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Lord What Do I Do Now?


I got into a head on collision, in 2003. I had many injuries and couldn't walk anymore. One minute I am on my way to work, and the next I am in a horrible car accident. As I sat in my car, knowing I was in the accident as I seen it coming. I felt like my heart was broken, it hurt so bad. I later found out I had a broke chest bone, along with other injuries.

At the point of my horrible experience, the Lord brought to me a lady to come to my car. Where she came from I had no clue. She got into the back of the car, asked my name, the day, the president and other questions. She held my neck and told me she called for help. She had such a soft spoken voice, and I felt she was an Angel that the Lord sent to me.

The police came and I was put into the ambulance. Her name was Christina she sat in the front of the ambulance, and kept talking to me on the way to the hospital. Once I got there she called my sister to come and a friend from work. She only left me when one of them showed up.

Her voice still I can hear five years later. In the hospital I found out that I couldn't walk anymore. A big blow to someone who had no trouble before.

I went to therapy three days a week many hours. After seven months, I could walk again with a quad cane, not too fast but still could walk. I had a brace on my leg and would wear it always so I could walk.

After I got feeling better, from the injuries then P.T.S.D. (post traumatic stress disorder) set in. I was afraid to go away from my house. I finally made it where I could go out and about.

One day I said to the Lord "I AM DISABLED, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW?" I couldn't work any longer. While crocheting a scarf and listening to tv, it was as if the Lord himself was there and I heard "MAKE HATS AND SCARFS FOR THE POOR". So I did that for two years. I gave them away to homeless shelters. I finally got bored with that and said again.

"Now what do I do Lord". Again it was as if the Lord was standing right by me, "Get books and donated to the Veterans". So I took his word and my hubby and I do that. We go to libraries and pick up books, we take them to this lady Deb who is a VA Rep. She has someone take them to the two VA Hospitals near us and to VA Nursing homes. We enjoy that very much. It's volunteer work and I enjoy doing this. I can drive again. Took two years to learn that all over.

When I thought I couldn't do anything, the Lord showed me with his love that indeed "All things are possible" if we want to help ourselves.

But when something tragic happens to someone, to make their bodies disabled, doesn't mean there minds have to be disabled too. My hubby and I have collected over 1,000 books last year in a four month span. Now that it's spring we will be collecting more. I don't drive in the winter time, I am frighten as that is when I had my car accident.

But the Lord does provide for us, in ways we can't ever think of, making hats and scarfs and collection books are some of them.

When I had my car accident I was single woman, in her 50's. The Lord brought the most wonderful man into my life, someone who accepts me the way I am, helps me to be a better person. He is a good Christian man and believe in the Lord. I could never have picked a better man then my hubby is now. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.

Jesus is awesome.

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allen (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-14)
that was a very touching story. I just asked the lord what do I do now google sent me hear. I am hopeing now he will anser me now. Could I tell my story hear. I need some one to lisen.
Dorand of the Sun (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-18)
Thank-you for sharing... Your strength is something I needed to read at this time in my life.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-29)
Don't know how it got me as a guest I wrote this but thanks jack for your comment just the same.
Flutterofwings (guest)
16 years ago (2008-04-29)
Thanks Jack for your comments to my story. The Lord has provided a lot for me in my life time, only when I want to listen and believe he can do what ever he wants, that is when I learn and see what good he does for myself and others around me. Once again thanks for the comment
Jack S. (guest)
16 years ago (2008-04-24)
Hi. Flutterwings, what a story. You may have been badly injured, but at the same time, you had a spirtual encounter that is a gift.

What a lady that helped you, and what a person you are. Very strong, and spiritual.

Goes to show, many people (including myself sometimes) don't realize how lucky they are. I am a little older than you probably, and most of the time appreciate my health, but with an occasional bout of arthritis, I shouldn't even complain about that, as there are far more debilated people out there than I am at my age.

We are blessed aren't we. We, and thousands of others. What a gift you gave us by sharing this story.

My best regards to you and your husband.


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