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A Little Money Miracle


Last Friday I was with my guy for a coffee, in his place where has a second-hand store since some months with does not run too well yet. I had done some little re-arranging before we had our coffee and after it he started making some order too as a cousin of his had announced he would visit him. He very rarely does any cleaning or making order.

When I had come to him, during first words, I don't know why but I had said "You don't know what a lucky one you really are." I said this for I sensed that he still did not take his business seriously enough and sometimes still wished to live a lazy life on other people's money and let others remove his junk as he had done for several years before.

And some three days before, I had read on WWW about a new Lakshmi temple built by some of Shree Haidakhan Babaji people in Haldwani, Uttar Pradesh; and I am myself a remote associate of them so I asked by e-mail whether donations are still needed for it, and proposed to give some money even if the construction now is complete, for I wanted some incense before the image of Lakshmi-With-Eighteen-Arms to be "mine", in order to be able to pay off my housing credit as fast as I can. (NB They had not answered yet and I still had not donated.)

OK now - my guy did some re-arranging and brought some items off his place while I was sipping my coffee and having a cigarette and I did not look at the place where he always sits but at the T.V. -

And then he came back to sit down but stopped, wide-eyed, saying to me "did you put that money there?"

For in the middle of his place on the couch there lay a 10 Euro note which was as new and clean as if it had come right from the bank!

I said how comes this money there, did it perhaps fall out of one of the items you removed? He said impossible there was no money in between of that. He asked again did you put it there wishing to fake a miracle? I said NOPE, I didn't even look at your sitting-place! Then I remembered having said that lucky-guy thing and I told him "Perhaps some higher power wants you to accept that you really are a lucky one with money." And I suggested to him to keep that note as a lucky charm in his porte-monnaie.

He kept musing about that bank note during whole evening. I however didn't have to muse, or to doubt. I sort of knew that it was a "game" of Master Babaji and Lakshmi Ma, to teach my guy.

And later on we decided to call pizza-taxi and he gave ten euros for it (but of course not THAT bank note) and I paid the rest.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-24)
Even if there is no ETERNAL hell, and all souls will be saved, I don't think God would tell that to us, because we would all sit back and say: 'o.k. Lets do what we want, and what we feel like! There is no hell!' So everyone would start robbing banks, having sex with other peoples' wives, doing pedophilia, beastiality, marrying their cousins, killing people e.t.c... We humans are too irresponsible, like children! We need to be afraid! You can't say to a 12 year old child: 'Here my son, take a million dollars and spend it as you want!' That would be stupid! It will destroy the child. He will spend it on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, expensive cars, girlfriends e.t.c. Our God is not a stupid father! He gave us rules to obey, in the old and new testament. We have to be afraid of Him, and when we grow older, we will not be afraid, but we will LOVE him! We will tell Him: 'THANK YOU FATHER, FOR KEEPING US SAFE WITH ALL THOSE RULES AND PUNISHMENTS!' Timfaraos [at]
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-11)
i don't take yoga classes and only dance in front of my kids and the pets. I don't really like having an audience either.

My friends teach me some and I learn from books and websites and videos.
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-11)
I think God is kinder, more compassionate and more forgiving than mankind would like to believe Them.

Do you know what all the religious people remind me some day? Of my two kids arguing whose mother I REALLY am. Lol the answer is both or all you silly gooses.

I agree we should all work for peace and understand of God from whatever walk of lif God has placed us in.

Do you know what Jesus told His disciples to do for the people who voted to cruxify Him?

He said to forgive and seek to educate them so they might join Him and the saints in Heaven.

If Jesus is the example we should follow as Christian, why so much contention and strife? Has anyone cruxified you recently? Have you forgiven them?
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-11)
Hi AnandaHya! I am not learned in yogic things at all, and I am hardly able to meditate however I try. I even have an aversion to HathaYoga, for my body is of the clumsy type and I'd feel horribly exposed and inferior if I had to do such gymnastical circus tricks before a teacher's and, worse, before other more co-ordinated student's eyes. It would be a deeper shame than during Sports lessons at school thirty years ago!

I also do NOT believe that God REALLY can become a monkey, or an elephant, or an eighteen-armed lady. But for the sake of humans He/She can appear in whichever shape or form convenient to the Supreme Plan. It is some cosmic carnival, nothing more.

