and I was off the floor floating.

I reached out to place my hand in his and I hesitated and pulled back for an instant and then I put out my hand again and placed my hand in his. I began to cry. I opened my eyes and wiped away my tears and smiled. When I picked my head I looked over to another person sitting by me and was still smiling at him. He looked at me in amazement and put his head down. When the therapist asked of session to the person sitting by me he replied that in that moment he had looked at me he seen I light around me and that he felt something he couldn't explain.

I feel his presence with me even though the bad things. I have a 2 year old grand daughter who needs a liver transplant and I pray every day for her that she will survive another day.

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karajeank (2 posts)
11 years ago (2008-12-03)
i will be praying for your girl, God has answers that we don't understand. I had a friend that came down with cancer-durring this time she felt that it was her duty to spend the remainder of her life speaking to others about God-witnessing. She told us that even though God has willed for her to have this desease, his love will carry her through. And that if his answer is NO to our prayers then there will someday be a GREATER YES! And there was- when she passed hundreds of students began to gather and praise GOD -this school was riddled with drugs and violence, sex and all that... It was just so amazing to see it turn completly around just because God's answer Just keep this in mind and know that even though we don't know you- we truly care and want to see the best come to your life.
God bless!
wisdom (guest)
11 years ago (2008-11-29)
Tell me what your grand daughter's name is. I will pray for her and so will others who read your experience. May God bless you. Believe in the power of prayer. It is very powerful.

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