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Forced To Sleep


This was a very strange occurrence I had last night. Nov, 30th, 2010, I came home from work and as usual I go to my office on my computer to work a few hours. It being a cold day, I stoked up the basement fireplace and went into my office. I was wide awake and having a beer as I was working the computer. Home alone with a few pets all was quiet. I soon had this urgent need to lay down for a while as sleep hit me hard. Like sleeping pills working its effects. I could not concentrate or keep my eyes open. So I walked to the couch and laid to rest. I cover up in a blanket and felt the welcome warmth of the fireplace. I was in a comfortable place as I heard the furnace kick on in the background. I soon would drift off, on my sudden sleep binge.

I found myself in a dream and I was myself not someone looking on. I was standing on my childhood porch I grew up in. It was warm and summer. I saw the green grass and familiar environment. The porch was walled half way up and the top half was covered my tall screens, so my sight was blinded somewhat. I was leaning up against the house side just looking out, when suddenly I heard footsteps walking up the yard to the front door. I remembered often that the mailman often approached that way and left mail on the box attached to the house. I had not seen him yet, but could hear him approaching. Then someone came visible as they walked up the steps and became visible through the screens. I was shocked. It was not the mail man but it was my dad that had passed on almost two years previous.

He spoked to me in his uplifting voice. "Hi Jay"

"Dad, oh my God, Dad", I yelled.

I ran out the door and hugged him long. It felt so real, and I felt his hug. He was looking younger. He died with last stages of MS, bronchitis, and blater infection just before his 80th birthday. He was ready to die and made peace with the Lord. At this moment he was looking around my age, early 50;s and healthy. He was happy and uplifting. He was verille, and stought. He was wearing jeans and a burgandy long sleeved sweatshirt with his sleeves rolled up much like I do. He was Dad, looking the way he wanted me to see him. I asked his what he was doing?

"I am changing", he said! I looked at him and he repeated. "I am trying to change"

I did not understand and I said, "Why Dad, I love you, Your a great guy, everybody loves you"

He then laughted with that familiar acceptance sound I was so accepting of. It was my Dad. Then it was over.

I was jolted back into my body as I woke up I was stunned. I felt that was more than just a dream. I felt I was lifted to a plane where I could meet with him briefly for a minute. I have never dreamed of him since his death. This was my first encounter and it felt real as life. As I thought about it more I realized all the material I have read and heard on others who encountered similar instances. I was wide awake and happy that I had seen him. I did not understand his comments the "I am changing", but he looked happy and was letting me know that I feel. The more I thought about it, I feel there was a reason why I had to lay down suddenly as I was not sleepy before hand. I feel know it was a moment in time for a meeting that I had to be there. It was given to me only briefly, but it was a Godsend!

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-17)
Yes, after death spirits evolve continuously, just like the angels... (but demons evolve backwards, they become more evil, more hateful toward God and humans). To help our dead relatives and friends- even if they're in hellish suffering- we must pray and fast for them, and give alms to the poor and the sick, in the dead person's memory... This helps them alot, because they no longer have a body to do good works with. And we shouldn't cry to much for them, because it disturbs their peace, strange but true!
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-23)
Hello Gysyblue,

I read what you wrote, then re-read it again with insight - IT IS what what we all wanted...
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-21)
Oh, this is beautiful. It's what we all want - a final hug, words, to see someone we love again. Thank-you for sharing. I find this inspirational.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-12)
"I am changing... I am trying to change." Well, you loved your Dad, and he was no bad person at all. But you know spiritual traditions see embodied life as a kind of school and in all schools there are several different grades and all ascend from one to the next. Having been good in the "school grade" he was in during the life in which he was your father, but knowing there is more, another grade to ascend to, your father (the soul who has been him) seems to go to preparatory lessons for his next life in the Beyond, so to speak, and that is what he calls trying to change.

There is also another possible explanation which is more intelligent, and much holier, than the idea that we incarnate just for learning, for ourselves to ascend... I think God Himself learns through us, with us, and in us. See, He learned through Jesus, the Gospel texts show this clearly!

Whenever He now plans to change something important in His Creation on Earth, thus, many of us have to face challenges of changing their whole being and to suffer failure, trial-and-error games that often seem futile but which are of a deep meaning, as they are scientific experiments of God through us, parts of the cosmic learning-process of that grand living, developing, researching Meta-Being, in which our bodies are like cells in a bigger body, and our souls with their memories and God-given purposes like data files and sub-programs in a bigger server computer.

Now, all spiritual persons to-day agree that there is real big change coming, for sure in the structures and functions of Humankind's life, probably in the whole structure of Earthly life, and perhaps even in the construction and function plans of Universe itself - and myriads of souls prepare for life with the newly-planned structures, some while embodied, some while living in the Beyond; they all have to "try to change".

Your father's soul is conscious enough to know he is trying to change. And he has enough power to call you "forcibly" to sleep in order to greet you, and to tell you about his trying to change.

This he surely did to PROVE to you that there is an immortal soul, and a power of this soul in the frame of this material world which can not be neglected, and a Beyond too, and that the affairs of Soul and Beyond are really of importance.

For you know how many people, including lots of academic teachers, to-day try to make Mankind deny those realities, declaring them to be merely mind-games, and thus try to force us to live as if we were just a flock of domestic animals.

I fear this tendency could lead to a period of overt persecution of all people who still believe in God, and a Beyond, in our near future.

If, second possibility, God and Beyond get acknowledged again by scientific people, then it will be Islam which gives them background, and support, in society, for more and more money gets accumulated in Islamic hands and where the money is, there is also the ideological power.
This, it is a pity, probably would be not much better than an atheistic phase in world culture, for Islam with its belief of superiority would suppress all religious and spiritual ways which it does not incorporate. In this case it will be Christians who get harassed - Catholics worst.

People of good will, please prepare for helping and hiding those who will be pursued for their religions. No matter if you share the same faith. This is what Godfather and Lord Jesus will demand of you.

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