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A Latter Day Prophecy What Come After Earthly Life


I received this prophecy over a period between 2000 and 2001 and would you to read it very careful in the light of the word of God, edit it where you think my human mind and intellect has come into it and please give me loving guidance what I must do with it

By Alan McDougall

South Africa


One early morning while all was still dark I awoke in that state between sleep and wake and the boundaries between my physical self and everything physical around me began to dissolve.

Quietness like a soft warm comforting peaceful blanket descended on my sleeping body and mind. I could hear in the background the sweet song of birds softly singing birds and somehow knew their wonderful beautiful voices were in absolute harmony and somehow were reflected the electrons darting in the mind of the Infinite One. Outside leaves rustled in the autumn night and although still indoors on my bed, I could somehow feel the breeze against my skin and the wonderful scent of grass and flowers that permeated the earth.

I then arose above the earth to where the blue became black and looked with wonder of the glory of the infinite night.

I found myself hovering in space but had become just a point particle of intelligent energy of some kind, I also perceive my self as a blazing blue light. Next to me was a being that I at first thought was God and later took it as an angel.

It was this being that I communicated with in this highly altered state of existence, where time could be speeded up fasts forwarded and reversed

The earth was revolving very quickly from our vantage point in the dark of space and I was shown future events as well as human mistakes in the past. Some catastrophic was going to happen off the Indian subcontinent. China the red dragon was to become the great power very soon

The voice kept saying "mere mortal man" I am displeased with you as the world beneath us revolved stopping at each continent and country with a separate message directed at the leaders

Suddenly everything vanished and I was no longer aware of where I was until a warm golden light encompassed me about and I knew I was in that eternal place outside time or space. Indeed, I now dwelt in the everlasting infinite moment. Marvelous extraordinary insights flashed into my mind and I was able with a new understanding to comprehend, seemingly all mysteries.

All the mysteries of existence. Became crystal clear to my now seemingly unlimited mind. Then universe outside the experience of humanity was populated be intelligent and sometimes highly evolved sentient life

While good prevailed the battle between good and evil, light and dark raged across the universe and this battle will soon become a reality on planet earthly.

In the end Great Michael will defeat the forces of evil and evil can never prevail against the light.

When evil, hell and death are under the feet of the Divine Son of God all things would radiate into an unimaginably Beautifully interconnected glorious harmonious light of brotherly and sisterly everlasting love.

God is light and in him is no darkness whatsoever.

"I am the way the truth and the life a great voice reverberated through the whole universe and the countdown has began."

Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one zero (the day of the Lord)

"To those not ready will hear a great angel say "it is too late it is too late it is too late"

Then like I was shown almost unexplainable things

I could see an eternal fire within the spirit of my being and was filled by it with a sustained sense of exultation, immense joy, peace, rapture and sublime bliss, an intellectual illumination beyond any description overflowed my mind and.

I knew then that all humanity was potentially immortal and could possess eternal life and the ultimate plan of the universe was for the good of all that dwelt within its brilliant unimaginable beautiful wonderful and vast golden glorious boarders.

The concept of time vanished and I seem to exist in an everlasting moment. The physical universe was indeed a most precious jewel in the mind of God. This is the domain of God as he exists outside time and space.

The greatest emotion there was the feeling of unconditional all encompassing eternal love by our Creator and all the joyful beings in this everlasting blinding pure domain of light and life.

All life was important to God; the souls of animals were also loved by their creator God.

We sang as one great voice there with the angels and great hosts of heaven a new song in perfection of harmony "The creation song of Gods existence and eternal mystery".

This timeless reality was so very much more real than the three-dimensional reality we experience on earth. In this state, my mind was clear and I could feel an incredible energy and power coursing through me in this new wonderful indescribable time place.

There seem to be nothing but a sense of knowing, being and loving. A strange thing was that in this dimension one could alternate between the subjective and objective anytime at will

Oh! How my soul did delight then and how reluctant I was to return to the bleak mundane existence of my earthly life. Reflecting back on my earthly life I wondered how many moments or days of subjoin on earth in my mortal body had being truly happy.

I was now experiencing a continual sustained happiness beyond description together with unimaginable joy, peace and glory. Was this heaven?

During my sojourn in this other realm, I went amongst the stars, saw their mighty glory and glorious multi-colored planets, and observed great beings than were countless million kilometers high, which sailed on radiant light in the dark space that makes up most of the universe. Were these Angels?

I asked the infinite one if there was life in the universe and knew it was awash with life. Wave after wave of revelation swept through my whole being and the wonder and joy of it all was almost too much for me to understand even in that heightened state of comprehension.

