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OBEs And Sleep Paralysis


I've had many spiritual experiences in the past 5 years. It feels like my life just "began" 5 years ago when everything started happening for a reason. This specific experience is about a dream I had, I have many lucid dreams, meaningful dreams, obe's, etc. Even after this dream I am still not sure if I believe in jesus but of all my experiences including this one, I feel maybe it was a message.

I was dreaming about someone telling me a life lesson. I could not see them but they were giving me a very important specific message/life lesson that made perfect sense. I started to wake up and I could remember the last few words, I was thinking wow that makes perfect sense, but minutes after I forgot what was said in the dream. When I woke up I was like perfectly straight, with my hands on top of each other on my chest. I was kind of freaked out but realized I had this strange feeling of love throughout my body and automatically thought of jesus. It was truly amazing whether it meant something or not! I think it did

My first spiritual experiences when I was young were very dark. At night right as I was falling asleep, Demon faces that were growling would rush towards my face several times a night before I could finally fall asleep. I've had MANY obe's/sleep paralyses. Where ever I fall asleep, I sort of wake up in the dream state and can see everything the way it was when I was awake, but I cannot move or talk. Some occasions I've been able to hold my hand up only to see the silhouette of my arm. In that same state I've seen the silhouettes of people, one stood over my bed looking in my face, most others would just walk past me as I lay paralyzed. In that state I've seen only one time, light shining through the ceiling (this is at night) with sparkles floating around through the light. Lately I've been having dream experiences where I feel like I am actually there living not realizing it was a dream until the next day.

I hope this resonates with someone as I feel I am greatly privileged to experience the things I have experienced and continue to experience.

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Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-12)
Thanks for sharing your story. Try focusing more on the positive things in life. That may help with getting rid of the demons during sleep paralyses.

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