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Past Life Scenes And Their Meaning To Me


I had glimpses of past lives in dream and also in waking-dream. I tell the world about them to show how such hints look in people who do not astral-travel and are not "psychic". None of the scenes below contains PROOF of past lives but all of them are best explainable by the Reincarnation concept. Dreams of this kind must be very common!

My first past life seems to have taken place on a planet that is no more but it was inhabited by humans. They lived in subterranean areas. In my dream I was a boy child of about eight or nine years, and it was a raid, all people being evacuated to space-ships. To reach them we had to go to Surface where I had never been. We went out and the first thing I saw was also the first non human life form I had seen - a little snake that had two tails (I now know this misgrowth sometimes happens in snakes on Earth, perhaps the snake had two tails for mutagenic forces existing on Surface, atomic radiation or so). I was so fascinated of this snake that I stayed staring at it and the group went on without me. When I realized I was left back I started to run and shout but no one noticed not even my parents and the group entered the ship without me and the ship went off. I thought what to do now? And just returned to my little snake, and sat down legs crossed, before her. Then it went cold and snow fell, and I suffered from the cold, but I just sat there. At last I died and I did not suffer from the cold no more.

This dream told me that I perhaps love the Planet I live on more than my human brethren not only in this life but that I did so even several lives ago. It told me this is OK. It is my task to be such a person. Earth needs such ones.

Another was in late Middle Ages. I saw this before my inner eye as a waking-dream while listening to music in a meditation group. It was at a time when I thought I had spoiled my reputation.

I found myself on what I first thought to be Calvary Mountain where Jesus had died but it was just a gallow-hill as many towns in Middle Age had. I sat below the gallows. I was, during this incarnation, a member of first generation of Franciscan Order and had run from the Order for being overtaxed by something, I do not know what. I then looked at the back of my right hand and with horror I saw it was covered with crusts and a deep fissure ran over it and I thought immediately, this is Leprosy and I acquired it as punishment for my running away. Then I looked before me and I saw a monk in clothing of Franciscan Order, I thought him during the dream to be St Francis himself, coming up the hill. I cried out "Francis stay away, please stay away! I am a leper!" But the monk answered: "What, a leper, such a nonsense, you are just completely run-down and dirty. Come down to the village with me, there is a bathing-house!"

This dream told me I was not as "run down and dirty" in my present reality than I supposed.

It also has a connection to my near relations in this life. My grand-aunt who did most of my rearing and religious education was a Nun of Third Order of St Francis - a real Unknown Saint, who had, among many other deeds of Courage and Charity, hidden politically pursued persons during Nazi time and she was twice summoned to "Brown House" in Munich where the S.A. Troopers were, to check her out if she did "wrong", but she then acted to the troopers as if she were a dumb little servant nun who knew only how to kill vermin and how to say her Rosary, and those troopers, dumb as they were themselves, got kidded by this and she was not jailed.

Another was just a short glimpse, half-waking, with great horror I felt I had been somehow engaged in torturing during Inquisition. I saw no one and no scene but I knew I had done such outrages. I think this was after the Franciscan life. It explains to me why I had to face so much unjust behavior of the Church of my Childhood, and to be really badly disappointed and deceived by it - it was my penance.

There also was some vague dream in which I was told that in my last incarnation all issues unsolved in the lives before would come back. I don't remember it clearly but I think it was during the Franciscan life that I was thus informed. This life of mine is full of "issues" but I don't dare to think it to be the last... Hope I can resolve enough now to expect a HAPPY and EASY last life in the future!

The most detailed scene was again somewhat younger, I think it happened in the 1500s. I was a Wise Woman in an isolated village, engaged in treatment of diseases by herbs. I used belladonna too and this poisonous herb was strictly forbidden by the Church, to use it meant to be a witch and to have to die.

In this dream now I was collecting belladonna leaf in the forest and the village priest saw me and I saw him watching. Thus I knew my dice had fallen and I was going to die. I lay down on a layer of green moss and wept, and said fare-well to the forest. Then I went back to the village.

At its entry the priest waited, with a rope to bind my hands and two men, and they bound me and led me through the village, and all the people stood there in a row and threw insults and dirt at me, and those who shouted loudest were those I had helped most, and at last I was led into the cellar below the church and left there overnight.

Next morning they led me out and there was a stake to burn me alive. Till then I had kept relatively calm. But to get burned alive was too much, I fell into pure panic, and knelt down before the priest and cried out I was a sinner and that I repented - in fact I had nothing to repent and I knew that but I was no longer allowed to know it, it would have meant to burn alive, thus from mere fear I really believed at this gruesome, horrible moment that the Church was right to condemn me and my deeds. Fear had made me insane for this moment!