It was revealed to me then that our prime purpose for existing was to become like Jesus, ever progress upwards through many dimensions towards the light of the ultimate absolute reality (which is God) while always retaining our blessed uniqueness.

In the last day when we see him we will indeed be like him the end all merge with all things, restore harmony to creative existence.

We would then still be ourselves but also have access to the infinite knowledge power and presence of the creator God as we finally withdraw once again into ourselves;

We will become co-creators

Some of the future events coming to planet earth were revealed and shown to me. Mortal man after the great time of trouble would have to migrate from planet earth into the universe and find a new world where they will live as long as the great trees.

The future only needs one good person to make a colossal difference towards the ultimate good of humanity. The reverse is unfortunately also the case and this might be the explanation for the enigma for the existence of evil. Although our heritage is very important to us all it is much more important to leave a positive legacy.

The loss of moral absolutes was sorrow and sadness to God the Father and the restoration of these was of paramount important or humanity would face extinction.

All persons should not only believe but also know that all will ultimately have to account to the divine for what they have done while on their journey of life, as mere mortal beings while on planet earth. In the end, however, good will prevail in the universe and evil banished into outer darkness forever. The mystery of evil was an inscrutable mystery beyond the understanding of any person.

I also enquired as to whether we similar experienced pleasures exist in the spiritual realm as we do with our mortal bodies while on earth such as, good food, mortal love touch, taste, smell, sight, sex, would this all be lost when we took on ethereal or spiritual bodies... What about our friends, family, lovers, soul mates?

Travel, homes etc, what about boundaries of conduct was anything forbidden if sin was abolished? As there would no longer be evil or sin in heaven, everything would be permissible and we would be able to experience ecstasy, bliss and sublime joy as we mingle and merge completely with any one we wish.

Everything there is much much more intense, sustained and beautiful complete and wonderful than anything we could remotely liken to on the earthly plane. It is indeed very very exciting! Totally beyond the imagination of any mortal

There a total mystical union with the divine will become the norm and unions between spirits, Perhaps the greatest intense ecstasy known to humanity was sex and something like this continues in the next life, but is much more glorious, intense euphoria, sublime and sustained for as long a moment as the parties desired.

We would be free to love each other by totally giving of our souls, spirits and minds in a merging of such unimaginable joy that our present minds and bodies could not comprehend.

However the union with the Divine is something so wonderful, unimaginable beautiful, sublimely, blessed, happy, glorious that no words yet formed in any earthly language could come remotely near describing this eternal bliss.

A process of continual learning takes place and an instant access and pooling of all knowledge by open mind to open mind. In addition, it is possible to communicate in this manner with the simple innocent minds of our passed over beloved pets and all creatures big and small. We would have instant access to all our beloved ones, throughout creation, no matter how far they are from us, by this exiting means.

Wonderful is it not? Therefore, there is no such thing as separation, loneliness, tears, sorrow, and sickness and finally there is victory over death itself.

Would all humanity no matter how depraved and evil in life on death go to this wonderful dimension life? No, absolutely not! We would be constantly bombarded by evil thoughts (as the means of communication was telepathy) and heaven would become a most unheavenly place. So it is logical and obviously that God cannot permit this to happen Yes evil monstrous beings such as Hitler and his type are cast into outer darkness, as the darkness of true evil can never ever penetrate the light of God.

The book of life, which is contains every single memory from birth to death the temporal lobe of our brain, are played off, like a video recording on death before God (This is our own book of life).

At this stage the "Great White Throne Judgment" has not yet happened

This is the life review. Each person will have to face judgment for what was done by them done while on earth. Those who shine with Gods light, unlike Hitler have some light and goodness within us and this will enable us to go into the the light of God.

One candle dispels the darkness. Anyone reading this testimony will definitely not be going into outer darkness but will inherit the kingdom of God.

The abuse of children will face the full wrath of God and it would be better for this type of person to have never been born. Somehow I remember this message the most this sin is dire indeed

It is awesome to think that the dimension discussed in this testimony is only the first of many that the spirit has to travel before finally merging and submerging with the infinite almighty. We would then have the unbelievable of direct access to the infinite mind of God (Jacobs Ladder).

Indeed the creation of our glorious universe was an intelligent act of omniscient unimaginable indescribable beauty.

To conclude I did not go into detail of what I saw about hell, but it is a place no one should go to and God does not send one there they send themselves there,

I saw a hell, I did not see flames but I saw many of the evil despots that have plagued human history standing in darkness. It was a place separate from God a place of hopelessness, despair and desolation. I wondered in these entities would ever be freed from this awful reality or that maybe the unspeakable pit awaited them I did not ask and this is a mystery, so we should take seriously the warnings of the Lord and Savior Christ Jesus the Lord


If anyone feels moved to use this prophecy it is ok with me distribute if it you want, but acknowledge as the author would be much appeared

Prophecy received in 2000/2007

Love God Bless Alan

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scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-01)
Dear Maranatha,

Thank you for sharing your Blessed encounter. Your story is very beautiful. My heart was filled with joy and love for our Lord Jesus and Father as I read your words.

