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Happiness Beyond Comprehension


I have had some very extraordinary experiences in my life and would like to share a few of them. I am a twenty seven year old guy and in my opinion have had a very interesting life to say the least. I was a great athlete growing up. Baseball was my sport. My dream was to play professional.

After high school I received a scholarship to play at the college level. Everything was going great but for some reason I felt the need to experiment with drugs. At the age of 17 the first drug that I tried was marijuana, and shortly after that I took acid. I really enjoyed the high that they produced but was curious to try harder drugs.

Then, I found cocaine or maybe it found me. I loved it. When I entered college I would say I started to pass the phase of recreational drug use, but continued to chase my dream of playing professional baseball. Things started to get bad with cocaine and I had a couple overdoses which really scared me, but apparently not enough to quit cold turkey. Basically, I was a cocaine addict.

Meanwhile I continued to excel in baseball and was drafted by a major league baseball team. To make a long story short, I had a career ending injury which crushed me. Once I realized that my dream of making it to the major leagues was over, I didn't care about anything and began to fall deep into drug addiction.

After my third or fourth overdose, I decided to go to rehab. After leaving treatment I managed to stay off of cocaine for a few months only to relapse and sink deeper than before. At about the age of 24, I had an experience in which I believe was the devil. I had a vision. I remember lying down in bed and closing my eyes and an image of a wheel appeared in my head. The wheel was spinning and there were voices saying "undeniable, unbelievable" over and over. After about 2 or 3 minutes an image appeared in the wheel. It looked like writing on a stone. There were quite a bit of words but all I could make out was the number 28. I took it to mean that I was going to die at the age of 28 most likely of a drug overdose. This vision haunted me and really screwed my head up.

I started to attend 12 step meetings but for some reason it wasn't clicking for me like it was for other addicts there. Then in june of 2006 I had a relapse and was driving around snorting cocaine and overdosed at the wheel. I awoke totally disoriented with an oxygen mask on my face and was surrounded by cops and paramedics. I went to jail that night for possession of cocaine.

After returning to my job and confessing to my boss what had happened I was reassigned to grounds crew. The following day I had a profound experience with God. I remember walking around in a field picking up trash and just totally beating myself up mentally. I had just absolutely terrible thoughts. It started with me telling myself how at one time I was a pro baseball player and now a trash picker. Then the thoughts progressed to utter despair. Remembering my vision from which I think was the devil, I told myself that nothing is going to save me from cocaine and that I'm going to die. I had given up on life but the thought of death horrified me. I had no faith and had a lot of doubt if there was a God and a Heaven.

At the peak of these terrible thoughts something inside me instinctively cried out to a God I wasn't sure existed, and He answered. I cannot explain this experience fully in words but I will do my best. Through some sort of supernatural telepathy He told me that He was watching me. There was overwhelming peace and happiness, and instantly all of my problems seemed so trivial. It was like some of the stories that I have read in the bible. I couldn't believe it, it was totally surreal.

After this experience my obsession to use cocaine was removed. I went back to my 12 step meetings and continued to have similar experiences with God, and I want to share one more in this story.

I was praying in bed and was in a trance-like state when God spoke to me in a way which so high and beyond what I'm used to; very shocking. Its hard to describe but it was kind of like an out of body experience. I was totally aware of my spirit. He told me how special I was and that there was a Heaven. I was just absolutely hysterical. Most people aren't aware of how lucky we all are to have been born.

Since then, I am a sober, born again Christian and spread the message to drug addicts, alcoholics, and whoever cares to listen that there is hope.

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)

Keep away from that stuff! Nicely done.

You know its toxic when it tells you you're the devil.

Thank you good spirit helping you out

By the way that drug gave you a false vision and nearly turned it into a self fulfilling prophecy

Even bonafide visions don't have to come true... We can change it...
secretangel (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-22)
Congraulations what an achievement to be able to give up drugs.

Sometimes we are made to go through the most terrible things in life, I believe these paths that we walk are all paved for us by GOD. God will always come to us in some form or another when we think we lare at our lowest and feel he is not there for us. A bit like when you need someone they are not there, when you least need or don't need them they appear.

Maybe these are lessons God is teaching us. God should be with us always, not only in out times of need.

God came to you when you were at your lowest, you doubted everything, GOD revealed himself to you.
Nicole (guest)
16 years ago (2008-05-29)
I love your voice in this. God bless, and He is always with you- all of us. Thank you for being here. Much Love, Nicole
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-05)
Great story, and if you follow what Jesus has givin, for you to continue to be free of drugs, only good things will come your way. Jesus is awesome.
orbgirl (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-30)
William, I hope you never lose site of Jesus' message of LOVE. I considered myself "born-again" back in the 70s, until I realized how judgemental I had become. I still have family members so hung up on the "name" of Jesus that they have lost his message. We cannot even be friends because of it. My missionary sister (ironically who I supposedly "led to Christ in the early 70's) told me the gold light I saw off my pet's ashes was from Satan as are my beautiful orb photos. There is no way something that brought me such love and comfort could be from dark forces.

I pray you are more accepting of others' beliefs and experiences than many "born-again" folks (been there, done that).

I'm so happy for your deliverance from drugs, which indeed opens many up to dark forces. You are indeed blessed.

I have a daughter 28 years old.

God bless you.

Dreamz (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
What a truley wonderful story. I am so proud of you and I hope you continue to inspire others with your story.
miiish (1 stories) (13 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
Bravo Jesus03, you did good by cleaning up and indeed Blessed are the ways of the Divine. Just when one feels that all is lost, in a distance a bright pure light shines and reminds us that Buddy you have the distance to walk but eventually the purity will shine on and through you.
Cheers ! 😁

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