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Satyr In My Room


This is the second of my encounters with a God though the first one with Pan. This happened in mid to late May of 2014 and has left quite the impression on me since. Also, please note that parts of this might be a little "adult" so if that bothers you, leave this page now.

It was a sunny May evening and my parents had just gone for their nightly coffee; something I had been waiting on all day. You see, since my experience that September (see previous submission), I had been leaving offerings to the Gods. But, since my family and majority of my town is Christian, I cannot do that too often or during the day. So, I had to wait until my parents left and hope my sibling was too distracted to notice me gone from the house. I got lucky that night and my parents took my sibling with them, leaving me with the house to myself.

At that point, I had been trying to write a fanfic about my previous encounters and had run dry idea-wise. So, I decided that it was time to leave an offering. That night I believe it was some leftover chicken and a warm blueberry scone with butter and honey. I placed it under the tree like always, said a prayer and what I wanted help with, and turned to walk back inside. However, when I passed by another tree, one that is now affectionately called "Pans tree" or "The horny tree" as it is decorated with many sets of deer antlers, I suddenly got the idea to leave a second offering out to Pan as I had been reading about him quite a lot recently and decided I'd have him in my story as well. It couldn't hurt, right? So, I either split the previous offering in half or ran in to get more; I cannot remember exactly.

I placed the offering out and explained what I wanted and everything like I had before except I had also made a few rules that I hoped Pan would follow but doubted highly that he would. I had asked him not to enter my bedroom at night unless to protect me and that during the day, he had to ask permission. Other than that, all the rules were the same for him as it was Cernunnos. (No tapping/looking in my windows, wipe your feet before entering, trim your hooves, etc. Pretty well the basic rules you'd give to a person except changed to suit them.) I didn't know why at the time but I was suddenly very nervous and scared to be in my yard despite there still being sunlight.

I hurried back into my house and went back to doing whatever I had been doing before my parents left, trying to calm down but the nervousness and fear (panic?) still would not subside. So, I fired up the laptop and started writing, figuring that would calm me down some. However, I was stuck in all my works; not just anything God related. Getting nowhere quickly, I scanned Youtube for music to inspire me and came across new songs I had not heard or noticed before. Songs about Pan. I decided to give them a listen in hopes of finding inspiration or calming my nerves; I wasn't picky about which of those two happened first.

I eventually calmed down and enjoyed the songs. But, oddly enough, desires arose within me that had no known cause and there really is only one solution. After making sure the bedroom door was shut tight to avoid walk-ins or cat-related intrusions, I did what I needed to do, expecting the usual one and done. However, this night would be very different and would be the start of something entirely new and exciting. As I was recovering, I heard a voice in my ear that was not my own whisper "Do it again." Since I am not one to ignore such guidance, I did just that; not caring if I hurt myself.

Once that was over with, I opened my eyes and all at once, the air was sucked out of me. There, kneeling between my legs, sort of there and not there all at the same time, was Pan; horns and all. I stared for what felt like a lifetime but it had likely only been fifteen seconds. Without a word, he seemed to drift off, almost like smoke in the breeze and I was alone once again. From that point on, it was clear that he claimed me as his own and I was to serve him. If I am anywhere, he follows, undetected by all but me. I have more encounters with him but those are for another time.

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SweetSatyr (2 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2020-11-16)
Child of God: Nope. Your God has never done a thing for me and has taught even my parents to shun me at times. Your God allowed a pastor to throw a then 13 year-old me onto the streets of a city I'm not familiar with simply because I was different.

I've seen evil to know it exists. But it's not MY God who has shown me that.

I will not tolerate your sort so get lost and try not to let the door hit you on the way out.
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-27)
Conjurinh an entity does not mean you serve the entity.

It means you asked to meet them.

You can also ask the entity to leave, and guess what 9 out of 10 times they will

Some entities don't want to leave. They don't want to because they believe strongly they have rights they do not. So you gotta stand firm in advance.

Let me ask you can a goat like entities sign a contract? No it's got hooves.

So if it can't sign a contract there's no signature which means there is no contract.

You ask that thing to just leave politely and see what happened.

In some ways you created it. Not quite

It's like a manifestation.

Conjuring is like "everything that can exist does so let's call in this thing" and if it shows up it's a manifestation

If it's not a physical manifestation its ethereal or astral usually.

Some people can see that stuff better than others

It's sort of "semi real" in the sense that it is real but not for everyone

By the way that's cool and if you struggle to peacefully get it to leave you can conjure up one of its enemies. They all got one, those "gods". Pan is similar to Dionysus so hes the get drunk and party god. Basically call in whoever keeps him in line if u need back up. You can probably even call in an entity you invent. Like what would keep a horny drunk goat in line? Maybe some god carrying a bucket of water to tip on his head and asking him to walk in a straight line?

Dont flip out cos you wind up in the nuthouse that way
child of God (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-09)
You should seek a deliverance minister. These beings are evil. Call out to the only lord and savior Jesus Christ.
DeliverDawn (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-03)
Hi, SweetSatyr <3

This is so interesting! While I can't be too sure, I think I feel some sort of connection to Cernunnos myself (although, at least at this time, I feel the Lady calling me more than any other God). I'm not stressing about it, though, as I feel like if a God wants me to communicate with them, they'll let me know in some way or another.

Blessed be, friend ^_^

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