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15 Year Old Agnostic Who Was Forever Changed


My name is Summer and I am 15 years old. I have never felt very close to god and I always questioned if he even is real. When I was young I went to church but I didn't understand it. I moved about a year ago to Texas and I made some friends who were really religious.

They always tried to get me to go to there church to try and find god but I felt like I didn't need him because I was content with who I was. I made a best friend whose father is a priest. She would always worry about me and say how I was going to go to hell and how she felt bad for me. For some reason I always knew what the future was going to be like I didn't no how but I did. She told me that the things that I was saying were things that were exactly said the same way in the bible.

One day she spent the night at my house and we woke up around 3:15 and just started talking. I told her how even though I go to church with her I don't learn anything so I don't see the point in going. She started asking me all these questions and I knew the answer to everyone of them. I knew how this planet is getting destroyed, I knew that she had a gift to make evil go away, and I knew that there was something out there. At that moment while laying in bed next to her I just started to cry. I cried because I didn't understand how I knew these things and I cried because I didn't understand how god could exist.

And then out of no where I was calm. I was at peace and I felt a presence over me. I told her how I felt and she said that god was putting his hand on me. Words can't describe how beautiful it felt. My body was cold but on the inside and it was peaceful. It took so much energy just to say one word but I wasn't exhausted. My friend whose name is Carolyn, told me to talk to him. So I did. I told him how I want him to look over my family and to show me what he wants me to do with the things that I no. He didn't say anything but he put thoughts into my head. He told me to tell Carolyn that one day she will be truly happy. I talked to him with every breath that I had and told him thank you.

I felt his hand come off of me and I started bawling my eyes out. I wanted that beautiful feeling to comeback. Carolyn told me that I could never forget what just happened. At that moment I didn't question god anymore.

I wish that one day everyone will experience what I did.

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godschildjoy39 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-14)
after reading all the ways god introduced himself to so many of us who don't know him. It makes me want to get to know him all the more.
godschildjoy39 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-14)
Wow!Im in aw right now with what I read. Your experienced moved me. I Cried but they were happy tears cause gods love is so amazing. He wanted you to know that he is real and that he loves you. God bless you.
Nancy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-09-10)
I'm happy you found out just how real God is. I'm 26 but my first experence was at the age of 16! I will never forget that day as long as I live, It was the day I found out how much GOD really loves me and how real he is! GOD BLESS keep the faith it will carrie you through your life and all the problem that pass your way! I have been through a lot of bad experences in my life, as I look back on them I realize GOD carried me through each and every on of them! Take care sweetie

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