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An Old Trout With A Heart Of Gold


I hope this story will qualify as Spiritual. I can assure you that the success was entirely through spiritual prayer and applying Spiritual Love as in the natural course of things this would have been impossible.

We live in our trailer in one of the most idyllic spots on earth. Surrounded by forests and hoards of birds visiting our bird table. The neighbours in the surrounding caravans are exceptionally nice.

Next to the camping is a very beautiful outdoor swimming pool about 50 by 25 meters also placed in an amazing setting and warmed to 25 degrees at all times during the summer.

However very close to us lives a solitary woman who comes only during the week and leaves at the weekends because she says it is too noisy. Her husband died some ten years ago and apparently he was a very nice person and in those days she was very nice too. Now this old Lady whom the neighbours call Forelli (Old trout) and we used to call trout too, quite coincidentally I might add, is always complaining just about everything.

A month ago my wife accidentally banged our car into a pole support for the tent like structure which goes over her trailer protecting it from algae and leaves etc. The aluminum leg was bent a bit and the old lady said it would be OK and not to worry. We offered to replace it but she said it would not be necessary. I was going to buy her some flowers only to be given a bill for 258 Euros. The cost of the pole was around 70E which we could have easily gotten for her but she had sent off to a far away town for the piece and most of the bill was for the delivery petrol expenses driving the 200 kilometers or so there and back.

Old Trout even brought along one of her very few friends and threatened us with the police if we did not pay. Of course we paid but it was a sad blow to our dwindling bank account. We were all furious and she became from that day on an avowed enemy of my wife myself and all the kids. We later found out that she had edged on with all the neighbours and they ignored her and hardly said good morning to her when passing by.

Weeks passed and then one day I decided to go and tackle the old trout. My wife strongly advised me not to go and I am not well known for controlling my temper and she felt I would fall into the trap and it would all end in a shouting match. The Lady speaks no English so I would have to conduct my meeting in my very grammatically incorrect German.

To my amazement she allowed me to come into her caravan and we sat down opposite each other and I began. "Friendship costs." I repeated a few times. "What does it cost?" "Well it costs TIME and it costs MONEY and it costs lots and lots of FORGIVENESS." "We are all old here on this camp ground." "This could be our last station before meeting the Master, Jesus Christ!" I continued and to my amazement the old lady was nodding her head approvingly. "It costs drinking a coffee together, or a beer together." She immediately brought out two bottles of beer and some salty cookies and set them in front of me.

As we sipped our beer I reminder her and myself that Heaven is a place where there is ONLY LOVE. Hatred was not an option. She nodded and said, "Please call me Ursula! May I call you Michael?" "Of course!" I exclaimed. Then my wife came over and she almost fell over backward in astonishment. I went on to tell her that I was going to make a point of telling all the neighbours that she indeed had a heart of gold. She beamed back with a very nice smile on her face.

That evening as I passed her trailer before retiring for the night I daringly banged on her window and said "Good night Ursula!" "Good night Michael!" she bounced back at me.

The next day she left and I went around the unbelieving neighbours and told them all that Ursula really has a heart of Gold.

God bless you all with a lovely week end.

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