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I Saw White Light In A Pitch Black Room


I feel the need to tell someone about my experience as I keep thinking about it. I am a little mystified by what happened. Am I becoming spiritually enlightened or going crazy?

OK so I will try to explain as best I can!

A few weeks ago I was lying in bed next to my boyfriend of 3 years, who I see at weekends, he was asleep and I was lying there in pitch black thinking about how he is not able to love me, he has told me he doesn't. I was thinking to myself that I don't mind that he don't love me because I love myself enough to not need his love. Then I thought to myself that I will give him my love anyway unconditionally. Then in my mind I focused on my boyfriend and kept repeating to myself "I give you my love" I did this with my eyes closed to start but when I opened my eyes still repeating "I give you my love" I had a shock!

It was if my boyfriend had a shield around him, and the love I was sending him was white light, the light kept bouncing right back off him!

I kept doing it to try to determine what I was seeing,, the light/love that was bouncing off my boyfriend headed towards the corner of the room getting bigger and bigger with a golden tinge. The shape of this now white/golden light was the shape of an arc window. It didn't light up the whole room, it was just light in total darkness.

I'm hoping someone has an explanation for this please.

Love Peace and Happiness to all.

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EnigmaticCaz (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-01)
Hello Nicholas,

Thank you very much for your honest reply, honesty is the best policy I believe. It has taken me so long to reply because I have been having relationship problems! Now who would of guessed that? Lol. But anyway it has been resolved in the sense that it is now over, after 3 1/2 years, we decided it was time to move on. I don't know what more I can add to that except thank you for taking the time to reply.
Take Care,
Love,Peace and Happiness to all,
Caroline ❤
Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-18)
Please keep in mind as you read what I have to say that I am a very critical person. And that I am very frank about things and a lot of the time do not hold back my thoughts if asked, so if I offend you in any way I would like to apologize in advance.

Here is how I am seeing this. First off I do not think that you are crazy. You saw something for a reason: and here is what I think.

You love this person greatly, so much so that it give off a lot of "spiritual" energy (remember that every thought process in your brain happens from an electrical current, everything from moving your arm to saying "gee the weather is nice today"). As I see it, you were trying REALLY REALLY hard to give him your love, but his energy was rejecting it, especially if he told you that he doesn't really love you. As the energy was being rejected, god (he that is all, and all that is he (energy)) was taking that love you were giving him and trying to show you a path to happiness threw the arches of heaven. He was also showing you that your boyfriend was not deserving of the love you were giving him because he foolishly was rejecting it. I also think that god was trying to show you that he will love you back if you send your love to him as well. And In my Honest Opinion I do not think that you should suffer the fate of not receiving love back, especially when you are able to give that much love to him so unconditionally even though you know that you will receive nothing in return. In other words I do not think you should be with such a person. And I think maybe god thinks the same as well, or he would not have shown you this transfer of energy like he did. I also think that when two people truly love eachother they share an energy bond, and if these two people truly love god, it forms a triangular transfer of energy, that makes the relationship flourish.

I hope this helps in any way possible.


Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen

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