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And There He Was


My name is Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen. I live in South Dakota of the USA. And I have a little story I want to share with you. When I was younger before everything started to happen I didn't believe in god at all. And actually to a very extreme extent, and I may have inadvertently convinced some people that god (he that is all, and all that is he) didn't exist. And I could form observations and logic in such a way that could make people stops believing (I didn't convince a lot of people, but make no mistake that I did). But through all of this I still for some reason talked to "whatever may be listening." not a lot at this point in my life mind you, maybe once a year.

When I was about to reach the age of 20 I had realized that both of my past girlfriends I had in essence "stolen" from someone, whether it was their intention to be stolen doesn't matter. And I felt very sad about this. And let me tell you something before I tell what is next. I am not a very emotional person at all. But when I do get emotional I am extremely emotional. So in essence my emotions do not swing very often, but when they do it is much more than the regular person. So I was sitting in my parent's computer room working on their computer when I realized the above. And I thought to myself that I should ask for forgiveness if anything was listening. I decided to use a Saying from the Christian line of faith and I said "Forgive me father, for I have sinned" and all of a sudden all of these images of what I was feeling about taking these girls away from other people RUSHED through my head. And all of a Sudden I felt EXTREMLY sad, but only for a split second, and as soon as that came it went and then I felt EXTREMLY happy, to the point of giggling. And trust me, at the time... I didn't ever giggle. I realized right away what had happened and that this was not emotions that were just from me.

So over the next couple of months I talked to god from time to time and he would "answer" me with changes in the weather, sometimes sudden, like changes in the wind, or sometimes over time like changes in the clouds, Or rain/whatever. But it made sense to me whatever it was. But then the next thing happened, one day on my way out of my home town on my way back to the town I was living in at the time, I was driving and started to come upon spirit mound. Something felt different. And something was almost "telling" me to walk up to the top of spirit mound, (I have made many trips before and after this happened but this just felt different) so I pulled into where to park, got out of my car and proceeded to walk up to the top. The whole time I just felt like something was going to happen. When I reached the top I was in a way relived that nothing had happened, and there wasn't something waiting for me up there.

So I sat down on the bench that is up there and started to talk to god. And for some reason I said to him "yea know god, it would be really cool if I could see you." it was about that time that I noticed two clouds in the sky, and they were both very low clouds, and this wasn't the cloudiest day either (maybe about 30 % cloud cover). One was heading from the south east and the other was heading from the south west and they were heading straight for each other. When these clouds hit each other they almost made a "spotlight," like in the game shows were the light is going across the crowd and fixes on someone. This spotlight was about 2 or 3 football fields away. And it started to make its way over to me. When it came onto me the wind made a dead stop (it was blowing at about 10 miles per hour). And I looked up and there he was, God. And the clouds had arranged in such a way that there was a VERY humanoid figure that was in the clouds. And the clouds formed around him, not the clouds forming him. And it even felt and looked like I was looking at the cosmic lord himself, and there was no doubt in my mind that it was him. I felt a little scared but mostly I was in awe and happiness. And I just looked at him for about a minute. Then the clouds started to deform and god went away.

Thanks thank for letting me tell my story,

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen

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quixoticqt (1 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-04)
Wow, no, thank you for sharing your story with us.
It was like reading a lost story from the bible.
When a person goes to talk to God they go onto a hill/mountain and there they could see God.
You also remind me of my Grandfather. When he was alive, he was like you and went up the mountains to go talk to God.
❤ Qt
budhabee (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-12)
I loved this story Nickolas it is very beautiful. I can see you on that hill burdened with confusion and then BAM. Life is sooo strange. Thankyou for adding this to the forum.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-18)
See people how interested Our Creator is in us knowing Him to be real, and personal, a Spirit, not just an abstract superpower!

Ryan - I like this one of your names most - God rewarded your being open for Him to be real after all.

This openness for aspects of Reality which one has once learned to ignore or to scoff at, this natural quest for Truth, perhaps is more pleasant to God than all those worship routines with wich many people like to burden themselves.
Was it this quality that made God visit Abraham at the Oak of Mamre to give him the Kanaan vision?
Remain as you are. To you applies the Word of Jesus: "Truth will set you free."
IwanttoHelp (32 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-17)
I pray everyday that God comes into the life of people, I am truly happy you shared this story! Thank you 😳

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