My crazy and cowardish repentance was the price for mercy which consisted in getting killed quickly and being burned only after death; so was the custom in Inquisition of witches. And yes, the priest waved to a man behind him and the man put the rope round my neck and strangled me, and they burned only my corpse.

I think from this experience stems the fact that I can be talked into believing and uttering things below my intellectual level and against my real recognition if I get threatened too harshly. I often betrayed what I really knew when such pressure was used onto me. Fear of the fires of Hell, for example, kept me much too long within Catholicism - the fact that I knew no serious alternative too, but the main thing that bound me was that fear.

God, my Creator, Lord of Truth, please, please give to me the gift of NOT shrinking back and saying what my enemies want to hear and of resisting upright, when another challenge of this kind comes onto me, may it be in this incarnation or in the next one!

There also was the following dream that perhaps was a bit lucid:

I was on a small flat at a mountain-side looking down into a canyon lined with spruces, needle-trees, and I felt I knew the place. A narrow path led to it from the right side. It looked like Alps, Switzerland perhaps. Then I thought look around perhaps you see where this place is. And behind me, then, I saw a little cave, like those which are built for statues of St Mary, and in the cave was a table at the wall on which was written: "Konrad, Einsiedler, verstorben I'm Jahre 136*" (Conrad the Hermit, died in the year of 136*) - I do not remember the last number of the date. I researched the WEb for Hermits named Conrad who have lived in Switzerland. There were several of them but all who are documented in WWW have lived later, not in the 1300s. Nevertheless I suppose the place seen really exists and that one could retrieve it if one took much time and effort. It is not clear whether I was the hermit himself or just a friend, or a scholar, of that man.

This dream is connected with the fact that I depicted hermits when I was a kid - over and over and over again, hermits in caves. I often also wished to become one- and still do. Hope I will be able to it.

Of more recent lives I have no detailed images. I only feel that I once was a black Christian slave-woman in North America - hence my natural feeling for Gospel songs, and my deep desire for freedom for every human on Earth - and once a Native American man - hence the fact that I loved to depict hunting half-naked wild men and their prey when I was a kid, and my familiarity with "jungle" of any kind where I never feared anything, cut trees at an age when other girls play with Barbie dolls (UUUGH, awful!) and coped with stingy-nettles, thorns, insect bites, and cuts as a thing not worth of one word.

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llauterb (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-07)
(MORE ABOUT DREAMS) Hi Natural Science, reading about your dreams I have to explain that we have 3 types of dreams: physiological, psychological and spiritual.
The first one is a common one when the sheet is wound on your neck during sleep and you dream that's being hanged, or when you are sweating a lot and it is too warm during sleep and you dream that you are in the desert and so on, something physical from your real life during sleep was introduced into your dream.
The second type is one that you have a very difficult math test and you study a lot, during sleep you dream your are in the test or your grade was good or remember a very specific question, or you have watch a horror movie in TV and you dream that is being pursued, some action, images, concerns from your real life were introduced into your dream.
The third type, also is very common is to dream about a relative who already has passed like a grandmother or grandfather etc this is a spiritual dream. As always we have a problem when moving away from the body during sleep (some call astral travel or astral projection) our senses expand and our understanding and comprehension are increased but when we are back to the body with their physical limitations we lost "in translation" or in the retention of our spiritual experiences.
Using above example when dreaming with a relative you recognize him/her and remember that you had a very good felling and she/he was very fine and happy and just that. In real you meet your relative and had a long conversation but when back to your body you lose most of the conversation and kept only very few and important fragments.
Another point here is as an analogy if you didn't know the appearance of a PC during your spiritual dream you saw a PC somewhere when you come back you remember something like a theatre of marionettes box. For things you don't understand that you see "there" you translate to something close to what you know. With above explanation you can figure what sort of dreams you had and classified them. For sure the most important dreams are the spiritual ones those you have to pay more attention since they are transmitting to you some important message. Here again we have another problem why we don't remember it perfectly since they are important for us, apart the explanation above, you have to figure out at your own your path in this world and what you have to do to contribute in God's creation, to accomplish your mission and receiving in plate ready is too easy and will be also considered as "cheating" so by your heart and your mind and your own desire you have to move yourself the "right" direction...
(ABOUT PAST LIVES) you are correct when you say about reincarnation that is true and very few people remember their past lives by simple concern you find old enemies and restart fighting each other, God don't want that so we have the opportunity to make peace with our enemies in our long journey of evolution. All of us will be a perfect being in one day, but looking inside of us for all ours vices and defects we know that will take a long time.
In this long journey we are old spirits, inhabiting a body momentarily in a specific life for one or more specific purpose like: reconcile with a hard relative, pay some debt from past like some bad thing you did for a person in this like you suffer from the same thing you caused. Here you make here you pays! This is the most absolute true; the only detail is "not necessarily in the same life". With the concept of reincarnation you explain several things that some religions say as "Mystery of God", there is no mystery, why a baby died from a genetic disease if he never had a chance to commit a sin. If you had the power to see the past life from this spirit he committed a suicide taking some poison that eroded their digestive guts and when he born today he come with genetic disorder for a malformation of his digestive guts (I am not telling here that all babies that died by malformation from their guts committed suicide in her past life, this is a possibility, among several other explanation just that).
I could name several other examples from Cause x Effect Law that rules all life situations and explain all bad things we suffer without an explanation. If you take out from the equation reincarnation you will not find a solution/plausible explanation for one big question they everybody makes: why this happened with me or how can I deserve this...
Remember past life sometimes can help understand why something happens to us, but in most cases we don't remember and will not give us an explanation. In a very few cases you can have access to fragments of memories from past lives but you are not ready to know that you kill people in some war or that you were killed in such and such situation these are not happy memories and they are properly not accessible for obvious reasons. The important thing here we are the product of all our lifes all all the good and bad things that we go through we deserve them. Best not to question or seek an explanation the best thing to do is to accept that we deserve, otherwise God would not be fair to their children.
darkassassin92 (39 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-06)
I do not know if past lives are real but it is still possible. There is a lot of weird stuff in the world.
InTuiTivE (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-12)
I hope one day to experience "knowing" of my past lives. I know I have been here, and I believe we make a plan and choose who we are and how we live for sake of unresolved issues and lessons that were never quite learned right. I must have a lot of lessons, and I hope I am doing a good job at learning them! We make our hardships to learn these lessons. I had a dream once, right after my nephew had passed away. My niece also had the same dream, the same night! He was trying to tell me something, but I was in awe at my surroundings! We were sitting on white marble steps, that were so big...undescribable, and there were huge pillars of the same color and smooth marble texture. There were people walking around, but I couldn't see any of them. I wish I could go back! I just don't know how, or where I was!
AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-10)
so how do you heal people? I really want to learn but can't find a local teacher yet...
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-02)
I was really wondering why would souls leave a blissful heaven like state to come down here.

