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My 7 1/2 Day Spiritual Jouney


This is a TRUE encounter of my spiritual journey. On September 6th 2015, I was invited to my nieces Pentecostal church to a harvest festival, as the Reverent asked if anyone would like to come to the Alter to pray, my sister convinced me that I should go. Reluctantly I went to the alter with my Niece.

I prayed for God to forgive my sins and to come into my life. As I prayed, I felt tingling in my tummy, I opened my eyes and asked my niece if she had felt what I had felt, she said no, so I thought oh well! Perhaps its nothing.

I started to pray again, and the same tingling in my tummy came again but this time I thought, oh well! I may as well go with it.

As I prayed the feeling rushed up from my tummy up through my body. All I can remember is screaming out so load everyone in the church, looked round at me, I fell to the ground shaking and cry, I was so emotional.

After an hour or so I went home and couldn't talk about what I had experienced, I was confused as to what actually happened.

1st night I was so restless I did not sleep at all, my brain felt empty, I had no thoughts, I was just shaking all night

2nd night went to bed, and was woken, I was having visions and out of Body experience, floating and bathing in warm droplets- beautiful feeling

3rd day rushed to my neighbour (who is a Christian) I was scared as I didn't quite know what was happening to me. I told him what was happening and he huged me and said praise God you have been saved. I asked him what should I do he said go home read your Bible and ask the Lord to do what he must do

So that is what I did. As I prayed a feeling came over, me I can not explain, my mother sister and my dear friend came over as I kept crying and all I wanted to do was worship.

My friend read the Lords prayer and as he did this, I began to talk in Tongues and different accents, it was amazing!

This lasted for 4 days, I had to take time off work, not to mention having visions, accompanied by heavy worshipping.


5th / 6th day- Went to my local Chinese, bought my usual take away as I was hungry, went home took one bite and throw it away I had lost my appetite, could not eat for two day, it was then another Christian mentioned that I was fasting

Wow! Who would of thought, I was amazed, I only had the desire to sip water.

7th day. Ii went to church, and found I was having slight breathing problems, I though I was coming down with a cold

Went to bed. And 2.30 in the morning was awoken, to find my self breathing shallowly. I called my friend as had a feeling that I was going to die.

He came over and held my hand, at this time I was having palpitations and shaking. I closed my eyes and ask God to do what he must. I literally, felt my breath leave my body and my heart slowing. And as quickly as this happened, a gush of fresh air enter my Lungs and I jumped up and told my fried what happened.

My explanation is that I was Born again

Praise God! I have been saved and now attending church regularly


sometimes, when I read the Bible the shaking comes back, which I feel is Holy Spirit up on me

God Bless! Pray to be saved and it will happen, believe in the power of prayed because it works

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scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2016-06-02)
Wow! Thank you for sharing your conversion experience! Your words give me great comfort & joy... And yes, I believe you HAVE been reborn through the Gift of the Holy Spirit... Totally transformed through His Grace, Love and Light. My own conversion experience started in the Spring of 2010... And still continues to this day... My advice is to continue to yield to His Will... And be very, very patient... Spending lots and lots of time meditating and in prayer... Remember there may be many twists & turns, but with patience, and total love and belief in His Will... You will continue to grow closer to Him as He is inside you now... And your relationship will continue to grow stronger and deeper. Eternal life with Him is worth everything we must give up here on Earth. Everything! You may be interested in - St. Teresa of Avila (great description of conversion process to 7 Mansions/Stages) and St. John Bosco. In Much Love Always, S ❤

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