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True Affection From The Lord


A few years ago I was reading the New Testament book of John. I was feeling so good about how John stated that the Lord loves us so much. A particular sister of mine, who I never got along with very well came over for an unexpected visit. We talked about what I had been reading. I felt so much love for Jesus that I said, "I wish Jesus would just hold me for a long, long time." At this, my sister hugged me. I think Jesus was happy about our attempt of the reconciliation between us.

After this I had this dream: I was walking, returning from somewhere, and I saw about five people standing by a door. They were all happy to see me and acted as if they knew me. Although I didn't recognize them. A short dark headed man tried to hug me and I stepped backward, because I didn't recognize him and I was unsure of his intentions. Next, I saw a tall man with a blue face. He picked me up into his arms as an adult would do a small child and held me in his arms. He hugged and held me so affectionately. He loved me. He loved me. He loved me.

My interpretation of this dream is that the man with the blue face was Jesus. He was blue in the face like a parent gets "blue in the face" continuously trying to get their child to behave. He loved me just the same. He had heard I wished for him to hold me and he did just that.

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Jill2013 (1 stories) (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-25)
maybe it was jesus.
I believe that it also was him in your dream.
God comminicates with us a lot of different ways and I guess that yours was in your dream. 😊
Adora (2 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-20)
Riviereeternite, I will be looking forward to reading your experience. I have recently joined. This was my first post. Today, 9-19-08, I posted an experience/dream titled; Brilliant Cloud of Loving Light - A Prayer Answered.
riviereeternite (guest)
15 years ago (2008-09-17)
Thanks, that helped me a lot. Its simple and genuine.
I just joined and will post mine soon.

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