Volunteers is the best word for them.

The process of reincarnation is really real to me. ❤
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-02)
Most souls are on duty and order here on Earth. But there are also volunteers who can chose their tasks and whether they stay in the Bliss of Unity, pure Perception and Eternity, or return into Multiplicity, Time and Action; and those are the bodhisattvas. Catholic tradition denies Reincarnation but knows those persons very well, calling them Children of Grace or Angels in Flesh, and at least in former times Church sought to get those special ones into clerical and monastic functions. The highest of them are called Buddhas, or Avataras; in Christian tradition which acknowledges only Jesus as Avatar the word that fits best to this role is Son of God, but in reality it is more like "Son of Man, but pure and egoless Loudspeaker of God".
If my impression of the circumstances of my present birth is right I seem to be at the verge of here on duty / here as a volunteer - for I was able to escape as I willed but I had a duty given, and I had to suffer consequences for escape as I did it in a silly way, which a bodhisattva does not. I am a bodhisattva trainee in first month of apprentissage I suppose.
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-01)
I believe that all souls go through the process of reincarnation to become better people and to finisg their missions.

I do not think if you have gotten burnt that it would of been your last journy. You will just had more work to do.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-01)
Well, it would have been nearly superhuman not to react the way I did then. But had I kept to Truth before that ignorant people and taken the pain of stake-burning it would have been my last incarnation as a normal person - I'd have become a bodhisattva, a soul who can come back byown will for a good purpose but does not have any more issues to resolve for herself and thus is no longer obliged to be born and to die. This is for sure! And that is why I wish to God to be braver in future.

I have to add something. Once I also had, during waking-dream, the impression that I should have been incarnated some twenty or thirty years later but I had looked down to our planet from the Astral and decided they need me here earlier instead of obeying the will of whoever it was who thought me to stay in Beyond for longer; I thus waited until something like a gap in the door was open, and slipped out furtively. Thus I was here earlier and I hope I really made some difference in this world during the years won by my own-willedness- but I ended up in the womb of a woman who had the misfortune of getting pregnant from ONE night spent with a man who made illegitime kids over and over, and then irresponsibly left behind all these women and his offspring. Thus I had a real bad start, and my poor Mom suffered horribly as a single mother during 1960s in Bavaria - it was still STone-Age as to morality there! I still don't know whether I should have been more obedient or not. For would I not have jumped out at random, she perhaps would not have become pregnant and "in shame".
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-01)
These experiences are amazing.

I do not think what you did was cowardice. O one would want to be burned by fire.

I love the part where you treated diseases naturally and helped people.

That is sure to send some good karma your way 😊

I love how you remembered your past lives in such a detailed manner.

I hope one of these days I become brave like you and write about my experiences with my past lives. 😐

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