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What Does 7 And Or 11 Mean?


I am not in any way a religious or spiritual. My story is lacking any great detail is full of holes and anything in it can be explained away with logic, so why can I just forget about it and move on?!

About 4 months ago I was out drinking with friends, I got home about 4am and went to bed, at some point during the night I woke up and pulled the blinds to look out my window (I have no idea why I done this) I saw a bright light in the sky, it looked like a star but it was brighter, much bigger and was pure white.

I just lay back in my bed and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I realised something had happened when I went back to sleep, I remembered having a "dream" where something was explaining what can only be described as everything to me.

It was just me and him/her/it in a room of which I remember no great detail other than a table.

It was explaining things to me that I had never heard of, I know this because although I can't remember what I was being told I remember how I felt while I was being told it, I was very confused/curious but I felt at ease and comfortable more so than I have ever felt before.

The only thing I remember being told was the number 11 and or 7?

I've been thinking about going to a hypnotist to see if I can get anymore memory of what was in the dream, has anyone ever done that sort of thing? Does it work? Does anyone know of any significance on either or both those numbers? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I know upon 1st glance nothing in this story seems to have any value and I know I was drunk at the time but I've been drunk before and I've had strange dreams before but that night has stayed with me.

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nikki (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-24) I experienced so many weird dreams like that I can say that maybe it is your angel who gives you a clue on something that had happened in past which has connection in future... Or mybe its a sign for something important that will happen in future. Sometimes its a warning. It maybe a birthdate... Or a number of a person you know that maybe something will happen to him either good or bad. Its true when you dream like that you can't really remember it especially when it has connection in reality... Meditation can help you clear your mind and maybe help you to understand what numbers 7 and 11 are about. Seven is a sacred number... Seven days. Seventh word is G stands for God. Seven archangels. Seven colors of rainbow... Its like always talking about heaven and God.
Eunuchlymade (2 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-18)
I hope you get to read this. From my dream experiences, the entity you met was "The Comforter". The words being spoke to you were words of Truth. Reason why you don't remember what was said is because you refuse to hear or/& see it. Those numbers hold a significance not only to the future, but your subconscious telling your conscious it was/is reality.
lynrinth (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-19)
Sounds lik an alien abuduction. Some documented cases had where they, too received imformation like yours. What yours mean? Time will tell.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-15)
"He/She/IT" I name GOD exactly by this word combination! Brother, it doesn't matter that you were drunk. Your apparition, or lucid dream, was valid in spite of that. Sometimes God "exploits the weakness" in drunkenness or exhaustion to show up before a mortal soul, for during normal daily life one normally is too closed for perceiving supernatural things / beings.
"IT told me about everything but I don't remember anything but the numbers 7 and 11" If one meets with the Great Mystery it is often so that the experience is too much to remember into normal consciousness, it would confuse one too much in daily life, thus the message gets stored only in the subconscious. Leave it there as long as it wants to. Don't go to a hypnotist, for if you uncover the secret by force you perhaps get frightened or overtaxed. The infos you got will influence your decisions even if not remembered during daytime.
And what the numbers mean wil show up to you soon via T. V. News. I think they point to disaster dates. 11 surely means 2011, and also has a relationship to Eleventh March, last Friday, when Japan earthquake was. 7 could relate to next July, and also to the Seventh of some month coming. Let's watch with open senses what happens at those dates, and let's pray for the world!

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