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I am a 50 year old christian man. I was raised as a baptist, and am now non-denominational/evangelical. I have a general IQ of about 127. I am very literate, and scientific. I believe in creation.

My 1st memories begin at about age 4-1/2 yrs. My 1st remembered conscious sleep, was at age 5. My 1st astral projection happened in a dream that repeated exactly, over and over the same, for 5 repeats, during a period of about 3 months. The 1st occurrence was a normal dream (it seemed) that was of EXTRAORDINARY CLARITY, and terrifying. I died in the end of the dream!

The second time, It continued the same, but I was remembering parts of the 1st, and realized I was thinking about it. By the 4th repeat, I was aware that the dream was making me think clearly while sleeping.

I could dream the dream, and stand aside, while experiencing it, and consider things consciously, yet hearing myself snore, and definitely be fully in a REM sleep.

The 5th dream, I became totally conscious, and I realized that I could change the dream so I did not die, which meant that I also was going to hell (in the dream). So I quite religiously coached the dreamer/self to alter the dream into a living end. (after dying, and going back). In the sixth dream I was in total awareness, and I had some kind of need to run through the dream again without dying, and did so.

The dream never came back again, but I retained the mental awareness, and clarity, to remain conscious during sleep, fly, and float my spirit body at will with conscious control, aware of my sleeping body, and see my cord.

I know my diet affects my ability to have a conscious dream, and to be able to project. They are definitely 2 different things. It is one thing to be able to have a conscious rem state, and quite another to be able to project yourself with deliberation. You cannot have the 2nd without the 1st.

I can never seem to be able to deliberately reach the projection state. It just happens on its own, when I am in a deep sleep, and aware (thinking). I have often deliberately reached sleeping thought state at will.

I have attained astral projection hundreds of times in 45 years, and conscious sleep thousands of times. It happens for nights in a row often. I have been out into deep space so far that the sun is a pinpoint.

Sometimes I feel a need to let myself dream and let go of the consciousness.

I need some kind of guidance with my projections. While I am projected, I am very limited in my ability to go places. I can pass through the roof, and walls. I can go into space. I can fly around the globe. I can never get near another living body. I can never approach another spirit. Which I do see, but don't know what they are. I see different colored auras. There seems to be invisible barriers everywhere, that won't let me into many places.

Whenever I try to force myself somewhere, I seem to attract unwelcome notice. Dark scary auras., come towards me, seeming to want to get at my cord. Then I have to touch my cord or touch my body, which always makes me wake up in an instant with my heart racing, like a lightning jolt.

Otherwise I simply float down easily into my body to return. I feel like I have some kind of gift, but it seems impractical, even useless. Well its not like I can tell you what's in your safe.

What is a good spirit to do?

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Well Wisher (guest)
13 years ago (2010-03-18)
Dear Earl,

I am not a christian... Just so you know.
But I am a believer in Allah / God.

If what you say you are able to do is for real then it is an amazing gift you have.

Allah /God has protected the higher realms of his creation. He has stated this in our holy book.

You will not be able to cross the barriers.

The coloured aura's you see are likely to be his angels who guard the higher realms. (or planes of existence).

You will only be able to cross this barrier when it is time to die.

P.s. The dark scary aura's could be another of Allah/God's creation best you keep away from them.
Kayenne (guest)
13 years ago (2009-08-13)
Hi Earl,
Unless you have The Guide with you, you cannot impose your astral self on any one. That's a transgression of personal privacy. How would you feel if your bedroom was like a train station every night, with "people" watching you about your personal business?
Until you pray to The Highest (whomever you regard that to be) and ask for guidance and protection whilst going about your astral adventures, you will be confined to being a "tourist" who is proscribed to certain common areas. It's not only for the reasons of personal privacy for others, but personal/psychological safety for yourself that this is so.
Read "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe for some clues on how this works.
Once you have asked for this Guidance from the Highest possible source, then you have to "set your intention". What would you like to accomplish through consciously astral travelling?
Many who do this by an act of conscious will actually do so in order to help others. Others seek greater self-knowledge or peace or enlightenment.
I'm sure there are many other states of mind that we could also seek, in order to more fully understand who we really are (even confined to this particular galaxy/and/or human body!)

As another poster has also mentioned, the Hall of Records exists in order to peruse your own eternal Journey through incarnation or physical states. It is an ACTUAL place, although it may be represented differently to each experiencer. If your inner wisdom is deemed high enough by your helpers and The Guide, you may sometimes also be able to access others' records, but only in order to help them.

The other side-effect of this kind of endeavour is that it perhaps should or could help you in your daily life by increasing tolerance, compassion, understanding and empathy for all forms of life, expand your mental horizons, and improve your inner harmony.
Patience is the key.
eland68 (guest)
14 years ago (2008-10-20)
Wow! Sounds alittle bit like what happened to me the day I got out of my crib. Alittle different but it happened in our home over and over when I would go to sleep. Did you ever see a small black dog dissapear or touch you with a sound of a light bell. I would have this same dream or trance every year once or twice until I was in my late 20's. I started studing it when it would come. It was like a different language when I was coming out of it. I tried to hold one but once I was fully aware, I would forget how I could of understood it. I hope to talk with you soon. You are the first I heard of having anything of this kind of experience that is close to my experience.
xandermalcom (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-29)
Here is a website that can help you learn to control your astral projection better.

What is your diet? I am working on this too.

There is a lot more to the astral plane than dealing with the physical counterpart. And there are a lot of skills you may or may not have learned. Have you learned how to think yourself to a location? How about to go back in time and look at an event happening. Have you learned how to raise your energy high enough to meet any Spirit Guides, have you tried interdimensional travel? Have you practiced turning into animals or imaginary creatures? Have you found the Hall of Akashic Records where a record of EVERYTHING that has happened is recorded? Have you tried growing your size until the earth is a marble? Keep going, take a look at the universe when you are HUGE.

There is a lot more one can be doing.

So yeah I would like to help my own experiences along, so if you could write me with your diet that would be awesome.

Peace out
miiish (1 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-27)
Hi Earl...
Does your diet really affect your ability? I have read and also have heard from quite learned people that one needs to be vegetarian in order to be closer to the Divine... I'm a non vegetarian and while I have achieved OBE's and have had a few experiences with the Divine... Do you suppose (in general) what one eats is important? Are vegetarians able to access their spirituality easier?
Wingrin (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-26)
Hi Earl

I know what you mean by saying its impractical and useless, and I guess to a degree it is. I've had some similar astral experiences to you and it has to be guided as well. At the least you know now that their is a spirit world, you have guides, and you will not fear death as you know in you body that you continue which is a consciousness of your continuation that is beyond you rational views of it.

Well done. It may also flower in years to come. If not, you're still in for some amazing experiences which are worth the price of admission.
Cheers and have fun

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