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Living As We Are Being Watched


We are being watched! It is hard to walk down the streets of London without falling under the surveillance of a TV camera. Big Brother is watching you. Apparently, and I am no expert it is very easy for Big Brother to listen in to our cell phone conversations. Many of us believe that our privacy is being severely infringed upon. How does being watched affect us? Should we be worried if we are doing nothing wrong? What's the problem?

As a committed Christian for the last 44 years I believe I am being watched continually. Not only every action and every word but every thought too. Does this affect me and my actions and my thoughts? Of course it does.

While doing one hours evening prep at my boarding school, the invigilating assistant house master would peer over the top of his desk and woe betide anyone who goofed off or caused an unnecessary commotion! In my days we got caned. I preferred that to being kept back in my free time as it got it over quickly and one could show off ones stripes to admiring onlookers.

My God is benevolent. He is like a Dad watching his kid. When I see my son drop the ball at the last minute and not score the easy try that was handed him on a plate, of course I am disappointed but it does not affect my love for him. He is my son and we are bound together by something much stronger than just being a success or failure.

In Saint John Chapter 3 verse 19 and 20 one reads the following:- And this is the judgment: Because the light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than the light: for their works were evil. The judgment... That is, the cause of his condemnation. 20 For every one that doth evil hateth the light and cometh not to the light, that his works may not be reproved. 21 But he that doth truth cometh to the light, that his works may be made manifest: because they are done in God. He that doth truth... That is, he that acteth according to truth, which here signifies the Law of God. Thy law is truth. Psa. 118. 142.

Does this need explanation? Probably so here is my shot at it. First and foremost God the Father is much more loving and understanding than any earthly father. That is important to realize. Even if we screw up really badly, there is always and I mean always forgiveness. Even for a Judas or a Hitlerian mass murderer or an extreme child molester or or or there is always forgiveness for the asking.

Judas hung himself because he could not forgive himself and because he had screwed up so badly that he erroneously thought that he had moved outside the shadow of Christ's forgiveness. He was wrong. He hadn't.

Peter also screwed up even more seriously than Judas. He denied Jesus to a young girl while warming himself beside the fire. He even used swear words to emphasis his lie. However when he realized what he had done he was really sorry and even more important he realized that Christ was super merciful and that His sacrificial death as the Lamb of God was well able to take care of his gross sin.

If we know that we are trying to do our best then we do not have to fear scrutiny. The light is even a blessing. It helps us to see more clearly what we are doing. As humans we all suffer from original sin. I never have to teach my kids to be selfish or to lose their tempers or be lazy or disobey. That comes naturally. The same for us grown ups.

I have lived 15 years of my life in India. Do not get me wrong, I admire Indians and their culture but it is very noticeable that even if they are devout in their religion, they do not really believe that they are being watched. I am speaking generally but their consciences are somewhat seared. I have met many who tells me the story of their lives and later I find out that it was all in a Hindi film that they had recently seen.

If we see some cash lying on the ground, what is the first thing we do? Look around to see if any one is watching. Hopefully they are not and then we pick it up. Then the battle begins. Are the notes numbered in sequence? Is it a large sum or a small sum? Is there a place to hand it into conveniently in the vicinity? Maybe we can just pocket it? Oh I nearly forgot, is there a surveillance camera watching me as I pocket the cash?

All of this to say that a belief in an all seeing eye must surely help me to have more of a conscience than believing that I can get away with... whatever...

Of course there are self righteous religious fanatics. Hypocrites. Pharisees. Lord help me but sometimes I am like all three put together but I try not to be. I try to be loving and understanding like my God in Jesus Christ. That is my aim and wish. Hope it is yours too. I would love to hear from you with some honest observations. Peace! Have a good Sunday and a good rest of your life.

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Anon (guest)
3 years ago (2020-01-28)
Very true

Morality is needing to be watched to do the right thing.

Ethics is doing what's right when no one is looking.

Some people get performance anxiety and screw up for the cameras. Being watched can generate fear and misbehavior.

It can also become background noise. If you believe you're watched all the time eventually you're going to forget its happening cos there's too much other stuff to do.

So you rely on whatever is apparently coming from you.

Some perspectives suggest nothing is coming from the individual.

Mind out of body!

That's similar to Hindu stuff not the same- similar.

So everything watches everything all the time. What do you do then? Meh it is what it is.

Background noise. Same as the CCTV.

The crime rates on the street will be exactly the same and your social liberties will be worse off.

Meanwhile okay I smoke. Away from people. In no smoking zones. I follow the purpose of the law not the letter of the law.

So I do this under CCTV. I could get fined... I dont. Why? Because the security guards arent watching.

If you notice they're probably not on the lookout for casual smokers away from customers.

They're looking for thieves etc

If they're watching at all

And they're not because security guards get called to do odd jobs around places anyway... Its just a tape recorder... Someone might fap later cos a tart with exhibitsonism went down a back alley and got off on the CCTV sold it to p0rnhub for a few quid... Opened a packet of chips, complained about management and ignored everything else


If there is a loving deity, they're too busy making rainbows and flowers and kicking the arse of "demonics" to give a crap about if I found 5c on the floor.

If they're a "watchful" deity they might get off on some private stuff.

So join a convent...;)
LiveLight (guest)
14 years ago (2009-05-22)

YOU are the all seing eye, each one of us is. YOU are the judge and the jury. That is why one should live in accordance to that "inner voice", that deep knowing of what is right. Peace and happiness is achieved when you are no longer in an internal conflict yourself. One can't fool HIMSELF. When you learn to love yourself, the doors of heaven open.
Peace and Light.

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