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Spiritual Peak Experience


So all throughout last week,

I have had a bunch of coincidences happen, for example, I would think of something randomly, then It would happen.

Or I would get an offers of help and advice from a strangers.

I have had people just come up to me and compliment me, people just offering me jobs on the spot,

My interactions with everyone were really positive.

It just seemed like everything in my life was in the "flow" of things.

Job, home life, in playing sports, I was relaxed, happy and not focused on the outcome.

Everything I did seemed effortless.

I just helped people without them asking me to do so. I gave $20 to a cashier for returning my wallet, with $200 cash in it. He could have taken it, and I would not have known.

I gave $30 to two homeless people I looked them in their eyes and just talked with them as if they were my best friends, non-judgmental told them about some jobs that were hiring and wished them luck.

I talked with a wealthy man on a job site I was at, he offered me a ride on his yacht.

I had so much energy, I was very productive.

I cleaned my room for the fist time in months, got some new posters and CD's,

I applied to a couple jobs within my company for a promotion, and called another office manager

As told him I'd like to work for him.

I was sitting in my truck and I was thinking about how beautiful the world Is and how we as

Humans can choose for it to be beautiful or ugly.

Our Perceptions becomes reality.

Just then a song on the radio came on, "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

And I just started crying, My head started to hurt.

And then quiet, I felt at one with all life and creatures on the planet,

I felt the rhythm of the universe inside of me.

I felt like I could stay in that state for eternity.

My feet moved to this rhythm, I had no control over them, It was involuntary.

The rhythm was akin to a heartbeat.

I stayed in this state for about 15 minutes.

I used to be angry and jealous.

Now, just peace.

I used to doubt myself.

Immediately after this I knew exactly who I was.

I felt at one with all life and nature.

I just laughed loudly for a while.

I helped a millipede escape from a spider web.

The world seemed so much brighter, clearer and very peaceful.


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NZ85 (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-18)
I have been going through this recently. I completely understand and can relate to all you have said here! I hope this has all continued for you, I would love to hear how life has been for you since then.

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