I also DO believe that all "deities" in fact are just roles the One Infinite has played to show aspects of His/HEr Character and Will to Mortals, and that "religions" in fact are just patterns of language and ritual developed to make up an image of the Great Mystery that fits into the respective society. Thus I often quote the following stanza from a great Peace Song from 1983, written by an Austrian poet, Georg Danzer:

"Gott statt Religion und dann ist Frieden."
(Take God instead of Religion, for then peace will prevail.")

I agree with you also in the point that God, as He/She loves nothing more than Truthfulness, will rather listen to someone angry and arguing but honest in heart and words, thus risking God's wrath for his aspect of truth, than to somebody trying to flatter Him/Her and crawling upon his belly with wailing and trembling because he is SO afraid of that "HORRIBLE GOOD LORD" to be not pleased enough with him...!

The tale of Eternal Hell was, in Western culture, one of the worst sources of this wrong and weird kind of devotion. I reject it thus, and for its cruelty per se, with all my heart. There IS a Lowe Astral plane in which souls get tormented and punished if they deserve it, but NO soul will ever be there for Eternity. Not even Satan, perhaps. Saint Origenes of the 4th Century was convinced that the world will not end until all souls have been converted to the Good Side and reconciled with their Creator. This is analogous to the Mahayana Buddhist teaching of holy souls' returning to Earth again and again (the Bodhisattvas) until whole Planet with all its beings has been Liberated.

Let us work in our respective religious "companies" each according to best knowledge and conscience and we will be saved from the Underworld this is for sure. Baptised or not. The Holy Spirit goes wherever He wants! Thus, God heard my "pagan" kinds of prayer to Laxmi, and answered in a Hindu way, with that money miracle, which my guy could accept at least to some extent. A Christian kind of miracle would have been rejected by him. He dislikes Religion per se. The thought that there is a God who sees all we do perhaps seems unattractive to him, as it implies to have duties before the Lord. Hope he will come over this point of view before its too late. Otherwise he'd perhaps be, as his penance, reincarnated in slavery!
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-10)
i just noticed you country of orgin. I've visited Germany when I studied abroad. Everyone was very nice to me. I had a great time.

An interesting story. The gods do what they want. I call them "angels" and members of the Heavenly host so as not to offend my Christian brethren. Even in the vedas there is references to an ULTIMATE GOD. Many claim creation of the world some days I wonder if it is not just all different titles for the same entity? Look at the BIBLE it has tons of "names" or "titles" for God.

I think IDOLS are dangerous be they names, images, etc because demons can mimic them in our dreams or minds and pretend to be GOD and tell us to do hurtful things to ourselves or others in the name of "holiness" I think it is better to be critical thinkers and question GOD and all His angels. Jacob wrestled with an angel of God all night to obtain an answer. Moses argued God down to sparing Sodom and Gomorrah from 50 to just 10 good men.

I haven't read my veda's in a while but there are examples in the bhavatha gita as well.

Have you studied much yoga practices? Can you recommend some good websites?
manojharisree (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-05)
That was indeed a very interesting & pleasantly surprising experience. As you said, it could be a lesson from above for your guy. Never knew about Haidakhan Babaji until I read your article. Reading more about this revered personality online now.
Sweet (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-01)
Before I realised Jesus is real I also had similar miracles BUT when I realised Jesus was real I also realised that all good things come from Him...
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-20)
His backside is surely a lucky one.
Hopefully he becomes more open to the spiritual world. You maybe the one sent to guide him into doing that.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-19)
Rashidah, Goddess gave money to my guy not to me and it was he who was meant with the whole "game" not me. This has recently been proven - for some days ago he got the task to take a big machine, a hotel dish-washer, away for wrecking. But the machine is not a wreck, it does work, no major faults in it at all, and he and his helpers will just dismember it as much as needed for cargo and then sell it as an usable item - which could, if all things work well, mean a gain of 15000 Euros at one time. In scrap metal business on a small two-person basis as P does it, 15000 Euros normally are earned in six months of hard work!
Thus, also my random saying of him being a lucky one has come true.
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-07)
Another great experience from you.
I believe that The Goddess may have given you that money because of your giving nature.

There is a saying;
Give and Ye shall receive.

I remember when I was brook and I was worrying over the situation. I came home that night and found a five dollar bill on my bed. I took it as a sign from one of my guides.

I also heard the same thing happened to a neighbor of mine when he was praying for his debts to be relieved.

I know your guy maybe still skeptical, but I pray in due time he becomes more spiritually aware.

He is very lucky to have you 😐

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