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Sleeping Lights


I'm not sure if this fits here, to be honest I'm not sure what it was, but I have experienced it recently several times. This morning the most clearly, I could not be sure my partner saw this, and haven\'t asked her.

Our room is very dark to the point of not being able to my hand in front of my face- even with a full moon.

I could not tell you what time of night this happened but I do know I was very awake, I remember being awake as I get a little frustrated with not sleeping through the night, - I was aware of a bright light I opened my eyes and could see what appeared to be a disc hovering near the corner of the room near the ceiling, it appeared to be some 450 to 500 mm across and maybe 150mm thick - difficult to say accurately as it was on a slight lean... It was just hanging in the air!

Extending at about a 45* angle for a distance of about 5 feet a beam of light almost as thick as the disc was round, extended outwards. The room was glowing with a soft white with the 'beam' and disc being brighter I didn't feel fear so much as wonder nor did I feel threatened. I rolled over to face away a decided I wanted to look, when I did the beam disappeared back into the disc, as if slowly sucked back in, and then the disc vanished, I though 'as if a switch had been thrown"

At that point I was a bit disappointed also a little relieved.

To say I have experienced this before inasmuch, I have awoken to a bright light such as this before, yet never seen such detail before. And perhaps maybe more fearful yet this puzzles me, I'm not sure what to expect.

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