Our Lord Jesus is working mightily in you. I imagine you are one of our Father's Apostles (aka Servant), so filled with His Light & Love. You should reflect on the realization that you are most likely bringing a lot of people to Our Lord just by being "you." And you probably don't even realize it! So Blessed with humility you are. Isn't that amazing? I also imagine all kinds of people are drawn to you spiritually without even realizing it. Family, friends, strangers, and even those you meet fleetingly. You have made a difference in my life. Thank you for that.

I, too have had some powerful, crazy, wonderful, supernatural encounters. However, mine have occurred over the past 1 1/2 years and have 100% completely and utterly changed my life in a way I never dreamed of! Although I have always been a Christian since I can remember, I had no idea that Our Lord and Father are absolutely 100% real, here and TANGIBLE!

Something wonderful is taking place, and it's happening to people that are ready all over the world. I am so grateful to of come upon this awesome website. I found my new family.

Since my Blessed and unexpected conversion by the Holy Spirit in April, 2010, I believe there is a possibility that God shows Himself to various cultures differently over the course of our human history. Of course, obviously only God knows these answers. But I can't wait to find out! Until then, I walk in complete Faith. A faith I never knew in my wildest imagination could be had here on Earth. Its impossible to describe accurately in human language, written or verbal. It' so resolute. A faith without any doubt whatsoever is something I previously thought only Jesus Christ's Apostles and early followers such as Peter, John, etc. Could have, because they had seen him for real and supernaturally after He resurrected. But I was so wrong, because I tell you, I have a rock solid Faith since my encounters.

I have also personally come to believe my encounters with God are similar to what some people call "Kundilini" or "Kundilini Awakening." This is just one small example of why I just feel so connected to everyone and everything that God created. We are all one big family. There are just too many similarities between religions, especially the big 3. It just makes my heart skip some beats.

Thank you again for sharing your amazing story. I would love to hear some more about your experiences, as others have mentioned as well. Please post some more if you can!

In Peace and Love,

Florida, USA ❤ ❤
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-17)
Ever read that so-called Sci-fi book, in reality a deeply spiritual one, of Eric Brown called "Engineman"? You should. The heavenly dimension of Unity beyond Time is described there as being a reality that ever was, and ever will be. Brown calls it a Continuum - of which the world of mortal beings and material items is just a part. It was this Continuum you experienced. People of all religions sometimes are lucky enough to meet with it. This tells me - and many wise people round the world say the same - that going to Heaven is not decided by whether one is baptised or not, or under which name he/she worships God, but whether one strives to keep the Golden Rules of "Truth, Simplicity and Love" (as Haidakhan Babaji put it in the 1970s) or not. Those who wrongly think why should I care for others, they don't care for me either, and those who take the goods we receive to-day from the World and its Creator for granted, squandering the treasures that should be left for man's future without any remorse, refusing to thank and to share, and last not least those who have pleasure in judging and slandering others but refuse to check their own "karma" and to change their ways if they prove wrong - those people do damn themselves. I, however, don't think them to be Hell candidates for most of them seem to me just ignorant ones, not evil by will - I think they damn themselves to one or more re-incarnations in poverty, or in shame, where they will learn to share, to thank, to take notice of other creature's suffering, and finally realize the Truth that all of us are just such a thing as blood-corpuscles, or cells, in a mighty body which is the living Universe. To me, Universe is God's body. Thus it is only logical that if one does something good to any creature even if it is very low and unimportant, one worships God. Even a child that, just from an impulse, ignorant of spiritual teachings, lifts some bee or bug out of a puddle, thus saving it, gets a positive record in the universal memory of the Lord. I wish you to have occasion to give love to many, many creatures, no matter if great or small, so that you get to the heavenly Continuum with a BIIIG bank account of good karma and never have to return into the earthly dust and toil without you willing it.
Sister in Light (guest)
13 years ago (2010-03-13)
You are a wonderful writer! I have had an experience which is published on this site. I regret writing it so quickly. I love that feeling of being in the light and being able to understand. So amazing! I wish we all could get together and share our experiences with each other in person. I haven't come across anyone yet. Regardless, I am blessed and very grateful. Thank You for sharing the word! Love You!
live (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-19)
amazing prophesy... You have really been blessed
Have you received any more visions since this one?

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