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I Had The Strangest Feeling


I am an elderly lady with arthritis. At the moment I have a cold. Yesterday I went out to get some cold relief tablets and returning home I was exhausted and in a great deal of pain with my arthritis. I reached the end of my street and was nearly to the point of collapse, but I told myself to keep going, not far now. I had the strangest feeling of being lifted and pushed home, I glided along the street as if I was walking on air until just before ny garden gate then I once again felt the weight of my body on the ground and the drag of walking up the garden path.

Can anyone advise me of what happened to me? I have never before experienced anything spiritual to my knowledge, but cannot understand what it was that helped me get home when I was feeling so ill. A further three things happened in my home that afternoon, none of them good, but not too bad, maybe coincidences I don't know. My microwave would not work even after trying a different socket. My hot water and central heating went off and I had to send for an engineer. When he opened the cupboard to access the boiler the door fell off. After he left I tried the microwave again and it worked fine and still is. He fixed the heating and the door which are both just one year old and the door had seemed perfectly ok when I opened it earlier. I am wondering what is going on.

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wayne (5 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-07)
Dear msgll...
What a beautiful experience you were given, a helping hand so to speak. You know what, LOVE can move mountains, and the help you were given was nothing but LOVE. On the other side we have our love ones and dear friends who are "always" keeping tabs on us. When we are in a little bother and need a helping hand it is them who come to our aid with a heartful of love. It is that love which ables them to break through the bonds of our physical world enabling them to give the help needed. Some may say how can love alone harbour such power. That can be answered with one word, GOD. God is Love and love is God. No barrier can ever hold back love.
spiricat (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-10)
I agree, I think an angel helped you get home. As for your microwave and heating not working, it could be that they were not safe to use at the time. Maybe the same helpful force was trying to protect you from a catastrophe, forcing you to call for someone to fix whatever could have caused problems.
Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-26)
Well I personally believe that everything has a certain vibration frequency. And if you will, a force of energy was trying to help you through your difficult times. I believe that everyone has someone watching out for them. And if you will, a guardian angel was trying to lift you with his soul. It is possible that while this spirit/force of energy was "walking" with you and he may have been disrupting the appliances around the house, this has happened to other people I have heard. But there is also the possibility that you were meant to feel this pull of energy. And something technical may have gone wrong, and there is still a lot of coincidence. Why did the power go out then, why did you feel lifted, why did you get sick. But god speaks to all of us humans every day. And that is how god chooses to speak to you.

Balance in all things.
I hope this helps in any way.
Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen.

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