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Feeling Strong And Powerful


This is not so much a story but a search for an explanation. For approximately the last 24 years I have been experiencing a strange event sporadically throughout those years.

In times of anxiety but not always, it can just happen. For example the other day I was walking to my back door on my way out and I experienced this. I present as being much taller than what I am. I am 5ft 3 inches and I feel and present as being at the very least a clear ft taller.

During these episodes I feel strong and powerful, my footsteps are heavy and I am looking down at people who I normally have to look up at.

I also have a feeling of attitude, like I am able to do anything during one of these episodes.

They vary in length to, sometimes they last a minute and other times they last for anything up to an hour

Several people have witnessed this and commented. It appears to unnerve the people who witness it but I don't fear it, if anything it empowers me.

I am a professional 40 year old woman and I am not inclined to flights of fancy but this has baffled me for many years.

Can anyone explain what this is, I have searched and searched but found nothing that provides an explanation. Only sensible responses to this will be replied to.

Thank you

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truth (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-26)
Hello Renee
Wow that's really awesome

It sound like you are experiencing Angelic
Power through you.

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