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A Miracle Indeed


This took place in Michigan. When I relocated to the area that I live in now, I was looking for a Church to go to. I often seen this cute little white Church with the white steeple on top. It looked like it should be on a Christmas card standing off of the road.

I stopped by and talked to some people and did wind up joining this Church for many years. That is where I met Ted and Lori (not real names). They were a very nice couple, very active in the Church and were the greeters at the door, when people came to Church on Sundays.

I notice that Ted had half his arm off. And I am as curious as a cat, so I just had to ask him how that happen.

He went back to his childhood years. He told me that when he was a young lad working on the family farm, he often would use the corn combine in the fields. Work from sun up to sun down, just to be able to get the work done for that day.

The nearest neighbor was a good mile away, and the old lady that lived there was deaf, and had been bed ridden for years. He said he was always told by his pappy that, if anything gets stuck in the corn combine, to turn it off first. But he said as young kids, we think we know more then our pappy's do.

Something got stuck in the corn combine, so instead of turning it off first. He just reached down in the combine, not realizing that what ever was stuck in it, when it gave the combine would start chopping again.

He said he realize that to late when his arm was now stuck in the combine. However he said it didn't hurt at that moment. He was just frighten as he couldn't get it out. He started to pray "Lord if I listen to Pappy this wouldn't happen, but Lord I want to live please help me?". He said he started to yell for Help. Help, Help, Help. He said he don't know how many times he yelled that, nor for how long. He realized no one would hear him. As the old lady a mile down the road was deaf and bed ridden.

He said he was yelling "Help" when he stopped. In front of him was the old lady from a mile away. She looked at him and told him "Don't worry you will be fine, I will get you help. I heard you yelling for help a long ways away, it took me awhile to find you". He said he watched her walk back through the field. He felt at ease and not frighten no more.

He was found by his pappy, and neighbors came to help rescue him. His arm could not be saved. When his pappy asked who was the lady that called him? And how did she know he was deep into the corn field?. He said about the neighbor lady. His Pappy thought he was stating that fact as he was so frighten that, it couldn't happen.

His Pappy and some neighbors went to her house. She was in her bed. She didn't hear them. Her granddaughter who stayed with her, said she had not left the house. His Pappy wanted to see her feet. They lifted the blankets off her feet, they were all muddy from the field. Indeed she did walk across the field, indeed she did hear his cry for help.

From that day he said, he listen to his Pappy. He went over to the old ladies house and thanked her the best he could, for her to understand. He said she reached her hand out to him and told him "I heard you cry for help, I helped you". For the second time she heard what he said, it was a Miracle indeed.

After that day happen, the old lady never did walk again, never did hear another voice. But Ted said he knows when he pleaded with the Lord to help him, he brought the nearest person to him, not only to help him but to comfort him too. With his older neighbor who couldn't do much at all but, to hear and walk to keep a young lad alive.

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gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-21)
What an amazing inspiring story. The power of prayer is beautiful, and the beauty of the spirit masked behind what only our eyes see. A great jolt to the heart.
Dixie (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-25)
We all have the potential for God to bless us with miracles. All we have to do is believe and not doubt. Had it not been for God. My son would have died in Oct. 07 after a car wreck. He had to have part of his brain removed. He was given 24-48 hours to live. His injuries were to traumatic. To hope for more according to his Dr. I as his mother could not believe what I hearing, My son, my child was going to die. I had to ask, Are telling me my child is going to die. She said Yes. Those words made me physically ill. My knees and legs became nothing more then mush. His Dr. Sat me down and sat a waste basket in front of me. As I was so sick. I sat there with my head down over the wastebasket. Not believing what I had heard and praying, 'God please oh please don't take my son from me...'Then I had one very clear distant thought go through my mind. This was a very clear loud thought. Loud as it could be without it being audibly spoke. 'Tell her (Dr) NO, you don't accept that. She isn't God.'
That is just what I did. I told her, I don't and I can't accept that. You are not God. My son is not going to die.'
My son woke up instead of dying. He is different, but not like what the Dr.'s predicted he would be.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-05)
[at] orbgirl, thanks for your comment to this story. Many people including myself, forget that things that are turned on and working on them is not a good idea to do. I have injured myself in ways like this. But we just kind of think it's faster, not to turn it off.

Sorry to hear your hubby had to cut his own off, to save his life. The body is indeed wonderful and amazing. Thanks once again.
orbgirl (7 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-30)
Wow, very cool story. Thanks for sharing. My husband's uncle is the biggest corn grower in New York State. He lost a hand in combine also. Sadly, he had to sever his own hand to save his life. Amazing what the human body will do for survival if it has to. He is a wonderful man.


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