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What I Know To Be My Destiny From God


I was born with a type of rare strabismus known as Duanes Syndrome (miss wiring of the eye) in my left eye It doesn't turn left. I was bullied all through school because of it and always came home crying. Over the years I am now 23 and I've learned how to control it. Now you don't really notice it. I was out of school and met a guy who won my heart. He didn't know what I been through and we just hit it off. He sexually abused me for 2 years and I didn't know that I was being abused but HE did... He treated me badly and I didn't think I could do any better. I started to forget who I was. My worth. I turned away from god and was angry all the time. I went out and partied and hanged out with the wrong crowed but something kept me from giving myself away to someone else and that was the sense of using someone. I been through that and I couldn't do it to someone else. Id rather die or suffer. So I did. I was suffering from the hurt and pain. I had a severe case of insomnia and always had this same reoccurring nightmare. A black figure standing in the middle of the room watching me sleep. I would feel like I was being dragged out of my bed. It was draining all of my energy. It was until one night I couldn't take it anymore I had the suckiest job ever as a janitor cleaning at the same place where I would get bullied as a child. I asked god to comeback in my life. I asked for forgiveness and went to sleep. The next day my twin sister and me were working then all of a sudden this feeling inside came over me and everything had lifted off my shoulders. God told me I was put on this earth to change people. He made me this way and made me go through what I went through to be strong enough to change the world. And this is no coincidence I was ready for a new job but no one was hiring and I was scheduled back to work the next day until I stopped by a hotel called the Christmas Inn. I was hired right on the spot making much more money than I was. Me and my sister are twins and our zodiac is Gemini. We both are now walking in gods love. I've been also talking with a guy throughout all of this since my ex and I split up. This guy is also a twin, my exs' ex girlfriend had one blue eye and was also a twin, I am led to believe that he and I are destined to be together. I've planted a seed in his heart and Its in gods hands of what will happen next... Until then I'm walking in love and always have. God is love and God is real. Our bloodline is a bad one and its time that somebody changed that. I have recently had vivid dreams and visions. One was basically a message that told me to stop sex. Its sex after marriage in Gods word. Later on I asked god to show himself to me as I meditated under the stars I saw him dressed in white with light behind him with people praying to him his arms opened wide and as soon as I knew what this image was I awoke.

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)
Yeah Gd giving you a sense of purpose because trauma is ***bleepbleep***

Then some entity try and claim you was probably what was harassing your abuser. Seen that happen before.

Gd come along nope this one isn't for those things cos obviously it's not fair

Then suddenly life gets easier... Very similar pattern I seen before

Dont ever go back to that ex

Okay it wasn't sex that was bad it was you put in shame by bullies put your self worth down and a predator took advantage of you

Until you are completely strong in yourself and everything that predators are attracted to is guarded against within you

(If its innocence don't change that seriously its their problem)

That's why you avoid sex okay

Theres other people who have cleared completely and have safe healthy sex

Not a lot though

I can see what you doin

I once saw a guy who seemed not only completely clear but even holy. Well he had a surprise woman leaving his room one morning. He denied it.

I later that morning saw this same woman being carted off in an ambulance.

He felt shame when I told him. That if someone knew her they might want to visit hospital.

See his humanity was there maybe something worked through him that he didn't like or he worried about that

Or maybe he rooted her until she was exhausted who knows

Point is sex really does complicate things and there's good side and not so good side

Thus putting blanket prohibition might work here but not there

Either way I'm glad things improved for you. You deserve it
Ash (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-30)
Amazing story! Jesus is our Lord Our God that came in the flesh and sits at the right hand of the father! How is it going for you today?

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