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A Brilliant Cloud Of Loving Light - A Prayer Answered


About sixteen years ago an unpleasant incident caused me to fear that I might have a certain health problem. This caused me a lot of anxiety. I made a special prayer spot in my back room where I prayed to God regularly concerning this. Within a month, I had this dream; I was standing on a hill when a cloud of light was appearing. It made me so happy for some reason. Then it quickly began to pass by me. I grew so disappointed with its passing. Then it suddenly came back and grew lighter and brighter. It's brilliance covered me. I was so happy. I knew the light was good. I knew the light was God!

Then suddenly, I was driving in my car down a remote road. At the end of this road was an old man, sweeping a front walk way. He looked at me and said, "Your life is safe."

My interpretation of this dream is that, while I was in a dream state, my guardian angel placed me in a path that our Lord was to pass upon this night. The Lord was like a brilliant cloud of loving light. Upon passing me, He felt my disappointment, came back, and felt my need for an answer to my prayer. He then decided to appear to me in human form with a verbal statement, "Your life is safe." That was indeed the answer to my prayer.

After this dream my anxiety was gone. I believed the Lord's words in my dream. Rightly so, because that was sixteen years ago and I am still very healthy. Rarely do I ever even get sick.

I thank the Lord for answering my prayer.

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Well Wisher (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-04)
Dear Adora,

Truly a wonderful dream... You are blessed.

As you have made your prayers sincere to Allah /GOD alone (the unseen) ... He answered you.

May Allah /GOD continue to protect and guide you.

Please don't stop praying...

Allah /GOD loves to be called upon by us and for this he blesses and rewards.
fdva (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-29)
That was a beautiful dream. I totally agree with your interpretation.

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