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Spirituality And The Pursuit Of Happiness


This is a subject which most of us if not all are interested in. We get glimpses of it but whatever we find that brings momentary happiness soon seems to wear off. When I was a kid, I desperately wanted a racing bike. I wanted a Phillips Jaguar. It hung ceremoniously in the window showing off its bright red colour and sleek drop handlebars. Every time I went past Mr Peskett's shop on Angmering Green I would eye this article of sheer beauty and delight longing for the opportunity to raise the 50 or 100 quid. I have forgotten the amount.

Then a miracle happened. My old bike was stolen on the railway train coming back from my Prep school and I was able to claim the exact amount to purchase the object of all my desires. I brought it ceremoniously home riding it with extreme care. By the evening I had covered a score of miles and then wheeled my prize up the stairs to my bed room where I could observe it as the last thing before going to sleep and then the first thing when I woke up. I even had a torch to occasionally illuminate it during the night just to make sure that my dream had come true.

If anyone had told me that there was a happiness beyond that which I was experiencing, I would have laughed them to scorn. This procedure of carrying the bike to my room went on for at least a week. Then I started to leave my exceedingly precious possession in the garage. I was still treating it carefully but the glamour and the glitter was beginning to pall. Of course you know the end of the story. "Michael!" shouted my mother. "You left your bike out in the rain again!".

This experience has been repeated not just with racing bikes but with countless other experiences and possessions down through my three score years and ten on this planet so far.

However there is one experience which gets better every day. It is an experience that I believe all of us are wired to whether we like it or not. We are wired in such a special way that only this on going experience will bring everlasting and ever deepening delight to our being. Yes, if you know me and have read my other blogs you are probably guessing correctly what I am talking about. It is my personal relationship with my creator, Jesus Christ.

In this relationship, there is a depth, an unfathomable depth which increases in intensity daily if you allow it to. I would not swap it for the world. Countless of my fellow believers, past and present have given their lives willingly and gladly for this Jesus Christ and the sheer joy and happiness it brings. It is a joy spelt with a capital L. LOVE. Yes this is a gem of great value and price. I dare you to check it out and see if I am right or wrong.

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